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Anyone who wanted to attack the Dragon Subduing School would stand up and kill him. Seeing him so murderous, no one dared to stand up, even the other Strong of Lord Stage s did not dare to make an enemy out of this resurrected white tiger. This was the master of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then, reputed as the God of Slaughter.

Chen Xiang was the Leader, and this White Tiger was the Great Elder of the Dragon Subduing School. The Great Elder of the Dragon Subduing School was extremely famous, and no one expected Chen Xiang to have this kind of relationship with the White Tiger so early on.

Chen Xiang intentionally sneered: If you want us to stand up, then stand up, today, we are gathered here to discuss how to attack Dragon Subduing School. Other than the women of Ice Dragon Race and Hundreds of Flowers Palace, we are all here to attack Dragon Subduing School, who do you think you are?

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, the experts who were afraid of the White Tiger all felt the urge to slap him hard in the mouth.

The White Tiger already knew that the person in front of it was Chen Xiang, and it had also been cooperating very well with Chen Xiang. It swept its gaze across the crowd and said coldly: "Then I'll give you one more chance, if you guys are really determined to attack Dragon Subduing School, just make a sound, we'll settle this here, in any case, you guys will run into me sooner or later."

Jiang Sheng saw that the place was quiet, and laughed: "Aren't there five great emperors of the Heaven Realm here? Why are you guys scared, it's just a big white tiger, what are you afraid of?

"Weren't you shouting so crazily before, hitting the Evil Dragon Graveyard and splitting the dragon fountain? Why are you not even daring to fart now?"

Hearing Jiang Sheng's words, a few people in the Sky Region's Great Yan Jing immediately looked over. It was yet another young mischievous brat who had the guts to mock and ridicule these Sky Region Emperor.

Although the few Sky Region Emperors did not say anything, they were secretly exchanging views. Dragon Emperor and Lv Zhen, the two Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable s, were still fighting on the stage.

"I think we had a misunderstanding with the Evil Dragon Graveyard previously, but now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, there is no longer a need for the final battle." Thunder Emperor stood up, looked at the White Tiger and spoke indifferently.

The White Tiger sneered, "Tell me where the misunderstanding is."

"What misunderstanding? They're just a bunch of bullies. Seeing a strong guy suddenly appear, in order to avoid physical pain, they had no choice but to shrink back." Jiang Sheng mocked from the side: "This group of fellows has always been like this."

Thunder Emperor's expression turned cold. He looked at Jiang Sheng and said coldly: "Friend, you've slandered us time and time again. This is a form of provocation to us."

Jiang Sheng was still smiling mischievously as he said, "How can you guys be slandering me? I was shouting at the Dragon Subduing School to kill you guys fiercely, but now, my words are as soft as mud, I don't even dare to fart anymore. You bunch of new Great Emperors, just like yourself, in the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables back then, there were two idiots who did not even care about their lives when they fought with Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"Who are you? Do you dare to fight?" Thunder Emperor was infuriated. Clenching his fists, he released a thunderous aura that enveloped the entire arena as lightning flashed and thunder roared in the sky.

Jiang Sheng laughed: "You only dare to act arrogantly towards small fry like me, and declare war on the big white tiger over there if you dare."

Dragon Emperor who was on the stage walked down the stage, looked at Jiang Sheng and said: "You aren't a small fry, right? Who exactly are you?"

Seeing how serious Dragon Emperor was, the Thunder Emperor and the other great emperors of the Realm knew that Jiang Sheng, who had always been fanning the flames, had some background. However, they could not see anything wrong with him.

"You ungrateful bastards, it's normal for you to not recognize him." Bai Yaowei who was sitting with Phoenix King suddenly said.

Seeing that another person had used such a tone to speak, everyone knew that other than the five Sky Region Great Emperor and Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, there were also experts of that period here. Jiang Sheng was one of them, and Bai Yaowei was another just now.

"It's you. Didn't you go to the Gods Realm?" An old lady's wrinkled eyes suddenly opened, and looked at Jiang Sheng. She was the Ice Emperor of the Sacred Ice Realm.

Currently, the other four Sky Region Emperors seemed to have already guessed Jiang Sheng's identity, and were actually together with the Ice Dragon Clan. This made their hearts tremble, although Jiang Sheng always mocked himself that he was a lowly person in the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, no one had ever dared to underestimate his strength.

The White Tiger coughed a few times and said, "Do you still want to attack Dragon Subduing School? Give me a clear answer and I don't want to come here for nothing."

"Big white cat, let's talk about this later. I need to get that guy to return some things." Jiang Sheng looked at Dragon Emperor. "It's time to return that Supreme Dragon blood, right?"

Hearing the Supreme Dragon blood, the few Sky Region Emperor were all shocked, looking at Dragon Emperor, they did not seem to know that there was such a thing as Supreme Dragon blood in Dragon Emperor.

"Goodbye everyone."

Dragon Emperor was on alert. He cupped his hands to everyone and turned into a gold light, flying towards the gigantic carriage. The other Sky Dragons seemed to have received their orders, and flew towards the carriage.

"Brat, do it, snatch the Supreme Dragon blood back." Jiang Sheng quickly transmitted to Chen Xiang: "Throw me the divine cauldron and divine hammer."

Jiang Sheng rose into the air and chased after the fleeing Sky Dragons.

Originally, it was a duel to gain the commanding authority, but now it turned out like this. This was completely unexpected to everyone.

Chen Xiang immediately threw out his Divine Hammer and Divine Cauldron, the black iron hammer spun around and automatically entered Jiang Sheng's hands. Jiang Sheng tightly gripped his Divine Hammer and roared loudly, causing the Divine Hammer to immediately flash with a white light and transform into a huge white hammer.

Jiang Sheng held onto the end of the Divine Hammer, with a majestic aura, he swung the hammer that was as heavy as a mountain, smashing it towards the gigantic Ranged Horse that Dragon Emperor was riding.

That huge caravan was much smaller than Godly Hammer. The Godly Hammer swept across and crashed into the chariot. Even the two huge dragons pulling the chariot were blasted into smithereens.

The RV was shattered into golden fragments by a burst of golden light and tremors.

This person was a Divine Craftsman.

Someone suddenly cried out in alarm. At this moment, the divine cauldron had already become extremely large, enveloping the group of fleeing Heavenly Dragons.

The Dragon Emperor roared, flying towards the gigantic divine furnace that was smashing down. A gigantic pole appeared in his hand, which he struck horizontally towards the divine furnace, sweeping it away.

The Divine Cauldron and Divine Hammer were previously in Chen Xiang's hands, and the moment Chen Xiang threw them out, everyone already knew that the Divine Palace Protectors was actually Chen Xiang.

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang's strength was at most at Immortal-becoming realm, but now that he had not only completed the Ninth Cycle of the Sacred Transformation and had become a powerful Holy Immortal, his strength was even comparable to the Strong of Lord Stage and could kill the Demon God Emperor.

However, there were still a few people who could not believe that it was actually Chen Xiang, who still knew how to use the Demon Extermination Palm and the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell. Seeing Chen Xiang flying out and taking out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, everyone could not help but believe that it really was Chen Xiang.

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