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Of course, Chen Xiang could not tell these people that he came here specifically to save Lan Lan, otherwise his plan would not work.

"Don't talk rubbish, otherwise I will kill this little girl. When the time comes, Blue Blood Race will blame you, hmph," Chen Xiang coldly snorted.

Lan Lan coordinated with Chen Xiang and shouted, "Bastard, don't expect me to threaten my grandfather. Even if I were to die, I won't let my grandfather pass his Blue Blood Bead to you!"

This was extremely important to the Blue Blood Race. It was said that the guardian of the Blue Blood Race was sealed inside this pearl, and that he was extremely powerful, that only the Patriarch could possess such a treasure.

Another way of putting it was to say that the Blue Blood Pearl contained the most legitimate blue bloodline within the Blue Blood Race. As long as one refined this pearl, they would be able to obtain the most genuine blue blood.

If Lan Lan was used as a threat, there was a high chance of obtaining the Blue Blood Pearl, especially in a situation like this, because once he marries into the Flying Immortal School, there was a possibility that the Flying Immortal School would use Lan Lan to threaten Blue Blood Race Zhang in the future.

"Sister Lan, I will place you in a place later. You have to wait patiently inside," Chen Xiang told Lan Lan through his consciousness.

Lan Lan nodded.

In the room they were in, there were a few wild boars. Chen Xiang used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to erase one of the wild boar's consciousness, and then shot out a ray of golden light from between his brows, with an endless amount of God Power pouring into the wild boar's head.

The next scene that Lan Lan saw was something she could not forget for the rest of her life, making her feel that she was seeing things. Everything that happened in front of her was too unimaginable, making it hard for her to accept that Chen Xiang had actually turned a pig into her.

Not only did Chen Xiang turn the pig into an identical state as Lan Lan, he also imitated Lan Lan's Qi, and he could even control the pig to talk.

Lan Lan opened his mouth widely, his eyes round. When Chen Xiang saw her appearance, he used his divine power to control the pig's expression to become exactly like hers, causing Lan Lan to feel as if he was looking at a mirror.

"Let's just call it Lan Lan Pig," Chen Xiang laughed and replied.

"You're the pig," Lan Lan said as he pinched Chen Xiang. She was very smart, and naturally understood what Chen Xiang was trying to do.

"You're so cute and beautiful, I won't turn you into a pig, don't worry," Chen Xiang giggled, pinching her little face. "I'm going to hide you, then give this Lan Lan pig to them."

Lan Lan thought about how she would marry a pig. She was overjoyed, she really wanted to see what it would be like at that time.

"Don't worry, I will bring you to see a show when the time comes," Chen Xiang said as she placed Lan Lan into a room specially prepared for her in the ring. She could not leave this room, but Chen Xiang could communicate with her.

Chen Xiang threw the "Lan Lan Pig" with great force, and even controlled the pig to shout.

Seeing a blue figure flying out, Wu Xu jumped, and with the help of this "Lan Lan", while Chen Xiang was also striding on the Shrinking step, in a few moments, he had arrived in front of Wu Jingsheng. He condensed the intense fire Innate Qi, slapped onto Wu Jingsheng's chest, and then stepped on the Shrinking step to leave.

Wu Jingsheng screamed and everyone reacted, the person who came out from there had used an extremely strange movement skill to get close to them, he had even hit Wu Jingsheng fiercely, and then left calmly. Amongst the group of experts, it was as though there was no one around, which made everyone break out in cold sweat, if they were ambushed by such a person, they would definitely die.

Wu Jingsheng's body was covered in powerful armor, and after being hit by Chen Xiang's palm, he had only suffered internal injuries. He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood, and he could quickly recover.

That fake Lan Lan had successfully tricked this group of people. Chen Xiang had purposely let this fake Lan Lan bawl out and scold him, but in the end, Chen Xiang had still locked him up in that tower. That tower was now even stricter and had even more experts protecting it.

"Bad big brother, what kind of place is this?" Lan Lan said as he sat on a bed and looked above.

"This is one of my Storage magic treasure s that can pretend to be alive," Chen Xiang said as he inspected the structure of the entire Flying Immortal School.

"Hmph, don't you often dress women up here? There's at least two women's fragrance in here and you're really bad," Lan Lan said in a coquettish tone.

Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao had indeed lived here before, but Chen Xiang did not want too many people to know about this matter. Because Zhao Yiprofound and Ji Meixian were both his female slaves, they would never reveal it to the public.

The fake Lan Lan could not stay inside for too long, and with his current divine power, he could only last three to four days. At that time when he used this technique, he had consumed a large amount of divine power.

"My dear sister, is your Blue Blood Race's pearl really as profound as the rumors say?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this matter.

"I don't know. In any case, he was quite powerful, but my grandfather said he would give it to me in the future, and I've only seen that pearl once. If I didn't touch the blue pearl that time, I would have already looked like an adult," Lan Lan said with regret. "I touched that blue pearl, so I was always like this, I can't grow into a great beauty."

"What's wrong with that? I feel that a beauty like you is very rare, a great beauty can find a bunch of things. Furthermore, you have a place that isn't smaller than those great beauties," Chen Xiang laughed wickedly.

"Bad big brother," Lan Lan whispered in a tender voice.

After two days, Wu Jingsheng who was heavily slapped by Chen Xiang became slightly better. Although he had spirit pills to heal his wounds, Chen Xiang's Heaven fire was not so easy to deal with. In order to not let the distinguished guests wait, Wu Jingsheng could only bring his wounds back to the hall.

The lobby of the Flying Immortal School was decorated very extravagantly. It was a golden red color and was full of joy. There were two to three thousand people in the lobby, as well as many familiar faces of Chen Xiang. Some of them were the Dan King s of the Pill City, some of them were the big shots of the ancient powers.

Everyone in the hall was full of smiles as they chatted with their old friends, waiting for the newcomers to arrive.

Chen Xiang had long snuck into the great hall and hid himself in a hanging ornament, he also allowed Lan Lan to see the scene outside.

"It's here, hehe …" Lan Lan saw Wu Jingsheng walking in with a smile on his face. Beside him was the fake Lan Lan who was wearing a hood over his head.

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