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In the ancient forest in the center of Bloody Thunder Mountain Sea, hundreds of strong practitioners were gathered. The first batch consisted of fifty people, but there was no response even after a long time.

There were also royal experts among the strong warriors. There were experts from the Blue Blood Race and the Wu family, they did not want to enter the Super Old Sacred Land, they just wanted to persuade more people not to enter.

However, most of the Rankers would not listen. If they could confirm that there really was a Super Old Sacred Land inside, they would go in and investigate it no matter what. That was a place that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had lived in for twenty thousand years, they would definitely leave behind a lot of good stuff.

Everyone waited for six hours, but there was still no response. They couldn't wait any longer and once again opened a Space Gate. Through the door, they could see a quiet forest with a vast expanse of land.

Another hundred people entered. After an hour, there was finally a reply!

By using a secret technique, they were able to penetrate space and transmit information. It was actually a message for help.

Everyone hurriedly opened a spatial passageway. Everyone became alert. As soon as the spatial passageway was opened, a large number of bloodied people flew out. They were actually thrown out!

There were a total of one hundred and fifty people, and all of them were from the second batch. All of them were badly mutilated, and each and every one of them were severely injured. Not a single one died.

The wounds on their bodies were shocking. They looked like they had been inflicted from the inside out.

"This is a terrifying vibrating power. It vibrates within the body before shaking outwards and from the inside out!" One of the elders had an ugly expression on his face, "It seems like they were all instantly injured by someone!"

"It's a sound wave or something. All the internal parts of their ears are damaged." Those bloodied people all had their flesh torn open and blood flowing out of their orifices. These people were all experts from the ancient powers, yet they were still so weak and could not withstand a single blow.

"It's a dragon …" There's a very powerful blue dragon in there one day … … " A relatively powerful middle-aged man recovered quickly and had the strength to speak. However, just as he finished speaking, he fainted again.

Lan Cang had originally been taking a nap inside when a large group of loud noises suddenly came in. He had exchanged with Chen Xiang for a Leihun fruit and after fusing with it, the Thunder soul broke the seal, allowing him to once again obtain the strength he previously had. Therefore, he did not plan to lower himself to the level of the group of little ants in front of him.

But who knew that when this group of old fellows saw him appear, they would actually discover that he was a dragon, and even clamored to release his dragon blood, to pull out his dragon scales, to pull out his dragon tendons, to take out his dragon beads to refine pills or something like that. After hearing this, how could he not be angry, turning into a huge blue dragon.

However, not long after he fell asleep, more people came out. When they saw him, they wanted to skin him alive just like those guys before. Then, he did the same and retaliated with the furious dragon roar …

"Ai, I never thought that there would be such a powerful dragon guarding there!" An old man who had consumed a High Rank Pill and recovered quickly sighed.

"Then what about Chen Xiang this kid? Can he avoid this dragon? " A middle-aged man asked doubtfully.

The old man shook his head. "This dragon was originally very gentle, but …" Some people had the intention of taking advantage of this dragon and then peeling off its scales in order to anger it. "

"That's right. This dragon just told us to lower our voices a little, saying that we have to find a place deeper into the dead. Don't disturb his nap, but some reckless fools want to steal his dragon pearl." She was one of the first batch, but even though she wanted to skin the dragon alive, she didn't say it out loud at that time.

"This is troublesome. We have angered this powerful dragon. If we enter again, we will only have one result." An old man sighed.

A few of the people that did not enter hurriedly asked the spirited old woman. She was one of the few people that was able to recover so quickly.

"What's the situation inside? Is it the same as in the legends? "

"Is it really the Super Old Sacred Land?"

"What do you see except the dragon?"

The old granny nodded her head: "It's just like the legends, there are many mountains inside, although from afar, I can't see it clearly, but I can be sure that those are all giant Lion Mountain s, and they should be their dwellings while they were still alive.

"Maybe it's connected to the Emperor's Tomb. If we can get rid of that dragon, we can enter deeper into the cave." An old man said.

"Looks like we need to inform the fellows from the Heaven Realm to come down quickly. They should be able to take care of that dragon!"

"Not only that dragon, there is also that old madman in the Super Martial School who is obstructing the way. This old madman must not be anymore, Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword is something that can be easily captured." Dongfang Lingyun said. He hated Chen Xiang and Super Martial School to the bones, and whenever he thought about this matter, he almost roared out of anger.

Everyone already knew the dragon's strength. If they went in again, the result would be the same as the people on the ground. Their bodies would crack and their minds would be muddled by the sound waves.

Thus, they decided to return first and use a secret technique to inform the Heaven Realm. This place was the root of all these ancient powers, and this place was the original Tenth Heaven.

The ancient powers allowed more and more warriors to go to the Heaven Realm just to expand their power and raise their strength. This was because many of the strong warriors here had been obstructed in their efforts to raise their strength, but now that the time was ripe, a portion of them could come back!

As the Heavenly Girl, Ji Meixian knew about this matter the first chance she got. She really wanted to notify Chen Xiang, but she couldn't contact him at all.

The Super Martial School also received the news immediately. Huang Jintian had already started to make arrangements, and most of the disciples outside returned back to the Super Martial profound Realm.

Huang Jintian was completely confident now, causing both Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming to heave a sigh of relief.

"During this period of time, as long as Chen Xiang is not in the Super Martial School, I have a way to deal with him!" Huang Jintian smiled slightly: "I plan to expel this kid from Super Martial School and push everything onto him."

"Great Ancestor, you're going to kill my Junior Martial Uncle." Gu Dongchen was shocked.

Wu Kaiming hastily advised: "Please reconsider, Ancestor! If I do this, I will be scolded to death by Junior Martial Uncle. "

"Don't worry, this brat's path is just like that. The Super Martial School is a whole body, and if it were destroyed because of him, I would have let down the Old Ancestor!" Huang Jintian stroked his beard and laughed: "This brat has already gone to the Rough and Random profound Land. Seems like he has already grasped the Heaven Earth Killing Method, and might soon enter the Emperor's Tomb!"

"Don't be happy! But he is still my disciple, and he is also the Junior Master of you two brats. "

Huang Jintian was extremely at ease, he only understood his own disciple the best, he smiled: "This is only a strategy to slow the battle, as long as the group of immortals doesn't attack us, give us more time, you guys might soon be able to meet your master! Chen Xiang is a very kind person, if it wasn't because of fear of dragging the Super Martial School down, he would have already gone all out. Now that I kicked him out, I can let the ancient powers experience this little madman's fearless revenge! "

"They're all madmen!" Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming muttered in their hearts.

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