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To make Long Fei show mercy to a monster?

It doesn't exist!

Furthermore, it was impossible to refuse someone sending their head away like that.

For a moment, a game word flashed through Long Fei's mind.

Report the location of the Big Dipper and send a man with a thousand miles of head.

This point was simply too appropriate.

In fact, even though he had teleported through the wrong space and landed in the Meteor world, he was still unable to escape the Big Dipper's pursuit.

How could Long Fei not live up to his wish?

Boom! *

Long Fei's aura shook, and his gaze focused.

He vented the power of his physical body and directly wiped out the last drop of blood from the Big Dipper God of Boundary.

"Ding! Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for slaying Back-to-back God of Boundary. You have gained 100,000,000 EXP, 100,000,000 Holy Source Points, and 1 Striking Value Point."

The System's voice sounded out.

Long Fei instantly fell silent.

As expected, the experience was suppressed.

If you put it before,

"System. F * ck, even if it isn't a boss, it should be a monster. Its cultivation is so much higher than mine, so why are we so lacking in experience? I have clearly used my strongest physical body's power, okay! "

"You're directly wiping out an experience of the level of a super monster. Can you still consider my experience?" Long Fei secretly cursed in his heart.

Completely unacceptable.

He had been planning on slaughtering his way through this world to destroy it.

His level immediately soared several levels.

However, he did not expect the system to push him all the way to the end.

If even someone at the level of the God of Boundary of the Big Dipper could only give 100 million experience, then the remaining God of Boundary would be completely gone!

The more he thought about it, the more unhappy Long Fei became.

"Berserk!" Berserk! " Long Fei said with a face full of resentment.

"Ding … Player has successfully activated Berserk."

'Ding … congratulations player for obtaining the Big Dipper Chart.'

'Ding … congratulations player on obtaining Seven Star Fist, do you wish to learn it? '

The system prompted.


Long Fei said directly.

Long Fei had already seen the Seven Star Fist, it was connected to the Big Dipper diagram and used the power of the Ten Thousand Worlds of the Big Dipper.

Extremely terrifying.

This punch was more powerful and invincible than the one he had just used.

Long Fei simply could not refuse.

Because with the increase of his strength, many methods could no longer keep up with his cultivation.

Currently, other than the Great Way of the Gods, the Blade of the God of Boundary, and the nine strikes of Falling Deep Sword that had just burst out, Long Fei could only use one punch to become invincible.

However, a single punch was unrivalled. After all, it was purely based on the strength of the physical body.

didn't feel the least bit good about it.

It could be said that this power was exactly what Long Fei wanted.


With a flash of light, Long Fei immediately succeeded in his cultivation.

'Ding … congratulations player on successfully cultivating it. '…

When the system's voice fell, Long Fei felt that both of his hands were filled with boundless explosive power, especially the moment when he connected with the Big Dipper diagram, he could feel his power instantly increase by a hundred times.

It was as if the world could no longer withstand its own strength.

"Damn! The power of the Ten Thousand Worlds of the Northern Dipper is this amazing?"

"Why is the God of Boundary of the Big Dipper such trash?" Long Fei was startled.

This power was too powerful, and was not on the same level as the Big Dipper God of Boundary.

But after a moment, Long Fei's gaze directly swept over the Big Dipper diagram, and he finally saw the essence.

At this moment, on the Big Dipper diagram, the person who was condensed on top of each star was none other than himself.

This was to say that it meant all eight of them had punched at the same time.

"That's amazing. I'm afraid even the person from the noble world would not be able to withstand this fist strike right?"

"And that woman, so what if she is a goddess? "If we are to be able to see it, we shall see who is stronger."

Instantly, Long Fei's heart surged.

He was close to shouting out, "Who else is there!?"

Of course, Long Fei's line of sight had never left the condensing of the teleportation gate.

So far, it was only 80%.

But the speed was getting slower and slower.

Although Long Fei was anxious in his heart, he could do nothing about it.

And at this time, in the Star Demon Realm.

In front of the Stellar Palace, countless people had already gathered.

Under the Star Demon Realm, the people from the ten thousand realms had all arrived.

Other than the God of Boundary of the Myriad Realms, there were also a few experts from various realms. All of them were from Star Condensation Demon Realm.

This time, they had naturally received the Star Demon God of Boundary's call to come and celebrate together as they waited for Long Fei to be killed.

"What a grand formation. Let us from the Myriad Realms come and see the death of one of them."

"Even if he dies, he'll be able to be proud of himself."

"He's just a traitor, it's not worth dying for."

"Yeah, for a small traitor to be able to die slowly in front of the knowledge of tens of thousands of us, it can also be considered a special honor."

Beneath the Star Demon, the God of Boundary of ten thousand realms was lively and jovial.

Now, they didn't even have to face each other to the point of death.

This was because, as long as Long Fei died, their Star Demon Realm and the rest of the ten thousand realms would immediately level up. They didn't even need to fight to be able to stay safe.

Thus, right now, they were extremely close to each other, as if they were friends.

It could be said that compared to the people of the other myriad worlds, they were already a level above everyone else.

It was also at this moment that the silhouette of the Star Demon, God of Boundary, suddenly walked out from the Stellar Palace.

"Greetings Master God of Boundary!"

Everyone shouted out.

It was an incomparably reverent worship.

In their eyes, the Star Demon God of Boundary was a god-like existence.

The Star Demon God of Boundary waved his hands, showing a look of arrogance.

"Very good, it won't be long before all of you advance and become the strongest realm under the super strong world."

The Star Demon God of Boundary said.

"Hahaha, Lord God of Boundary is truly amazing."

"Capture the relatives of that traitor and have him fall into our trap."

"Right, as long as that traitor dies, we can advance. It's all because of you that I relied on you. "

"Haha, geniuses are the most awesome. What Ten Thousand Beast World? What Big Dipper World? They're all trash."

The people from the Myriad Worlds said.

At this moment, the people from the other super strong realms were also following behind the Star Demon God of Boundary.

He was extremely unwilling.

However, there was nothing he could do.

Because the Star Demon God of Boundary, was really the heavens.

Here, he was the only True God.

How could they dare to say half a word of 'no'?

"Hahaha, well said."

"I am the True God of this place. I am the Hegemon."

"Any disobedience will be crushed into dust in front of me." The Star Demon God of Boundary said, arrogant to the extreme.

And at this moment, in a corner of the Stellar Palace.

Two figures were concealed within.

It was none other than Ya Ya and Hong Qiuye.

At this moment, they had already blended into the crowd, wanting to make a move in secret.

Of course, Hong Qiuye wanted to do it alone and wouldn't let Ya Ya take the risk. He had already linked the Other Shore Boat to Ya Ya's body.

"Big sister, no, please no."

"You're not their match at all."

He begged.

But how could she be a match for Hong Qiu Ye? She couldn't break free at all.

"Yya, be good!" "Be obedient, now is the time for them to be most proud of themselves. All I want is to once again kill them." As long as we kill the Star Demon God of Boundary, everything will be enough. " Hong Qiuye's face was filled with determination as he spoke in a trembling voice.

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