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The cunning Dan King did not immediately take out something, but was considering something.

"What this old man needs is not medicinal herbs!" Dan King thought for a moment, then said.

Chen Xiang felt disdain in his heart. This was a gamble, not an exchange.

"If little brother can take out something that makes this old man's heart beat, I can use my skill to bet with you." The Dan King continued.

Chen Xiang did not lack any powerful martial arts, but he was still a little curious. This Dan King seemed to have very high expectations of him, he quickly observed the expressions of the other two Dan King s and noticed that both Tan Sheng and the long-bearded Dan King's expressions changed.

"Old man Qiu, are you talking about the Heaven Earth Killing Method?" Tan Sheng could not help but ask.

Heaven Earth Killing Method, just by hearing the name, it was known to be very powerful!

"Heaven Earth Killing Method? Was the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family's inheritance lost to him at the highest possible level? How did you get it? " Duan Sanchang said in shock.

"I picked it up, can't I?" Old Man Qiu said coldly.

"I heard that the Heaven Earth Killing Method was sealed on a stone tablet, even if you obtained it it would be difficult to cultivate successfully, because the mental cultivation method written on it is extremely profound and obscure. Even the Heaven Realm Immortals found it hard to understand. Ji Meixian's words made the expression of Old Man Qiu change.

"So what? But this cannot deny the value of the Heaven Earth Killing Method. Even if the stone tablet was placed in the Heaven Realm, it would still cause a bloodbath." Old Man Qiu said loudly.

Mu Jialan sighed lightly, "Legend has it that once one succeeds in cultivating this Heaven Earth Killing Method, it will definitely lead to a calamity. Tong Tian Aristocratic Family does not only have it in the Mortal Realm, they also have it in the Heaven Realm.

"This thing is hot potato." Duan Sanchang laughed as he gave Chen Xiang a meaningful glance before sending him a sound transmission, "Although the Heaven Earth Killing Method is very powerful, it can bring about misfortune to others. Even in the ancient times, no one in the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family would dare to take it! To tell you the truth, my Duan Clan is also considered to be a member of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, but was kicked out because of tomb robbing. "

The ancient powers all knew how powerful the Heaven Earth Killing Method was, and Chen Xiang also frowned.

"It's actually the Heaven Earth Killing Method! A human used this technique to make one of my ancestors of the Imperial Dragon Race suffer a great loss. I heard that this technique is very powerful." Long Xueyi said.

"It's best if we can take it. Our master told us about the power of the Heaven Earth Killing Method. Back then, in order to find this Killing technique, Master gave it to Junior Sister and searched for a hundred years, but still did not manage to find any clues. Bai Youyou said.

This was a gamble, and if there wasn't something that would satisfy old man Qiu, he wouldn't be willing to gamble.

"This old fellow doesn't have a Fire Soul!" Long Xueyi said.

Since Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou approved of this matter, Chen Xiang did not doubt that it was a gamble anymore. He already had victory in his hands, he only needed to make Old Qiu Er place the bet.

Just then, Chen Xiang's pill furnace revealed another sliver of Medicine aura, causing Tan Sheng and the long-bearded Dan King to uncontrollably smile.

Of course Chen Xiang did this on purpose. He was very patient and did not pay any attention to Old Man Qiu.

"Little brother is the descendant of Li Tianjun, you must not only have medicinal ingredients." Although Old Man Qiu did not want to bet, he also wanted to fish for something from Chen Xiang. Otherwise, if he saw that Tan Sheng had obtained the Diamond fruit and the long-bearded Dan King had gotten the Soaring Nine-headed Flower, his heart would be very unbalanced.

"Yes, there is. It might not be suitable for Senior's taste." Chen Xiang said coldly, his expression was serious and his brows were knitted tightly as he continued to concoct pills.

Old Man Qiu threw out a stone tablet, just to let Chen Xiang know the value of it!

The black monolith seemed to be somewhat old and worn out, full of potholes, but it exuded a dense ancient aura, making people feel as if it had existed since the birth of the world. The black monolith seemed to be somewhat old and old, but it emitted a dense ancient aura, making people feel that it had existed since the birth of the world.

The most important thing was that the stone tablet had a terrifying aura, it was that kind of killing intent that was able to affect Chen Xiang's Killing heart. If not for Chen Xiang suppressing the Killing heart, then maybe he would have released all of the killing intent he had cultivated.

His killing intent was extremely terrifying. Right now, he did not dare to unleash it all at once, because he had killed many experts, including dragons, powerful immortals, and Poisonous Beast Devil God! As long as someone was killed by him, the accumulated killing intent would be absorbed by him and stored in the Killing heart!

"He really is powerful!" As Chen Xiang said this, he took out a cyan colored pearl.

This was actually an azure colored Fire Soul! This was formed by him using the green Fire Soul within the bodies of the two elders from the Fire Divine Palace s. It was as he had guessed, the Fire Soul could evolve!

Even though it was only a cyan colored Fire Soul, which was far inferior to the blue Fire Soul, when Old Qiu saw it with burning eyes, he said: "Good, as expected, you didn't disappoint me, so I used this Heaven Earth Killing Method to place my bet."

Someone actually used the cyan Fire Soul to make a bet. If such a thing was auctioned off, it would be hard for even a trillion Spar to obtain it, because there were simply too few Fire Soul s. Even some of the Dan King s did not have a Fire Soul, not even a Dan Immortal like Su Meiyao.

Without the Fire Soul, he might not be able to become a pill or immortal. However, with the Fire Soul, he could make the Alchemist work twice as hard, and increase his speed and control of fire by a lot.

The Heaven Earth Killing Method was also not bad, the two were both inestimable prices, and in the eyes of different people, they had different values.

Even if it was an exchange, Chen Xiang and the Old Man Qiu were both very willing. However, this was a gamble, they would get nothing if they lost.

Chen Xiang had already revealed three threads of the Medicine aura, and the Dan King s could see that Chen Xiang was trying to turn the tide. However, they all believed that no matter what Chen Xiang did, the outcome was already set.

It was still possible, but most of the Alchemist s thought that it would be very difficult. Although they knew that some of the Alchemist s could succeed, those could only be saved by chance.

"This is my Peach Blossom Imperial Land's Peach Blossom Immortal Dew, one drop for 10 billion Spar, inside this bottle there are at least 500 billion drops, and it's worth 500 billion. If you lose, just give me 500 billion Spar." Jing Xingliang, this Peach Blossom Prince was not one to be outdone. The stakes placed by the two heavenly girls were much greater than his, so he had been feeling uncomfortable the entire time.

This surprised Chen Xiang, he didn't expect that at this time, there would be another fish jumping into the net.

"Leader once said, this Peach Blossom Immortal Dew is worth one drop every ten years. This is a quantity that is five thousand years, what are you thinking about if one drop's value far exceeds ten billion Spar s? This is something that cannot be sold privately! " Mu Jialan reprimanded.

"This is a good item, one drop is equivalent to half a pellet of Relive Dan." Duan Sanchang laughed, obviously he understood his limits very well.

Jing Xingliang said coldly to Mu Jialan: "It's none of your business!"

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