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In this situation, Chen Xiang looked extremely relaxed, but he was also trying his best to calm himself down and concoct pills, so how could he not be anxious when Wang Qiongjin was going to attack Chen Martial Continent? Now that Long Xueyi was watching him, he could go and concoct the Heaven level Pellet in peace.

This time, the Hunyuan fruit still exploded, but left half of its powder and Medicine aura, which was a little more than the last time.

"It seems like the flame is my current bottleneck, and I don't have enough divine power." Chen Xiang sighed, took out his Hunyuan fruit and continued refining.

"Maybe I have enough fire. Maybe I don't know how to use it cleverly enough for me to cross the river by myself. It is indeed difficult." Chen Xiang looked at the raging flames in his palm and thought to himself.

Long Xueyi said: "Your divine power is not weak. Although I don't know how much energy you need to consume to use this method, I just feel that you have not used your divine power to the best of your abilities, or perhaps did not fully display your divine power's power. You've frequently encountered such situations before, so your usage of the divine power still needs strengthening."

Chen Xiang nodded, he thought so too, and asked: "Did that old woman make any movements?"

"There are no big movements, but there are quite a lot of small movements. It is possible that she is from the Heaven Demon Realm, so she is very unsettled in Devil Realm, and many of the big shots and powerhouses are giving her face, and will temporarily stop the war at the Human Realm, and withdraw all of her power. Furthermore, she seems to have to go and contact the strong warriors of the Demon Realm." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang frowned, this was not a good thing, this Wang Qiongjin could use his prestige to pull many powers to ally with the Fire Divine Palace, and this time, he would be even more powerful than last time.

"The good news is that this old woman does not plan to attack Chen Martial Continent herself. It seems like even immortal kings like them do not dare to do anything." Long Xueyi said: "I heard her say this herself. She said that she will lead from behind and will not participate in any battles."

"If these Immortal Kings can make a move, then they wouldn't need to gather so many people, but for what reason can't they do so, if the White Tiger doesn't appear in Di Tian, it would be hard for anyone to defeat them, but their Fire Divine Palace has three Immortal Kings, although they can't rule over Di Tian, but taking down the Chen Martial Continent will not be a problem."

Chen Xiang found it hard to understand. These three Immortal Kings really wanted to take down the Chen Martial Continent, and it would be extremely easy for them to do that. However, they did not do that, but instead sent many of the disciples of the Fire Divine Palace to their deaths.

"I don't know, but it's a good thing. At least we don't have to worry about facing a guy of that level. You already have the luck to kill another one, you have to understand that you were only lucky to kill that old woman's lover." Long Xueyi solemnly warned Chen Xiang. She wanted Chen Xiang to understand that he was definitely not a match for the Immortal King right now, and asking him not to foolishly go and fight with the Immortal King.

"I know that, but there will be a day when these immortal kings will be trampled underfoot." Chen Xiang frowned, and said softly, and then continued to refine the Hunyuan fruit with the God purification.

As long as he could refine some more powder and Medicine aura s, this part of the Hunyuan fruit would be considered a success, and the following Hunyuan tree root were not that difficult to refine, because they belonged to the yin and yang attribute and had a mysterious feeling of affinity with him.

After a period of time had passed, Chen Xiang's blazing palm suddenly released a weak golden light. A few cracks appeared on the Hunyuan fruit, but this was the sign of an explosion, and every time this happened, a burst of extremely strong and bizarre spiritual energy would surge out from the Hunyuan fruit, directly hitting his divine soul. It was the same this time, he felt his divine soul tremble slightly, then he strengthened his flames, allowing his divine power and flames to fuse together and burn the Hunyuan fruit's demon spirits.

This was, after all, a Heaven level Spirit Medicine, even though it was copied from a creation divine liquid, the power contained within it was not weak at all. All of these Heaven level Spirit Medicines were nurtured by the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth for more than ten thousand years, and contained within them was a unique and unique power that was unique to the heaven and earth.

"It seems like I didn't succeed completely this time. What's the problem?" Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, followed by a booming sound. His palm was shrouded in a golden mist, and he closed his eyes as he recalled the things that happened during his previous failures.

"The inability to suppress the spirit inside the Hunyuan fruit led to the spirit medicine controlling a portion of the spirit beast's power to counterattack, causing the spirit beast's power to become violent and unpredictable, and it was hard to suppress it, unless the spirit beast could be destroyed or the spirit beast could be completely suppressed."

He stored this half of the medicinal powder and Medicine aura s in the Yanlong furnace. This Hunyuan fruit part would be concocted in three different sessions, which would waste more than half of it. At this time, the Yanlong furnace s were fusing together, forming the complete part of the Hunyuan fruit, and there were even more of them.

Next was the Hunyuan tree root. It could be said that the progress of the Hunyuan tree root was very smooth, and during the refining process, a strange feeling appeared, allowing him to easily refine the Hunyuan tree root into white powder. The Medicine aura and the medicinal powder did not lose anything.

He felt that the reason he was like this was because of his Yin and yang god blood. However, not every medicinal ingredient was of the yin and yang attribute, so he could not have any sort of lucky thoughts. In the future, he would have to continue using his strength and perfect the God purification.

He, who was used to not wasting any herbs to refine pills, would waste more than half of the herbs when he was refining the Hunyuan fruit, which made him have a knot in his heart that was difficult to get rid of.

Generally speaking, the last step was the hardest and most crucial part. But for Chen Xiang, the last stage of refining the medicine was the most difficult one, and compared to the later stages of condensing the medicinal pellet, it was easier. It was the most difficult stage of refining the medicinal ingredients, and it was also the most difficult stage for him to condense the medicinal pellet.

Inside the Yanlong furnace, all sorts of separately refined medicinal ingredients were finally about to gather together. Chen Xiang injected the flame, and under the heat, the Medicine aura and medicinal powder inside seemed to have been refined, as they emitted bursts of dazzling light. At the same time, they were squeezed together by the divine power released by Chen Xiang, forming a ball of air that slowly rotated in the pill furnace, and sucked all the Medicine aura in.

"That old woman is about to make a big move. What does she want to do in the middle of the night?" Long Xueyi anxiously said, because she saw a large group of people gathered in a huge villa in the city. From her judgement, she could tell that this group of people were experts from the Devil Realm.

Chen Xiang did not ask, because they were almost at the Congealing Pill and he could not afford to be distracted. As long as he could concoct this low grade Heaven level Hunyuan Dan, he would have taken a big step forward.

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