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Although Chen Xiang possessed strength that was on par with Strong of Lord Stage, the heart of the Demon Emperor in Divine Devil Cult was too strong. Chen Xiang used the Devil-suppressing kungfu to suppress him, and with the strength of the Demon Emperor, he was probably at the bottom of the list amongst the Strong of Lord Stage.

If Dragon Emperor were to make his move, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace would definitely lose. Chen Xiang's expression was currently heavy, but in his heart, he really wanted to exchange a few blows with this Dragon Emperor.

Although he was an old man, no one dared to underestimate him. He walked towards the fighting stage at a leisurely pace, he felt that if he made a move, no one would be able to stop him.

Chen Xiang also walked over, he was actually still so calm at this moment, this kind of courage was truly admirable from the bottom of his heart, but just how many times was he going to go up on the stage …

"Wait." Hearing this, Chen Xiang thought that Lv Zhen had sent a sound transmission to him, but that was not the case.

This was called out by Lv Zhen, and everyone heard it. Furthermore, Lv Zhen appeared in front of everyone, and this was a handsome middle-aged man with a moustache that slightly curled upwards, and a hint of a smile hung on the corners of his mouth.

When Chen Xiang saw that face, he felt that Lv Qilian was very much like him. This Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable looked like a mischievous person, he was dressed in white, had a sword at his shoulder, stroked his beard and walked over with a smile.

Seeing Lv Zhen, Bai Yaowei curled his lips. It could be seen that he recognized Lv Zhen, and their relationship seemed to be not bad. They were both from the Devil-killing Summit.

"It's you, senior." Chen Xiang immediately bowed to Lv Zhen.

Lv Zhen walked to Chen Xiang's side and patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "Sit, let me represent you."

"You have nothing to do with the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, so you can't go on stage. Are you a member of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace? The middle-aged man from the Heavenly Dragon Race anxiously said, because Lv Zhen seemed to be disrespectful to the world, and did not even have a hint of strength, but Chen Xiang called him senior, and was extremely courteous, so with one glance, it was obvious that he was stronger than Chen Xiang, and might even be stronger than Chen Xiang.

Otherwise, Chen Xiang would not be so respectful to him.

"My name is Lv Zhen." Lv Zhen replied as he looked at the middle-aged man from the Heavenly Dragon Race.

"Lv Zhen, I've never heard of you." The middle-aged man said.

Everyone shook their heads, no one had indeed never heard of him before, only Lv Qilian was shocked, and that was her father's name. She had been searching for her father for many years, and now he suddenly appeared in front of her.

"The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was created by me. Tell me, is there a relationship between me and the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace? Do I have the qualifications to participate?" Lv Zhen's voice turned cold, and an incomparably huge golden word 'Subduing Light' suddenly appeared in the air. That kind of pressure, not only the people who cultivated the power of evil, even the other people felt uncomfortable about it.

Chen Xiang said in a cold voice: "He is the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, the ancestor of my Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. He does not have the qualifications, who does."

Now, everyone believed that the word 'Town' had already shaken the entire nine heavens many years ago. This Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable who had suddenly disappeared, had actually appeared and become even more powerful.

Lv Zhen threw the sword back to Chen Xiang: "This is a divine sword, it's very hard to keep it inside the Storage bag, help me watch it."

With that said, Lv Zhen arrived at the stage.

Chen Xiang had been paying attention to Lv Qilian this entire time, but when he saw Lv Qilian's astonished expression, he hurriedly sent a sound transmission to her, "Sister Qilian, calm down. After this matter is over, you two can recognize each other again.

When Dragon Emperor saw Lv Zhen coming out for battle, he was a little disturbed. He hated these strong humans the most, these dragons were born with strong power. If they were unable to defeat humans, then they would seem even more useless.

"I never thought that in order to obtain a dragon vein, I would have you do it yourself. Is that dragon vein very important to you, but as far as I know, the dragon vein underneath that ancient god's tomb is even more powerful, it should have already become a Holy stone, and there is even the possibility of condensing a Holy Crystal. Why don't you guys go there to dig out the dragon vein?" Lv Zhen smiled slightly.

How could these Strong of Lord Stage not know about the Ancient God's tomb? But how could they not dare to go there?

"From what you're saying, it would seem that you do not want that dragon's vein. Could it be that you're going to be taken over by a little demon like that?" Dragon Emperor sneered: "What's more, that place is called Dragon Subduing School."

"Don't tell me that you really want the dragon's vein? The number of Holy stone you possess in the Realm of Flame Heaven is no less than here. Don't tell me that you have another goal?" Lv Zhen looked at the emperors from the Sky Region below the stage. "Or perhaps, someone was the one who ordered you to start this war."

The Devil-killing Summit was right beside the door to hell, and it was said that it was to suppress hell, and Lv Zhen suddenly jumped out to participate in this, to stop this battle.

Chen Xiang anxiously took out the pearl that the White Tiger had given him and sent a sound transmission to the White Tiger, telling the White Tiger to bring the White Tiger Fighting Race over quickly.

"If you want to fight, don't fight in my Evil Dragon Graveyard, just fight here. Everyone is here anyway." Chen Xiang felt that this battle would be hard to avoid, but there were actually so many Strong of Lord Stage in the Sky Region.

Lv Zhen and Dragon Emperor were still negotiating. Lv Zhen wanted to stop this big battle from erupting, because he knew that this was Hell Devil Emperor's scheme.

Just as Dragon Emperor wanted to speak, the old man's voice rang out. Who knew that there would be a tiger's roar coming from the horizon?

The new boss, Yan Jing, was very familiar with this roar. He could not forget this roar that made them feel like they were in a nightmare. It was the roar of the ancient god of slaughter.

Now that he had been revived, the great emperors of the Heavenly Realm were all extremely shocked in their hearts. They had thought that the White Tiger had already died or had become a god, but now, it suddenly appeared.

It was not only the White Tiger that came, but also the warriors from the 100 White Tiger Fighting Race. They crossed the space and appeared in the palace, standing behind everyone.

"So lively."

He then walked towards the crowd and looked at the other Sky Region Emperors. All of them were people he knew.

"I heard that the reason why you guys are fighting here is to choose a commander and then attack Dragon Subduing School, right?" The White Tiger asked.

The scene was silent. No one answered.

"That's right." When Chen Xiang saw that there was no answer, he asked, "What is your relationship with the Dragon Subduing School?"

"I am the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School. White Tiger laughed: "Since everyone is here, let's settle it here. All those who want to attack Dragon Subduing School stand up and let me see who it is, I'll kill him right here."

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