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The sudden appearance of the Great Clan Elder of the Dragon Subduing School caught the attention of many big shots of the powers. However, they did not really welcome the arrival of the Dragon Subduing School as most of them wanted to take note of him anyway!

Soon enough, he found out about Chen Xiang's situation. Right now, he could only wait for Chen Xiang to come out as he knew a lot about that Heaven Thunder Purgatory. However, he was not sure if Chen Xiang could still come out.

Inside the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, the sky was filled with rainbow colored clouds and the Robbery power was frantically brewing. All of the power it had drawn came from the Heaven Thunder Purgatory, and in this way, it could effectively weaken the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord. However, if the Robbery power descended, Chen Xiang and the others would have to pay a heavy price.

If they did not do this, there would be no way for them to escape. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had a very high chance of passing this Five elements heavenly fire tribulation!

Five days had passed and the Robbery power did not descend. Instead, it continued to brew, because Yun Xiaodao and the others followed Chen Xiang's instructions, compressed the Innate Qi to its limit, allowing them to hold more Innate Qi in their dantians. They ate the Earth Profound Pills that Chen Xiang gave them, and relied on the large amount of compressed Innate Qi s to surpass their limits!

They thought that once they reached the limit, they would need to cross a Nirvana Doom bottleneck to continue increasing their strength, but this time, due to the immense pressure, they had no choice but to take on another type of challenge, an unprecedented challenge! And now they had succeeded!

They had originally been able to feel the time when the Nirvana Doom had descended, but now it was suddenly delayed, and it was even for ten days. This made them even more surprised, as the Five elements heavenly fire's lightning tribulation had already caused them a lot of pressure, let alone now?

Yun Xiaodao and the others were looking at Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang still had his eyes closed, and was still refining that Earth Profound Core.

"Elder Brother Shen, if I were to make a breakthrough, what would happen to the Nirvana Doom that I would attract? The six of us only attracted them twice, plus Elder Brother Shen, the abnormal Alchemist, and Elder Duan … Fuck, can this even be called a peerless great calamity? " Yun Xiaodao muttered.

The last great calamity that Chen Xiang had experienced was caused by a few thousand people, but this time, although there were few, it was a very rare opportunity to do so. The Nirvana Doom that they had to face, was probably not as powerful as the tribulation that Chen Xiang had to face.

Seeing that Chen Xiang's body was trembling violently and the multicolored light was shining brightly, emitting a heat that was even hotter than the rainbow clouds in the sky, Duan Chong and the others' hearts shrunk. After consuming the Earth Profound Pill there, Chen Xiang had already activated multiple divine arts to swiftly refine it, and now that he had formed a Heavenly Core from none of the Beast statue, it meant that he could activate Nirvana Doom!

"Alright, looks like your Nirvana Doom will be much stronger this time, each of you have twenty Relive Dan s!" Chen Xiang took out a jade box and gave the Relive Dan to Zhu Rong and the others.

Chen Xiang had the Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients, but he was still unable to refine them. He had already consumed quite a bit, and after distributing them to Yun Xiaodao and the rest, he only had around fifty pills left!

"And the Five Elements Profound Dan, 20 pills per person, used to recover the Innate Qi!"

These pills were useless against Duan Chong, but Chen Xiang had still given him two Eternal Dan s. These were for saving lives, so whether or not they could successfully pass through the Nirvana Doom would still depend on Duan Chong.

"The reason why we were able to survive the last tribulation is because a group of experts joined hands to resist the Robbery power, while I was only able to survive by hiding by their side! Old Man Duan is very strong, so it shouldn't be a problem for him to hold on to the Robbery power, but that will cause him to lose a lot of energy! "

Chen Xiang now began to explain his plan to deal with Nirvana Doom. "So in the beginning, we shouldn't let Elder Duan go, we should block the Robbery power and protect him! We cannot let Old Man Duan suffer any injuries. No matter what, we must endure until the strongest part of the Robbery power! "

"The Robbery power is usually the most concentrated in the end, and it is also very strong!" Chen Xiang learnt from his experience during the tribulation.

"As everyone knows, there is one more benefit to Nirvana Doom, and that is to test one's strength while at the same time refining oneself in all aspects. Although the Robbery power in the previous stage is also very strong, I feel that we can still endure it!"

Zhu Rong and the others all nodded. Since the last Robbery power was the strongest, they wouldn't be able to block it, so they might as well give it to Duan Ling Tian.

"After we experience our previous stages of Nirvana Doom, we would definitely be severely injured, but when Elder Duan is defending me, we can use this opportunity to restore our condition to its peak, so that Elder Duan won't be unable to withstand it. Then, we can buy Elder Duan some time so that he can use the Eternal Dan s to recover!"

If Chen Xiang didn't have so many high class pellets, he definitely wouldn't have such confidence!

This time, not only did they have to deal with the Nirvana Doom, they also had to deal with the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord escaping the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

"Elder Duan, this time it's all up to you!" Chen Xiang's expression was gloomy.

Duan Chong nodded his head, "If I can succeed this time, I might be able to make a breakthrough. It's been a while since I've seen how Nirvana Doom are like!"

The rainbow light became stronger, and the released Robbery power became even more oppressive, making people unable to breathe. What was astonishing was that there was actually a layer of purple red clouds above the rainbow clouds, who knew what kind of power it was!

"Is that all you can do for the third tribulation?" Yun Xiaodao frowned: "It feels a little weak!"

When Duan Chong saw the purple-red cloud, his face immediately turned ugly. "That purple-red cloud isn't a cloud, it's an energy that was once known as the Grain force back in the Primordial Era!"

Grain force! Hearing those two words, Chen Xiang's face became even uglier than Duan Chong's, his entire body perspiring in sweat!

"What is the Grain force?" When Zhu Rong saw the expressions of Chen Xiang and Duan Chong, he was shocked. "You two, hold on!"

Chen Xiang said: "You should all know that the array needs Spirit grain to be constructed, and when we set up the array, only the Spirit grain would be carved, using the Spar's power, or the energy in some other things to activate the Spirit grain! But there is a kind of power in the world that is most suitable for activating Spirit grain s. It can completely unleash the power of these Spirit grain s and that is the Grain force! "

This is also the kind of energy that many formation masters dream of. Right now, using all sorts of methods to activate the Spirit grain, we can at most release half of the Spirit grain's power, but if there is this kind of Grain force, then it is fully utilized and the formation it sets up is extremely powerful! "Su Yun said in a low voice.

Duan Chong nodded his head. As the patriarch of the Duan Clan, he was naturally well versed in array formations. They had to frequently break array when robbing tombs, and also had to find a suitable terrain when searching tombs.

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