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All of the meridians in Ji Meixian's body had been penetrated by the countless rays of light that the Demon Eye of Perception had released, and all of them were broken, causing her to be unable to circulate her powers. However, she possessed the bloodline of the Undying Bird, so she was able to quickly repair it.

Chen Xiang knew that she had the bloodline of the Undying Bird, so he definitely would not help her recover. With a sneer on his face, he struck out with his palms, causing a large shadow of his palms to envelop Ji Meixian.

Feeling that bizarre power, Ji Meixian's expression changed again. This was the Bone-melting magic palm, even if her bloodline was not ordinary, her bones would still be melted.

The Bone-melting magic palm struck onto Ji Meixian's body soundlessly, the dense palm force poured into Ji Meixian's body and melted away her bones.

The pair of golden wings on Ji Meixian's back disappeared. Her meridians were completely shattered, and her bones had melted. Like a leaf, she slowly fell to the ground.

She suddenly felt that the situation at this time was extremely familiar. Many years ago, when she was fighting with Bai Youyou, she had already suffered such a loss.

But it was not over yet. Chen Xiang once again used her Piercing Heart Demon Eye, and shot out countless threads of tiny red light at the falling Ji Meixian, penetrating her slowly recovering meridians. Then, with a continuous movement of his palms, the Bone-melting magic palm released waves of waves that struck Ji Meixian's body. It even contained the Hail magic wind, which froze Ji Meixian's soul.

"Evil little devil!" Lan Cang, who had turned into a giant dragon, was watching on the side, secretly clicking his tongue. That kind of devilish technique also made him baffled, why did Ji Meixian, who was just so powerful, suddenly get knocked down on the ground?

The reason why Chen Xiang did not use his devil arts before, was because he was afraid that Ji Meixian would see through his relationship with Bai Youyou and the two girls. Even if he wanted to use his devil arts, he had to use them when Ji Meixian was the most confident to catch her off guard.

Facing ordinary people, she might be able to easily win against them, but Ji Meixian was a Ranker from the Heaven Realm. It would be best if he could take care of someone with her strength when she was at her most alert, and catch her by surprise!

This was all thanks to Bai Youyou's experience in using these devilish arts, she had been through trials and tribulations.

Ji Meixian was very surprised, she never thought that Chen Xiang could actually learn Bai Youyou's devil arts to such an extent. Furthermore, when they were used against people, they were all used to the same degree as Bai Youyou. She never thought that Bai Youyou would spread these devil arts to others, she had heard that some of the powerful devils of the Heavenly Demon Realm, who used all their wealth, could not even exchange them for one of her devil arts.

But this little brat Chen Xiang actually released three at once! Relying on the immortal bird's bloodline in her body, her body could quickly recover. At most, she would be able to endure a little more pain, and after a long time, Chen Xiang's energy would be completely depleted. At that time, it would still be her who won.

Ji Meixian dropped to the ground. There were no bones in his body, and all of his meridians were broken. His body was covered with needle-sized holes, and he felt extremely cold. Lying on the ground, she looked at Chen Xiang who was in the air and sneered coldly in her heart. She had the Divine Bird's bloodline in her body, so it would be difficult for humans to kill her.

She was originally proud in her heart, but her expression suddenly changed, because Chen Xiang did not continue attacking her. Instead, he was making hand seals and chanting an incantation!

It's the Heavenly dragon seal! Before, Chen Xiang had already used it on her, causing her to suffer. She had muddled along in the Heaven Realm for so long, but she had never experienced this Imperial Dragon Race's ultimate technique. Yet, she was beaten up by a human in the Mortal Realm twice!

She did not know much about the Heavenly dragon seal, she only knew that it was a very strong technique in the Imperial Dragon Race, and it was very varied. It was said that there were 981 types of seals, and only a small number of the members in the Imperial Dragon Race had the qualifications to learn them. So she had always been curious as to why Chen Xiang, this human, was able to learn such a supreme secret method of the Imperial Dragon Race.

After Chen Xiang formed the hand seal, the Innate Qi and mana from his entire body was sucked out, causing his entire being to fall from the sky, causing both Ji Meixian and Lan Cang to become shocked. They could see that Chen Xiang used all his strength just now, and they could feel the immense power from his body, but right now, he had instantly been sucked out, so they could tell that Chen Xiang had used a very powerful finishing move.

"Bang!" Chen Xiang's body was powerless, his head knocking onto the ground, but his body was strong, so it was nothing to him, he was slowly recovering his strength.

Suddenly, a circular array formation appeared in the sky. The circle was actually formed by a golden dragon, and many Spirit grain in the array formation were also drawn by different colored dragons. At this moment, this Dragon Mark Royal-cloak Formation was madly devouring the surrounding spiritual energy. There were a lot of rocks floating in the air, all of which were absorbed into the formation. Even some of the mountains nearby were pulled out one by one and flew into the formation!

If it were not for Lan Cang protecting the forest, all the trees inside would have been pulled out!

Several mountains of various sizes were uprooted like grass, entering the massive Dragon Mark Great Formation from all directions. The surrounding spiritual energy turned into a large white river, all surging over!

The spirit energy had actually turned into liquid and was completely gathered within the formation!

Even the person who was performing, Chen Xiang, was stunned by this scene. He was a bit worried for Ji Meixian, if Ji Meixian was killed, he would lose a beautiful female slave.

In the future, when he goes to the Heaven Realm, Ji Meixian would be of great use to him.

"Don't worry, she has that divine clothing, she won't die!" Long Xueyi said indifferently. Seeing her Imperial Dragon Race's secret killing technique being so shocking, she felt proud in her heart.

"Damn brat!" Ji Meixian was at the bottom of the Dragon Mark Great Formation and saw countless mountains being sucked away with her own eyes.

"Hurry up and recover!" Ji Meixian shouted anxiously in her heart. If she lost, she would be Chen Xiang's female slave.

Ji Meixian was barely able to stand up. Just as he was about to escape from the area covered by the Dragon Mark Great Formation, a golden dragon suddenly appeared.

The Dragon Mark Great Formation could accommodate a huge mountain, which meant that the Dragon Mark Great Formation was very big, and the golden dragon that came out from the formation was as big as a huge mountain.

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood the power of the Hundred Dragon Holy seal. One after another, golden dragons descended from the Dragon Mark Great Formation with a thunder-like power and lightning like speed. Furthermore, every golden dragon had two times the power of the previous one.

Ji Meixian was submerged within the energy that exploded after the golden dragon smashed down. Lightning and flames interweaved together and became extremely violent. This kind of power was actually very similar to Chen Xiang's Fire and Thunder Dragon Soul!

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