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"Pride Pill God 970 _ Pride Pill God."

Chen Xiang now knew how the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword broke away from the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, but he was very curious. The Four Symbols Divine Weapons was above the Chen Martial Continent, so this was obviously not a coincidence.

"Senior, stop bragging with him. Hurry up and make your move!" Chen Xiang urged, he was anxious to ask Duan Chong some things … 13800100.

"I have to brew!" Duan Chong continued to speak to He Caiyong: "I know you may not believe me, but what I said was the truth. You guys and those who tried to steal my blade all wasted your efforts, especially those who died because of me, you truly deserved death for nothing.

"He killed two of my disciples and stole our celestial swords. I must catch him." He Caiyong's face was filled with anger as he thought about all of these things.

"Oh? If you want to kill them or steal their divine blades, then kill them. Now that he is the one who killed them and even stole a celestial sword, it means that they are a group of pigs. Duan Chong chuckled.

"You're courting death!" He Caiyong roared angrily, he pushed his palm towards Duan Chong who was not far away from him, causing a gust of astral wind to blow, but Duan Chong had disappeared the moment he used his palm.

"What is this?"

For some reason, He Caiyong and the other nine elderly men felt their feet sink into the soil, as though they were standing on a swamp, and were slowly sinking. Furthermore, no matter how much strength they used, they were unable to break free, so the moment they release their powers, the energy would immediately be absorbed, and their bodies would descend even faster.

In the blink of an eye, they had sunk down to their knees, where Chen Xiang had also stopped. From his current position, they could feel that this area was shrouded by a very strange and powerful force, causing them to sink down!

Duan Chong came to Chen Xiang's side and laughed: "Do these idiots really think I'm easy to bully?"

"Pit of Hell... Didn't your Duan Clan lose its legacy long ago? Hurry and leave, otherwise my Peach Blossom Imperial Land will definitely exterminate your Duan Clan. " He Caiyong shouted in shock.

"Bullsh * t! You should beg for mercy at this time. That way, you might be able to die a bit more comfortably!" Chen Xiang walked over, picked up a rock, and ruthlessly smashed it onto He Caiyong's head.

"Little bastard, I'll skin you alive!" He Caiyong was smashed into pieces and he roared at Chen Xiang.

"You've been in closed-door training for too long right? Don't you know that if someone falls into my hands, I won't let them have any chance to take revenge." Chen Xiang took out another rather large stone and threw it at He Caiyong's forehead.

The rock was extremely fast, and Chen Xiang had even injected a bit of Dragon Power into it. It flew over like an arrow, and upon colliding with He Caiyong's head, it shattered into pieces, and He Caiyong's forehead had also become red and swollen. Now, they could be sure that they had all lost the ability to retaliate, this Pit of Hell was truly powerful, Chen Xiang himself did not know what would happen if he were to be trapped inside this thing.

"Kid, you can do whatever you want!" "These guys are not worth sympathizing with. It's better for you to die early if you act so arrogantly." Duan Chong laughed, and followed Chen Xiang's example. The stone smashed into the people who were half buried in the ground, it smashed happily, like a naughty child.

He Caiyong was furious, but no matter what he did, he could not unleash his powers, so only now did he begin to panic.

Chen Xiang took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, his face as gloomy as water, and walked towards He Caiyong. He stood beside the Purgatory World, and just as he raised his divine blade, a purple light suddenly shot out from the distance, illuminating the dark sky.

"Purple Moon, quickly save us! There must be a heavy debt of gratitude! " He Caiyong saw the purple light and immediately shouted excitedly.

"Save your sister!" Chen Xiang shouted coldly, his Divine Blade slashed down quickly, an invisible force shot out from the blade edge, sweeping across, the 10 elders who were "stuck" on the ground, were cut apart like bamboo, from their waists, blood flowed out, but they did not die!

"Stop!" The Purple Moon rushed over and a huge purple colored palm smashed down from the sky. The huge palm brought with it a strong pressure, and the moment it appeared, a deep imprint formed on the ground. Chen Xiang was so shocked that blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

"As expected of the leader of the traitors, he actually bullied a little imp with such a high cultivation base!" Duan Chong suddenly appeared by Chen Xiang's side, and threw a punch at the purple-coloured huge palm that was pressing down. That skinny old fist, which seemed ordinary and did not have the slightest fluctuation in its power, actually possessed extremely terrifying strength, and it could even break apart the purple-coloured huge palm as if it was capable of breaking the heavens.

The purple colored Innate Qi madly surged and transformed into a purple colored astral wind. It rose high into the sky and formed a purple colored light curtain, which was indeed very enchanting.

"Duan Chong, you're actually not dead yet!" The Purple Moon cried out, and then slowly descended, while Chen Xiang also struck his palm towards the ten old men from the Peach Blossom Imperial Land who had their waists broken, releasing a Dragon Power that formed a gigantic palm, like slapping bean curd, making it look extremely tragic.

Seeing Chen Xiang insisting on killing those ten people in front of him made him feel extremely unhappy, as he had already planned to protect those ten people. After all, they had just said that there would be a heavy debt of gratitude, and He Caiyong was a Great Clan Elder.

"Others can't cure it, but I can!" The purple glow on the Purple Moon's body dissipated, revealing a handsome face that looked like it was crowned jade. A pair of eyes that were as deep as the stars shone with waves of killing intent.

"I want to capture you!"

Beneath the purple moon was a purple sea of fire. The flames in the sea of fire turned into purple fire beasts that roared, causing the earth to tremble as they rushed towards Chen Xiang. The ten thousand beasts galloped about, their auras were astonishing, causing one's heart to tremble. This Purple Moon's technique was very similar to the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

"The Purple Moon Beast's Killing technique was something a traitor would betray the Emperor for the sake of obtaining it. I don't think it's that great!" Duan Chong lifted Chen Xiang, and fiercely swung down. He actually wanted to block the attacks of the ten thousand beasts by himself.

The ten thousand strange beasts formed from purple flames madly rushed over. Each of them was carrying an extremely violent force as they charged forward, like a violent and surging tide.

Duan Chong clenched his teeth, and from his stomach, a loud sound came out, his two swords sunk into the ground, straight to his knees, the wave of purple flames suddenly stopped, and slowly sunk down!

This was Duan Chong's Purgatory Vermilion Bird. Even those flying in the sky would be sucked down and sink into the ground. In just a few seconds, this huge group of purple fire beasts would sink into the ground.

"Pride Pill God 970 _ Pride Pill God."

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