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The first time Chen Xiang had met her, she used a multicolored light to cover her face. She felt that her clean and pure body was not something that could be seen by these mortals, but now, her body was completely exposed to the man she hated the most. Furthermore, she was being petted by a malicious woman.

"I think she cultivated a powerful godly technique to make her skin very thick, so much so that she could only be cut with a godly blade." Chen Xiang laughed, his eyes sweeping across Zhao Yiprofound's curvaceous body, causing Zhao Yiprofound to want to dig it out and step on it. Although there were some scars on her body, it did not affect the view. Furthermore, it added some strange beauty to her body.

Ji Meixian saw Zhao Yiprofound's stubborn face, and shouted: "I'll count to two, if you don't release Master-servant Contract, I'll slice your face ten times! And then, I will announce your disfigured appearance to the Heaven Realm, as well as that Image Crystal that will also walk all over the Heaven Realm! "

"One!" The sharp tip of the blade was already close to Zhao Yiprofound's face.

She bit her lips tightly, and a ball of red light shot out from between her eyebrows, condensing into a vortex. She had no choice but to give in, and that way, she could live on, as long as she had the chance to turn back, or else not only would she die, her ugly state would spread throughout the entire Heaven Realm, which was even scarier than death.

After Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound established the Master-servant Contract, they suddenly smiled gently. At this moment, the smile on her face bloomed like a hundred flowers in full bloom, it was as warm and enchanting as the sun in the winter, completely different from the devilish look from before. Even Zhao Yiprofound was in a daze when he saw this, she had just realised that Ji Meixian was a beauty like her, she had only tortured him because she was jealous of Ji Meixian previously.

"Little Zhao, now you know what you should do, right? You must not think of disobeying me. " Ji Meixian had changed into a set of snow-white long skirt, and it had even been changed in front of Chen Xiang, which made him feel that the relationship between Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang was not ordinary.

Chen Xiang played with the little divine blade in his hand. His eyes were as bright as stars, unlike the thief from before.

Zhao Yiprofound wore the snow white long dress that Ji Meixian had given him, and with her head slightly lowered, she seemed very humble, even more like a female slave than. Furthermore, she didn't dare to think about revenge randomly. Otherwise, her head would be in great pain due to the backlash from the contract.

"little maid, look at how dedicated he is. You never have the face of a female slave in front of me." Chen Xiang curled his lips, playing with Feng Ziprofound's storage ring.

Zhao Yiprofound was shocked. She had guessed at the relationship between Chen Xiang and her. There were many different kinds of relationships between them, but they had never thought that Ji Meixian was actually Chen Xiang's female slave.

Seeing the smile on Chen Xiang's face, Zhao Yiprofound was shocked. She suspected that Chen Xiang forced Ji Meixian to become a female slave back then.

"We're all on the same side now, do whatever you want!" Chen Xiang laughed, he knew that Ji Meixian's anger had died down. With Zhao Yiprofound, the immortal female slave, controlling her, she would feel much better than Chen Xiang.

Ji Meixian snorted softly. Although she was still brooding over the fact that she had become a female slave, she did not hate Chen Xiang that much now. At least, after Chen Xiang accepted her, he did not make things difficult for her.

Chen Xiang took out a jade bottle and handed it over to Ji Meixian: "Apply it on her wounds and let her quickly recover. The injuries caused by the lightning and fire from the killing array won't be healed that easily."

Ji Meixian didn't say anything more. After taking them over, he immediately helped Zhao Yiprofound take off his clothes, and Chen Xiang very consciously turned around, causing both Ji Meixian and Zhao Yiprofound to softly snort. They silently cursed him in their hearts.

Now that Zhao Yiprofound was Ji Meixian's female slave, he was very confident that he could help her undo the seal on the Heaven Pellet. However, she was still slightly injured, so in order to let her heal, Ji Meixian gave her a large bowl of blood.

Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh: "Last time when I took her in as my female slave, she also drank a large bottle of my blood, and now you also drink her blood to recover from your injuries."

Ji Meixian's blood actually contained a very special kind of power that could quickly repair her body. However, what made it even more difficult for her to understand was that Ji Meixian possessed this blood, and would even need to drink Chen Xiang's blood to recover from his injuries.

"You really do love protecting your face. It feels so good to touch it." Chen Xiang caressed Zhao Yiprofound's beautiful face lovingly, unwilling to let go of her hand.

Zhao Yiprofound really wanted to flip out. Chen Xiang was not her master, but he was her master. She could only lower her head and suppress the unhappiness in her heart.

"Don't be depressed, your master has a great background. She is the Yu Yi Immortal Fairy back then, and she has only just started cultivating. In the future, she will definitely shine again in the Heaven Realm. As long as you serve her well, she will not treat you unfairly." Chen Xiang was extremely reluctant to retract his hand. He wanted to test the other parts of her body since it was truly easy to touch Zhao Yiprofound's jade face.

"Yu Yi Immortal Fairy... Wasn't she dead? Is this true? " Zhao Yiprofound looked at Ji Meixian in shock. Although the Yu Yi Immortal Fairy was a famous person many years ago, her reputation had not decreased at all.

"Do you dare to not believe it?" Ji Meixian said coldly. After knowing that she was still very famous in the Heaven Realm, her body released waves of proud might.

Ji Meixian said to Chen Xiang: "Now that the White Sea Imperial Land is completely under your control, what do you plan to do with the White Sea Imperial Land?"

Zhao Yiprofound was the person in charge of the White Sea Imperial Land, but she had to listen to Ji Meixian, and Ji Meixian had to listen to Chen Xiang.

"Firstly, do not attack Super Martial School. Secondly, you guys continue to pretend that you want to kill me. Third, you all have to continue staying in the White Sea Imperial Land and wait for my arrangements. " Chen Xiang said in a serious tone.

"According to the orders from above, I won't be staying down there for long. I'll need to return to the Heaven Realm soon." Zhao Yiprofound said. She had already boarded the bandit ship, and could only obey.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "You can go, but before you go, you have to help the beautiful goddess consolidate her position! We will also be going to the Heaven Realm in the future, and who knows when you will come down here! "

"We will talk about the future. Let's rest for a while longer, after adjusting our condition, we will head to the next Lion Mountain."

Right now, Zhao Yiprofound was someone else's slave. She felt that the only thing that was good was that she wouldn't be trapped here, with her strength and position in the White Sea Imperial Land, it would be of great use to her. Chen Xiang wouldn't let her die.

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