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Yuan Ba nodded his head, then shook it again.


Without the system beep, the mission was still incomplete.

Long Fei thought in his heart: What exactly are you hiding in your heart? I don't believe it, looby, I must surrender you. "

Not waiting for him to speak.

Long Fei was the first to speak: "Don't answer me so quickly, I will give you time to consider, but before that, can you be my sword servant?"

Yuan Ba quickly nodded and said, "Me is willing."

"Come up and carry this sarcophagus. Let's go save the big sea bull!" Long Fei laughed excitedly as he looked into the depths of the forest. "The Blood Refining Sect, right? I'm going to kill you! "

… ….

"One on one?"

"Damn fatty, are you still going to duel?"

Luo Xiu stepped on the fatty's face with his foot, pushing Niu Dahai's face into the mud, and said arrogantly: "Do you still dare to challenge this daddy?"

"F * ck, a damn fat pig like you dares to make a ruckus with your father. Who the hell do you think you are?"

Luo Xiu was very arrogant.

He had suppressed a bellyful of anger at Nangong Yan's place, and now all of it was pouring down onto his body.

Niu Dahai's entire body was covered in blood, and his face was extremely pale.

Furthermore, he had been injured by the Dark Spirit Magus King in the beginning, and now, he had no way to fight back.

However …

Niu Dahai was still strong. Even if his face was stepped into the mud, he was still arrogant and scolded: "Grandson, if you dare, kill me. If you can't kill me today, I'll send you to hell tomorrow."


Luo Xiu's eyes shook, "You dare be arrogant, your Xuanjian sect disciples' mouths are really crazy, I want to see how crazy your mouth is."

While they were talking …

He grabbed a blood corpse from his arms and laughed coldly: "Do you know what this is? blood corpse, this is a top quality item. "

"Refining this blood corpse has crippled me for half a year. Today, I'll let you have a good time first, hahaha …"

The blood corpse was about the size of his pinky and had the appearance of a caterpillar.

However …

Once swallowed, the blood corpse would quickly drill into the brain, eat the brain, and then control the person.

It was extremely terrifying.

Even the faces of the Blood Refinement Sect disciples changed slightly.

Niu Dahai naturally knew what a blood corpse was as well. Closing his mouth tightly, he roared angrily and said: "Fuck your ancestors …"

"Hahaha …"

"Isn't your mouth very arrogant? Open your mouth, but not your mouth, right? " Luo Xiu's gaze turned sinister as he stomped heavily on Niu Dahai's face, pressing heavily onto the ground and said: "Let's see how hard you're going to be."

He grabbed the blood corpse and put it into Niu Dahai's mouth.

It was also at this moment.

"Yuan Ba!"


Yuan Ba fiercely shook the sarcophagus sword sheath on his back. "Boom!"

In addition, the bronze-like muscles on his body seemed as if they would burst the chain mail at any moment. At the same time, his nearly three meter tall body caused the coffin to shake.

Unrivaled domineering and unparalleled!

Long Fei moved, "Xuan Ming sword!"


A sword flew out. This time was different.

This time, it was an enormous broadsword. The sword itself was more than two meters long and half a meter wide. It was as black as ink. It was a black sword.

Long Fei's heart trembled, and started to boil: "Damn, this Xuan Ming sword is not a sword, it's too awesome."

"I like this huge sword!"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei held onto the long sword hilt, and suddenly slashed horizontally.


Luo Xiu's head dropped to the ground.

As he tumbled down, blood spurted out.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Blood Refinement Sect disciple Luo Xiu' for obtaining 800 experience, 800 true qi, 100 Energy Values, 10 points."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the demonic technique 'blood corpse Refining Technique' and releasing its cultivation?"

One sword kill.

Too fast, too fierce, too sharp.

Beneath the Xuan Ming sword, Luo Xiu of the war chief was like a cabbage.

"First kill!"

Long Fei retracted his sword, "moonlit step!"


He leaped into the air, and with a slash of his greatsword, another Blood Refinement Sect disciple was sliced in half. "Second Kill!"

A bloody light flashed as the huge sword slashed out again.

"Third Killing Strike!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The power in Long Fei's body sunk, with one hand he sent the huge sword flying, and killed another disciple.

"Fourth Killer!"

The sword stabbed into the tree.

The cooldown time for teleportation ended. "Shua!"

With a step, he landed on the giant sword and grabbed the sword hilt. Then, he fell from the sky and slashed down.

"Fifth Kill!"

In less than three seconds, five kills!

Swift as lightning, Long Fei roared in his heart, "Fuck, I'm only asking one question, who else is there?"

It was at this moment that the disciples of the Blood Refinement Sect finally reacted. The rest of them ran off, hating the fact that the old lady had given birth to less than two legs.

"Trying to run?"

"The Blood Refinement Sect, my ancestor." Niu Dahai crawled up from the ground and hugged a Blood Refining Sect disciple. His fists were like thunder, using all his strength to punch out with all his might, "You want to bully me with your numbers? "You must be arrogant, right …"

The disciple who was being beaten had stars in his eyes, he said: "It's not me, it's Luo Xiu, it's not me, you hit the wrong person."

Niu Dahai was filled with anger, "This old man will just ask you one question, are you a disciple of the Blood Refinement Sect?"

That disciple said, "I am, but I didn't touch you right? I …"

"Just do it." Niu Dahai rode on top of the man's body like a shrew, firmly suppressing the person below him with a weight of 250 kilograms, fiercely punching him with his fists, "I don't care if you move, I'll kill you, I'll kill you, ah …"

He was filled with anger.

There was no other way.

Now that he had the chance, he definitely wouldn't let it go. He picked up a stone from the ground and fiercely threw it at that person.

At this time, he did not care about the image of a fighter. He just wanted to vent.

"Yuan Ba!"

"If you stay here, I'll chase you down." Long Fei did not linger at all. Looking at the injuries on Niu Dahai's body and Yuan Ling who was wrapped in a gunny sack, he was even more furious in his heart.

"Move my people?"

"I'll let you know that even if I, Long Fei, am the King of Hell, I cannot afford to offend him."

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

There was no pause at all.

The broadsword in her hand was like the javelin in the hands of the leopard girl, locking on to its target as she sent her sword flying.

"Sixth Annihilation!"

"Seventh Killing Strike!"

"Eighth Killing Strike!"

… ….

"Thirteenth Kill!"

After killing the last Blood Refining Sect disciple, Long Fei gripped his broadsword with one hand and roared with incomparable dominance, "Who else?"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Blood Refinement Sect disciples' for obtaining 500 experience points, 400 true qi, 100 Energy Values, and 100 points."

As long as he killed the disciples of the Devil Sect, he would get points. = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

If Long Fei entered the demonic cultivation state, killing the sect disciples would also earn him points.

had never bothered with the points all along.

This time, the system continuously exploded, and the word 'points' caused Long Fei's heart to tremble. He thought to himself, "I almost forgot, points can be exchanged for things, can even be drawn, and can enter the cultivation state."

"What's the exchange point …"

Chapter III

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