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Xuefeng, of course, didn't win due to Xiao Wen headstart but he didn't mind as long as she had fun. They arrived quickly in the Trade Union building and didn't waste any more time before they went straight towards the Mission Boards. There were many people waiting for the new missions to come up on the board or just searching for one that suited them.

When Xiao Wen entered the hall, many lustful eyes instantly found their ways towards her great figure and slim waist but especially her ample bosom that just usual wished it could escape from her tight black leather outfit. They didn't know who they were dealing with so some dared to look. Just as there appeared a thought of approaching her to flirt in men's minds, Xuefeng entered behind her in a cool black jacket and a pair of new pants.

Their clothes somehow matched very well which made some think that they were a couple. There were rumours of Young Master Xuefeng having multiple beautiful women and now that the cultivators saw it first hand it was hard not to believe. Xiao Wen also behaved really cheerful as she talked with Xuefeng who also smiled from time to time.

They didn't know that Xiao Wen was just happy after absorbing so much Fate Qi. Xuefeng on the other side had his mind full of different thoughts but he still tried to smile to keep a good atmosphere between them.

"Welcome Young Master. Have a nice day." Many greeted Xuefeng as they walked around the boards to search for the Mission they wanted. He was much more famous in the city since he awakened his black talent and many actually recognized him already. When Xuefeng walked around the city with Tianshi, his appearance was spreading each time he was recognized on the streets.

"Young Master, good day! Young Master is a fortunate man to have such a beautiful lady by his side." Some were even braver and instead of a normal greeting, they decided to also complement Xuefeng's companion. It was mainly because some young men wanted to take a closer look at Xiao Wen and used greetings as a way to achieve that. They also wanted to find out if Xiao Wen was actually Young Master lover or maybe just a friend.

It was alright at the start, but it soon got annoying for Xiao Wen to be disturbed every once and so often which made her think of a solution. The next time someone began approaching them to offer their greetings, Xiao Wen suddenly hugged onto Xuefeng's arm and called out, "Hubby, can we go back already? I promised to give you a massage… I know how you much you like when I touch your body, hehe."

Instantly, this person's cheeks reddened and he didn't dare to approach any further. It would be dumb to ruin the date of a Young Master of a great clan. Of course, everyone who heard it would think that Xuefeng and Xiao Wen were a pair of lovers. They also felt as if Xuefeng was cheating all of the pretty ladies from them as every time he goes out, he has a different lady by his side.

Xuefeng smiled towards Xiao Wen before he took her to the side where no one could hear them before scolding her while rolling his eyes, "Do you want every man in this city to hate me?"

"Heh, this proposition is really appealing. Maybe I should do it?" Xiao Wen grinned at his reaction and then leaned over to his face leaving only a space of a few centimetres between each other and said, "Look, now they think we are kissing in public. Is that enough for everyone to hate you?"

"Tsk, I don't think anyone cares this much." Xuefeng snickered and turned around to look at the other cultivators in the hall and found them staring at him with faces that begged for fairness in the world. He realised that he was actually played by Xiao Wen as his act right now looked as if he was showing off.

"Okay, well played. You got me this time." Xuefeng said seeing the red-haired beauty smiling at him after he turned back.

Xiao Wen wrapped her hands around Xuefeng neck and winked at him with her close-set blue eyes as she said, "Heh, now everyone will think I am your lover. You have to treat your girlfriend well, okay?"

At this moment, Xiao Wen teasing reached its end when they both heard a familiar voice calling out to them from the side, "Oh, Miss Wen and Young Master, what a surprise. I see that Miss and Young Master progressed a lot in your relationship."

"Cough, Manager Wu hello. We are not together, Xiao Wen was just joking around." Xuefeng coughed as he pulled away from Xiao Wen before he asked, "Manager Wu, how are you?"

Xiao Wen was not sad about what he said and actually found it interesting. No men have ever rejected her and probably no one would if she ever asked to be with someone. Xuefeng was the only one who actually kept his cool while staying this close to her.

"Nothing much, busy with work as always. I was just thinking why my favourite Young Master forgot about me and here you are." Manager Wu said with longing.

"I'm sorry. I actually was away training for quite a while and it was quite hard to find time for a visit. Now that I am back in the city, I will definitely try to visit more often." Xuefeng apologised politely. He wanted to work with Manager Wu to buy Spirit Artefacts for his auction in the future anyway, so his promise matched his goals.

"Oh, I see. Do not worry. You guys look to be busy, so I guess I will leave you guys alone." Manager Wu said kindly.

"Actually, we might need some help. We are searching for a mission about eliminating a group of bandits near the border. Have anyone requested or maybe Trade Union issued such a mission?"

"Oh really? What a coincidence. I was just about to add it to others and that's why I am even here. But wouldn't such mission be boring for Young Master? With Miss Wen by Young Master's side, it would be a great surprise if Young Master wouldn't be able to accomplish any of those missions." Manager Wu said, which made Xiao Wen look at with an expression as if saying, 'See, everyone knows that I am awesome.'

"Well, that's just a warmup. We have other plans as well." Xuefeng said without revealing anything.

"Here. A city next to the mountain pass is often being vandalized by those bandits who come to have fun in the city and the Lord of the city wants them gone. The pay is quite good. Young Mastercan look through the details. I will register that Young Master took this missions so you are free to go." Manager Wu pulled out a card and passed it onto Xuefeng hands.

"Thank you, we will not be disturbing you anymore then." Xuefeng thanked her sincerely before leaving with Xiao Wen. He wanted to inform Manager Wu about his desire to buy a lot of Storage Artefacts from her in the future but with Xiao Wen by his side, she would definitely ask thousand of questions afterwards.

When they were out on the streets, Xiao Wen took away the card from him and Xuefeng had to look at the information together with her. What Xuefeng saw on the card was:

"Rank 5 Mission,

Type: Bounty Hunting,

Location: Eastern Mountains, Blueriver Pass,

Enemy: Approximately one thousand bandits. Stages ranging from Spirit King cultivators to Spirit Lord Cultivators,

Group Skill required: Three to five Spirit Lords or one Spirit Overlord,

Reward: 10 000 high tiered Spirit Stones. Collected after bringing prove of clearing the mission in the Blueriver City, City Lord Mansion."

"Sigh, I will leave all of that for you. It would be a shame if I even need to help you with such warmup." Xiao Wen passed the card back to Xuefeng, not impressed with the difficulty of this mission.

"No problem, I would have asked for the same. I need to get used to killing and testing it on bad guys is a good solution for me. Let's go back, Wuying and Yiren are waiting." Xuefeng agreed right away before he flew into the air heading back towards his clan.

"Soooo, I should expect a good massage tonight, right?" As they flew, Xuefeng couldn't help but ask playfully.

"Tsk, you wish." Xiao Wen snickered, answering with a reply he expected. Xuefeng didn't know that, but Xiao Wen was actually willing to do it for him until he mentioned it to tease her. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction from victory over her. With such personalities, their relationship would definitely grow very slowly, if it ever will.

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