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"Since even the great Aurous Core stage cultivators are not a match for a single cultivator, then our Star Condensation Sect naturally has no choice but to give you this face. "Star Condensation Sect disciples, listen up and return to Seven Star City."

Without the slightest hesitation, the face of the Star Condensation Sect's Sect Master, Han Wuya, who had paused in the air, slightly distorted and emitted such a sound.

If Daoist Master Zhang Feng was still here, he would have fought with everything he had. However, at this moment, Daoist Master Chang Feng was almost instantly killed by his opponent, moreover, his opponent's Jindan was too big, Han Wuya clearly knew in his heart that if he did not retreat now, the Star Condensation Sect would probably become the second Mysterious Treasure Sect, and the opponent would become the second Daoist Master Xiu Luo.

Hearing Han Wuya's order, the black-robed, middle-aged man who was initially extremely arrogant and didn't place Wei Suo in his eyes, immediately put away the silver cauldron. He then turned around and ran without looking back.

After the silver cauldron was put away, Wei Suo unhurriedly activated the Li Huo Boat.

At this time, the remaining Dongyao Cultivators had already lost their backbone. Seeing that the Cultivators of Star Condensation Sect had all returned to the city, they too immediately ran towards Seven Stars City in incomparable shock.

"Tell Dong Miaozhen, if you announce to the world within three days that you have plotted against the Treasure Pavilion and Ji Ya but have yet to marry into Dongyao resort, I might be able to spare you guys. If you don't, then after three days, those people from Dongyao resort who don't want to die, you better behave like a turtle and hide inside the mountain gate obediently. If even one of them comes out, I'll kill them."

Seeing this scene, Wei Suo, who was standing on the Li Huo boat, didn't chase after them. He only spoke these words coldly.

"Just who is this person, to have such a sacred art?"

"According to him, three years ago Jia never married into Dongyao Resort? All the bullshit from Dongyao Resort? "

Hearing Wei Suo's words and seeing all the cultivators of Dongyao Resort having to piss their pants and flee, the outside of Seven Stars City was in an uproar.


Today, Wei Suo was fighting two sects on his own, and under the encirclement of two sects, he killed dozens of cultivators as if he was alone. With just a single exchange, he almost killed Daoist Master Changfeng, and even Daoist Master Changfeng, who was at the Aurous Core stage, was pierced by him in some way.

Adding them up, there seemed to be at least 20 cultivators that had their feet poked by him. Also, previously, Li Shaohua, this Aurous Core stage cultivator, was also killed by him in a single move.

Today's matter would definitely become a legend within the Profound Sky Continent, and these cultivators who were observing personally witnessed this scene.

"He really is manly. No way, I've already fallen in love with him. I have to go ask him if he can take me in as his concubine!" At this moment, a sweet voice caused the cultivators outside of Seven Stars City to turn their heads.

"No?" With your appearance, you still want me to? "

What almost caused the surrounding one thousand or eight hundred cultivators to faint was that the female cultivator that was currently soaring through the air had a short stature and was extremely fat. Furthermore, her face was covered with a layer of fragrant powder, making her look like a demon.

"Kill anyone who follows you!"

At this time, Wei Suo put away the items that he had dropped from killing the cultivators. After putting away the Heart Devouring Bug and the Shakyamuni, he rushed out of the Li Huo boat and simultaneously made such a sound.

Hearing this voice, the fat female cultivator, who had wanted to fly over, could only stop in her tracks.

"Haha, I've lost this time." Many of the surrounding cultivators began to gloat, feeling that this fat female cultivator was definitely going to be depressed. However, what almost made them fall to the ground was that this fat female cultivator still had an infatuated look on her face as she delicately said, "She's even more manly. I like her even more."

… ….

On the other side, Wei Suo, who was carrying the Li Huo boat, flew away. After confirming that no one was following him, he quickly descended and landed in a forest.

Soon after, he immediately changed into a new set of clothes, quickly disguised himself as a yellow-robed cultivator in his forties, circled around once more, and flew back to Seven Stars City.

It only took a moment for this to be over. At this time, the entire Seven Stars City was already discussing him and the battle just now. However, no one expected him to actually change and return to Seven Stars City.

Without the slightest hesitation, he entered the teleportation nexus that led to Falling Moon City.

After passing through the teleportation nexus in Falling Moon City, with a flash of spiritual light from the teleportation nexus, Wei Suo's figure appeared in Spirit Mountain City.

After leaving the Teleportation Formation in Spirit Mountain City, he saw that Wei Suo did not stop at all. He placed the flying sword on the door board in front of him and shot it in the direction of the Treasure Pavilion.

"How dare you!" You are not allowed to fly in Spirit Mountain City! "

The moment Wei Suo leaped up, several beams of light shot towards him from all directions.


In the past, even if Wei Sou had reached Jindan Stage, he would still give the heavens some face and try his best to not make enemies with him. However, ever since he found out that the Heaven Sect was also an accomplice of Dongyao, Wei Sou did not have a good impression of the Heaven Sect.

It would be more inconvenient if he had fought head on with Ji Ya and the others just now. If he had kept the Jindan in his hands, then even if the Heavenly Ginseng Grandmaster and an expert from the Sky Sect had joined hands with the Long Wind Spiritual Master, Wei Suo might still have had the chance to slaughter them more arrogantly. However, having one Heaven Saint Master meant not only having one more Aurous Core stage cultivator, but also two more powerful treasures of Dao rank and above. If he could have one more Heaven Saint Master, then it would be even safer to deal with Dong Yao's resort.

Furthermore, he had given the pearl and the two other golden magic treasures to Ji Ya. With the Extinction Gold Pill and the Primordius Silver Nuwa in his possession, Ji Ya, Han Weiwei, and the others would definitely be fine.

Now that Li Shaohua had been killed by him, and Daoist Master Chang Feng was severely injured by him, even if he had a Heaven Stage pill, he wouldn't be able to make up for it in a short time and wouldn't even be able to come to Spirit Mountain City. This way, he would have a falling out with the heavens.

"What?" Master! "

At this moment, in the Treasure Pavilion, a shop assistant handed over a small scroll made of sheepskin. After opening it, the white robed middle-aged man who had been sneering at Ji Ya and the others suddenly turned pale.


At the same time, Daoist Master Tian Can's expression also changed. His figure moved and he stood at the entrance of the Treasure Pavilion.

He saw that Wei Suo was already less than two thousand feet away from the Treasure Pavilion. Meanwhile, fifty to sixty beams of light were circling around Wei Suo in the sky, as if they were about to face a great enemy.

"You are Wei Suo?" Looking at Wei Suo who was heading towards the Treasure Pavilion, Daoist Master Tian Can said with an expressionless face.

"Seems like you are a Heavenly Ginseng Adept." When he saw Daoist Master Tian Can, Wei Suo also stopped and said indifferently, "Where are Ji Ya and the rest? I don't think Dao Master Tian Can will make things difficult for them."

"Wei Suo, we are doing very well." Jia Ya's voice immediately came out from the Treasure Pavilion.

"Very good." Hearing Jia Ya's voice, Wei Suo nodded his head in satisfaction. He looked at the Daoist Master Tian Can and said, "Daoist Master Tian Can, you should be able to make decisions in the Heaven Sect. Now that we have settled our accounts with Dongyao Resort, I have given them my conditions. "Now it's time for us and the Sky Sect to calculate the debt of this Treasure Pavilion."

"Arrogant!" Sage Tianshen expressionlessly looked at Wei Suo. "Don't tell me that you think you can threaten me with a single Gold Extinguishing Pill?"

"Adept Tian Can, my master …" The middle-aged white robed cultivator walked behind Sage Chen Tian. He wanted to say something, but Sage Chen Mu waved his hand and interrupted him with extreme coldness. "Elder Li, if there's anything, we can talk about it later."

"What, could it be that you can even resist the Extinction Gold Pill?" Weasel looked surprised.

"Against all of you, I might not have to do anything." The Heavenly Ginseng Daoist Master laughed coldly and said, "I will wait until you all use this Extinction Gold Pill before I make my move." "In any case, if we were to find a few people in the Sky Sect who can deal with a first level or second level spirit realm, it would be very easy..."

"Adept Tian Can, my master …"

"Didn't I already tell you? If Elder Li has anything to say, we'll talk about it later!" The Sky Ginseng Spiritual Master who was interrupted suddenly frowned and turned his head to look at the middle-aged white robed cultivator. A cold light flashed across his eyes.

"My Master succeeded in reaching Core Formation, but he died at the hands of this man!" However, the pale-faced middle-aged white robed cultivator gritted his teeth and quickly said.

"What!" The originally furious Daoist Master Tian Can was stunned for a moment.

"He's right, this is the Jindan Li Shaohua made." Wei Suo stretched out his hand and took out Li Shaohua's Jindan. His hand was completely green.

"You can actually kill an Aurous Core stage cultivator?" After Sage Tianshen's complexion changed, his eyes narrowed. "But do you think you can deal with a sect's encirclement?"

"Since you already know that Li Shaohua died in my hands, then you should find out soon enough." Wei Suo didn't even respond to Daoist Master Tian Gen's words and just lightly said this sentence.

With Wei Suo's words confirmed, the moment he finished speaking, a shop assistant who had just given a small roll of sheepskin to the white clothed middle-aged cultivator rushed out from the inside and handed a small roll of sheepskin to the white clothed middle-aged cultivator.

As soon as he opened it, the middle-aged cultivator looked as if he had seen a ghost.

"What's going on!" With a sweep of his gaze, this Jindan Stage cultivator, who had just threatened Wei Suo, said, "Do you think you can deal with a sect's encirclement and slaughter?" He also trembled and gulped down a mouthful of saliva.


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