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Yang Tianyi was still fusing with the star divine soul that Yue'er had given him, and the time needed to do so exceeded Yue'er's expectations.

The experts from the Divine Nations also wanted to watch the show, because when they came, they were instructed not to interfere in the matters of the, especially the conflicts between some of the forces. To the Divine Nations, the weaker the forces here were, the easier it was to control them.

Yue'er said: "Yang Tianyi is still in closed door cultivation, he should be coming out soon! Let's go up the city wall and take a look. If that stupid bear comes, then we won't dare to act rashly for the time being. There's the Prince of Divine Nations here, so he will more or less worry about him. "

The competition had also been suspended as all the Supreme Divine Palace warriors ran up the walls.

Chen Xiang and the rest arrived quickly as well. Standing on top of the wall, they saw a large empty space with hundreds of gigantic Silver lion s outside, all of them dragging gigantic caravans. Other than these, there were also many different colored gigantic lions, all of which were Divine Lions that the Divine Lion Race could not transform into human forms!

On the other side, there were many Star and crescent beast in human form. There were many of them, several tens of thousands of them, and their overall strength was very strong.

The Divine Lion Race's gigantic Divine Lions were set up outside the city, one of them was even taller than the city walls, the other Divine Lions roared suddenly, the sound waves shaking the city walls, the sound waves spreading far away could be heard, all the mountains were collapsing, the earth was being torn apart, this kind of grand and imposing aura was extremely shocking, causing many weaker humans to tremble in fear.

"Divine Lion Race, does our Supreme Divine Palace have no enmity with you? What does that mean?" Mu Chen was not scared by the aura, she floated in the air and asked loudly with a loud voice.

His voice was like thunder, but the aura of a man was not any weaker than the roars of the lions.

"You bullying the princes of our Divine Lion Race is equivalent to bullying our entire clan. This is an irreconcilable hatred, this is the reason why we have come! Now, we will give you two choices, either to fight, or to kowtow to our Divine Lion Race and apologize. " An ice-cold voice came out from a carriage house. This must be the patriarch of the Divine Lion Race … Divine Lion King!

It was impossible for him to kowtow and apologize, and this matter was caused by the Prince Divine Lions being too arrogant! Mu Chen was only wondering; Divine Lion Race should not have gotten into a fight over this, but now, other than Divine Lion Race, there was also another Star Moon Divine Race.

"Star Moon Divine Race, what about you? You all don't have any arrogant princes who would come here to humiliate themselves! " Mu Chen was already prepared for battle, so he did not hesitate to speak.

"There was once a little white cat that appeared in your Supreme Divine Palace, wasn't there! We came here for this. This kitten is still with you, so as long as you hand it over, we will leave immediately. If you don't hand it over, then we can only fight. " An old man with long white hair floated in the air and spoke to Mu Chen.

Yue'er was right here, and she wanted to say something, to delay a little, and only need to wait for Yang Tianyi to come out. From the looks of it, they were evenly matched, and if they were to fight, both of them would definitely suffer, while the Star Moon Divine Race was still hiding behind them.

Even if the humans could suppress the beasts, the last one laughing would definitely be the Ancestor Emperor. He had yet to make a move yet, and was waiting for the best opportunity.

Yue'er had been plotted against by that Ancestor Emperor back then, and she was extremely clear about how sinister that Ancestor Emperor was.

Mu Chen and the others only knew that the little white cat was with Chen Xiang, but he wasn't with them right now.

"Last time, your Star Moon Divine Race sent an elder over. That little white cat left by herself long ago. That elder confirmed it too, so she isn't here." Mu Chen said. Right now, he did not see the little white cat following Chen Xiang either.

"Then we can only look for it ourselves!" The old man from the Star Moon Divine Race sneered.

"Let our Divine Lion Race attack!" A giant lion had already rushed over at an extremely fast speed. Moreover, the entire body of the lion was still emitting intense flames. As it ran, its steps shook the earth continuously and cracks had already appeared on the ground.

This Divine Lion that was as tall as a city wall was very strong, possessing the strength of the Great God level. If it were to charge over like this, it would definitely cause harm to the protection arrays of the Heroes Gathering Divine City.

At this moment, the White Tiger and the Vermillion Bird were already prepared to sell them and repel the massive Blazing Demon Lion!

"Yao, stop!" When the voice was heard, a figure suddenly appeared above the giant lion. Chen Xiang and the others were very familiar with this voice.

Hearing that voice, Chen Xiang knew that Qi Shi was here! He was the real Leonis!

As soon as Qi Shi arrived, those Divine Lions who had yet to take form all crawled down, as if they were worshipping their emperor! A long time ago, Qi Shi gained a lot of prestige in the Divine Lion Race. And those giant divine lions here were all teachers back then, so they naturally remembered Qi Shi's aura.

Qi Shi had gone to the Lion Emperor's Tomb, so for him to be able to return at this time, he must have already obtained the inheritance of the Lion Emperor.

The gigantic Flame Lion called Ah Yao had already stopped, he was listening to Qi Shi's words very much!

"Yao, I once told you that you would grow up to be a big man in the future. Now, sure enough!" It was a pity … "Ah Yan is dead!" Qi Shi clenched his fist tightly, his killing intent surged, enveloping the entire Divine City. Black clouds instantly covered the blue sky, and streaks of blood-red lightning danced about incessantly as thunder roared.

The Ah Yan that Qi Shi was talking about just now, was his little brother Qi Yan, in other words, his Super Old Fire Beast!

After knowing that Qi Yan had passed away, the Divine Lions that were crawling on the ground raised their heads and roared loudly, their howls filled with sorrow.

Mu Chen and Xiao Changle, the two hall masters, were naturally aware of Qi Shi's situation. They were very surprised that Qi Shi had come at this moment.

"Ah Yan was killed by that Prince Divine Lions!" Qi Shi bellowed, his eyes shooting out two rays of golden light which entered a gigantic RV.

"Little bastard, come out!" With a furious roar, Qi Shi shattered the carriage into dust. Prince Divine Lions had already lost his usual calmness and fear filled his face, because he had never felt the anger of several hundred divine lions gather together to such a terrifying degree!

Within the Divine Lion Race, most of the divine lions were bred by Qi Shi back then, and now that they had grown up, when they found out that Qi Shi was still alive, they only recognized him as their king.

Divine Lion King could not sit still any longer. He stood up and said coldly, "Everyone, don't believe him. He is just a loser!" His appearance was similar to Prince Divine Lions's.

The current Divine Lion King and Qi Shi were brothers as well, but they had a different mother.

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