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There were a lot of divine medicines in the huge vat, and they were all of good quality. At this moment, all of the Alchemist in the arena could tell the quality based on the smell of the divine medicines.

The disciples that were participating in the competition all stood up and carefully looked at the divine medicines within the large vat. Many of them frowned because they did not recognize these divine medicines.

Chen Xiang didn't know either, in the knowledge that Feng Yujie had passed on to him, there was nothing related to these divine medicines.

"These divine medicines were all obtained by those fellows from Divine Nations. They will give you the pill formulas later and have you all refine them according to the formulas." Luo Tianjun whispered to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang quietly swept across the crowd and realised that there were a few who were calm, three of them were young, and the other two were old. They all looked calm when they saw the strange divine medicines, and Chen Xiang suspected that someone behind them was also telling them what the rules were.

"In these vats, there are two jade plates and pill formulas. The first round of the competition is to refine the Xiaping Dan s within the limited amount of pills. Once the sand in the hourglass is emptied, this round will be the end of the competition." Olde Iron Cock pointed to an hourglass in the distance. It looked relatively small, so he could only hold on for four hours at most.

In just four hours, he would have to refine two batches of Xiaping Dan, and it was the kind of Xiaping Dan that had never been refined before.

What Chen Xiang was more concerned about was that there were only two types of pill formulas, but there were too many divine medicines in the huge vat. There were at least a hundred types of low-ranked divine medicines, and there were even more than ten large black tree roots beneath them.

Chen Xiang suspected that these two Xiaping Dan would need to use up all of the divine medicine in the huge vat. If that was the case, then refining one of the Xiaping Dan would require at least 10 different sets of low rank divine medicine.

"You can start looking for the pill formulas now." After Olde Iron Cock finished speaking, the hourglass started to flip and the disciples participating in the tournament started to curse in their hearts.

Before this, Chen Xiang had already clearly seen the inside of the large jar with his divine sense, so he quickly took out two jade tablets and dripped some blood into his divine sense to take a look. Just as he had guessed before, the two divine pellets that he wanted to refine required dozens of sets of divine pellets!

Inside the jade token, there was only the recipe, not the name of the supreme dan!

"What is the purpose of these divine pellets?" I can't see anything from these ingredients, these Divine Nations are really mysterious. " Chen Xiang planned to first refine the pellets that required the most amounts of mystical pills, and he would need seventy of them!

Picking out the divine medicines from the vats also required a lot of time, as this was a huge test of the Alchemist's speed in recognizing the divine medicines. Right now, many of the Alchemist s were complaining in their hearts, because they felt that just picking the divine medicines out of the vats and handling them a little was already a long time ago.

Chen Xiang did not feel anything, he treated it as a challenge!

From the very start of the match, he wasn't competing with anyone else, but rather, he was fighting against time! These Alchemist s had very high requirements in many aspects. If they were impatient, they would start to get very irritated right now, so when they were sorting through the divine medicines, it would also have a huge impact, causing their speed to become very slow.

Those who weren't confident enough would have the thought of giving up, feeling that they would definitely lose. This sort of person was already destined to lose.

Of course, there were many outstanding Alchemist present who were able to keep their cool and calmly go over to pick and choose the divine medicine.

Chen Xiang had already heard quite a few sighs and complaints, because there were other kinds of mystical pills inside the huge vat. They were not used to refine the two types of Divine Pills, but were purposely mixed inside to increase the difficulty of the competition.

"The divine medicines that have been mixed in are somewhat similar to the divine medicines used to refine the competing divine pellets. If one is not careful, they will be able to recognize their mistakes!" Is this a test of your ability to discern medicinal herbs? " Chen Xiang also felt that it was a little difficult to refine at this time.

After half an hour, finally, someone started to refine pills. This caused many people to focus their gaze on this person, it was an extremely luxuriously dressed old man, the Alchemy God of Six Realms Divine Palace.

The pill furnace used by this old man was also very big. As he refined the pills, he sorted out the divine medicines he had poured out of the vat. He also had to sort out the second type of divine pills that were needed to concoct in the competition.

This way, a great deal of time could be saved, and many of the participating disciples also planned on doing so. It wasn't easy to do this, especially when one was concocting a strange divine pill. If one was distracted and went to pick and choose divine medicines, it was very easy to fail.

Chen Xiang did not do that, because these types of Divine Pills were unfamiliar to him, he had to be careful, since he only needed to succeed in refining two types of Divine Pills in this competition.

"That old man is Xiao Changle's disciple that he just accepted. Although he is very old, his strength is not bad and he is very talented! His talent in pill refining was dug out by Xiao Changle! " Luo Tianjun sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "According to what I know, there are at least five people here who have refined those two divine pellets. This is because the people that the Divine Nations has sent have all come in contact with these five Pill Gods before.

Chen Xiang immediately understood why the old man from the Six Realms Divine Palace would be so fast and nimble. This was the only way to gain the most time.

Chen Xiang changed his strategy. He would first pick out two types of miracle medicines before starting to refine them!

In a short period of time, there were more than twenty people participating in the competition who started fire to concoct pills, but Chen Xiang had yet to begin, and now, an hour had already passed!

Chen Xiang picked out the divine medicine and carefully examined it again. If the divine medicine was wrong, it would be equivalent to failure, so Chen Xiang chose this point very carefully.

"I'll just use this cauldron. It should be sufficient!" Chen Xiang took out a relatively large pill furnace. This pill furnace was very ordinary, he had asked Feng Yujie to prepare these for him.

It was not that Chen Xiang did not want to use a good pill furnace, it was just that he had not found anything satisfactory, so he brought a lot of normal pill furnaces with him.

"There's still an hour left, it should be enough!" Chen Xiang looked at the hourglass and then placed the first batch of God's Pill's medicinal ingredients into the furnace. There was a total of 70 sets.

Chen Xiang was very famous amongst the Inferior Level Pill Gods, especially with his miraculous pill refining skills, it did not follow common sense at all.

According to the pill formulas, there should be a sequence of 70 types of godly medicines, but he threw them all in one go!

What was shocking was not only that, but also that he threw the other sixty sets of ingredients in. Those sixty sets of divine medicines were meant to be used to refine the second kind of Xiaping Dan!

If one pill furnace could concoct two similar divine medicines at the same time, it wouldn't be surprising at all. Even a pill god with a decent level would be able to do so.

But right now, the divine pellets Chen Xiang refined were two different kinds. There was a huge difference between the two types of divine pellets, but he actually threw them into a furnace to refine them, and this was his first time refining one.

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