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"Since he's so incredible, wouldn't it mean that if I bet pills with him in the future, I would definitely win?" Chen Xiang said excitedly.

"Of course not, the main thing is that this pill furnace is too broken, it can let other people's spirit sense in easily, and the ancient runes inside are also coincidentally familiar to me, if it's your Yanlong furnace, if I did anything to it, it would definitely be discovered."

Long Xueyi's words destroyed the wretched idea that Chen Xiang had won all over the world.

Most of the people who dared to place their bets just now had some power and status, but Chen Xiang had also come to join in the fun, and obviously wanted to earn Wang Qiongjin's Spiritual crystal, which was why Wang Qiongjin glared at him.

Chen Xiang was not afraid at all, he had already defeated Wang Qiongjin last time, so he was not afraid of winning a second time.

The pill refining level of these five Dan Immortal s were all pretty good, they were all Dan Immortal s that could refine immortal pills, Chen Xiang felt that even Li Baojun would be a distance away from them, but if Li Baojun grew up in the future, he would definitely not be bad either.

After half a day, someone finally opened the pill furnace and took out two immortal pills. This Dan Immortal was the victor of this competition, because even though there were two Longevity Dans, his speed was much slower.

He had concocted quite a number of Longevity Pills and he was able to control his time very well. It was difficult for him to believe that such a result would occur, and he did not know the reason why. This was because he had performed very well, just like in the past.

The Fire Divine Palace had actually lost, this meant that Wang Qiongjin had lost more than 60 million Spiritual crystal, everyone was gloating in their hearts, some of them were even mocking Wang Qiongjin as a calamity. Many experts heard about her situation in Di Tian, and it was extremely ugly.

When Yu Xuelian saw Chen Xiang's smiling face, she sighed in her heart at his good luck. She said, "I'll accompany you to pick up the Spiritual crystal."

Although Yu Xuelian was only a Demon Lord, she was still a capable subordinate of the Divine Blade Palace Master, so her status was still very high. At this moment, as she was walking on the road, a lot of people were making way for her.

"Give my regards to old Divine Blade for me." Wang Qiongjin said as he gave Yu Xuelian a Storage bag.


Yu Xuelian answered as he brought Chen Xiang up to the third floor. When they went there earlier, Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, because Wang Qiongjin had used his powerful consciousness to carefully check out his strength. Fortunately he had concealed himself well, otherwise, it would have been difficult for him to escape the Immortal Palace.

Wang Qiongjin was on the second floor, but when he arrived at the third floor, the place they were standing a moment ago, he handed the Spiritual crystal over to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang accepted it and expressed his thanks. He was very happy that he could earn such a sum of Spiritual crystal with no effort at all.

But Fire Divine Palace did not participate, as he was obviously here to watch the show. Originally, he thought that he could obtain first place to show off, but who knew that he would lose, and even caused Wang Qiongjin to lose over sixty million Spiritual crystal.

Everyone secretly hoped that this venomous old man whom everyone hated so much would disappear in the future when Wang Qiongjin set his eyes on the White-browed Poison Monarch.

Of course, there were also some people who were grateful to him, otherwise, they wouldn't have earned so many Spiritual crystal.

"Five million Spiritual crystal s a year, and they even gave me some medicinal ingredients." Chen Xiang exclaimed, but that Dan Immortal didn't agree with his conditions.

"Without ten million Spiritual crystal for a year, don't even think about recruiting a second stage Dan Immortal." Yu Xuelian said with envy in his eyes. Although there were a few second grade Alchemist s in Heaven Realm, but compared to the population of the entire Heaven Realm, they were considered to be very few.

Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan were also the same, they were extremely envious of these Dan Immortal's generous treatment.

Chen Xiang wasn't envious, because he was a Alchemist to begin with. Right now, he only lacked the time to grow up, otherwise, he would definitely become a powerful Dan Immortal in the future.

"They are all just lackeys, refining a low-grade Heaven level pill is so slow." Chen Xiang muttered softly, he was qualified to say so, because the speed at which he used the God purification to refine Hunyuan Dan was extremely fast. If he turned himself into an old man, who could refine a furnace of Hunyuan Dan that could emit the light of a pill on the spot, it would definitely cause many people to mistake him as a high level Dan Immortal.

After Yu Xuelian heard it, he said: "This is considered fast, if it was someone who had just become a Dan Immortal, refining it for a longer time, and if I was a person in charge of a force, I would definitely recruit him first."

Yao Shumei nodded his head: "The current ingredients can be quickly grown through great formations, and many of the ingredients are extremely cheap. If there's a friend from the Dan Immortal who bought some for him to refine, then there's no need to use too many Spiritual crystal."

At this time, Yu Xuelian gave Chen Xiang and the others a meaningful glance, then walked towards the stairs.

Yu Xuelian sent a sound transmission to her in his mind: "It's time to start. Right now, many experts from the Sky Region are gathered here. Even if something were to happen at that villa, they won't be able to make it in time."

Chen Xiang was secretly excited, he was going to obtain the Holy Spirit Rabbit soon, although it could not be used for himself, but it was indeed a good thing.

The reason why Yu Xuelian came here, was to see what kind of experts were gathered in the Heavenly Realm.

After returning to the Manor, it was already late at night.

Yu Xuelian and Yao Shumei were the first to move. They entered the secret stone room and lured the Immortal Monarch out, and upon hearing the sounds of fighting, Mu Jialan and Chen Xiang moved.

Chen Xiang never thought that Yu Xuelian and Yao Shumei would clash with the Immortal Monarch. This was not a good thing, because such a situation would very soon attract the strong warriors from the Heaven Realm.

This meant that they had to hurry, otherwise they would be in danger.

Arriving at the place where they had entered the stone room, they saw a courtyard and saw over a dozen beautiful women wearing thin clothes. When Mu Jialan and Chen Xiang arrived, the beautiful women immediately rushed over.

"Go quickly, leave this to me." Mu Jialan's body suddenly released a pink light, two slender sharp swords appeared, she waved both swords, the afterimages of the swords became violent, like stormy waves, she never thought that the kind and gentle she, could actually have such strong sword skills.

Chen Xiang had already entered the tunnel. Originally, it was pitch black, but the moment he entered, it immediately lit up, and then, a woman with loose hair and a cape, who was completely naked stood in front of him. That jade body emitted a moist glow.

This woman was very beautiful, very bewitching. If it was a man with poor self-control, seeing such a beauty sitting in front of him with some very large movements would definitely cause his blood to swell.

However, Chen Xiang was more concerned with this woman's strength, she was actually very strong.

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