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63. Like a beautiful young woman requesting her husband to pamper her!

Humph, if it was any other normal woman it would be fine, but could this Bai Li even considered normal?


Bai Li breathed out a sigh: “Then there’s no other way. If I don’t manage to sleep well and muddle-headedly expose your secret tomorrow, you must forgive me.”

Qi Luoer glared at her furiously.

Clenching her teeth, she steeled her heart!

So what if Bai Li was a lesbian?

Fortunately, she didn’t know any martial arts. If she dared to make a move on her, Qi Luoer would knock all her teeth out!

“Fine, fine, I’ll sleep with you tonight, however, it’s only for this one night. Tomorrow, you must sleep alone!”

Qi Luoer finally compromised.

“Alright, alright.”

Bai Li smiled till her eyes turned into crescent moons. Half lying down with one hand supporting her body, the other hand slantingly pointed at Qi Luoer: “Little Luoer, quickly, come over, I’m about to die from sleepiness…”

Swoon! This position vividly resembled that of a beautiful young woman requesting her husband to pamper her!

The hairs on Qi Luoer’s body all shivered from this stimulus.

This girl, would it kill her to stop being sappy?

But since she had already agreed to it, she couldn’t renege.

Clenching her teeth, Qi Luoer climbed onto the bed, muffledly replying: “Alright! Go to sleep!”

She didn’t want to look at Bai Li’s beautiful wicked face again, for fear that she would involuntarily leave a five finger print there…

“Little Luoer, why is your back facing towards me?”

A pair of warm hands snaked over and embraced her.

Qi Luoer’s body stiffened, clenching her teeth: “Let go!”

“Uu, I feel afraid with your back facing me, I have no other choice but to hug you…”

Bai Li’s aggrieved voice sounded out from behind her. However, a smiling expression flashed within her eyes.

Qi Luoer was so furious she wanted to hit her head against a wall: “Then let go first, I won’t face my back towards you anymore.”

She didn’t know what was going on. During her life in the modern times, Qi Luoer had at times shared a bed with classmates and with pretty older and younger sisters, but she never felt any peculiar feelings.

But at this moment, being hugged by Bai Li, her little face started heating up.

Bai Li finally loosened her hands. Afraid that she would start creating more needless problems, Qi Luoer turned and faced her.

Humph, we’re both women, who’s afraid of who!

Raising her head, she just so happened to make contact with Bai Li’s alluring eyes.

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