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64. Practically Sister Lotus reincarnated!

Humph, we're both women, who's afraid of who!

Raising her head, she just so happened to make contact with Bai Li's alluring eyes.

Being in such close proximity with her, Bai Li's great beauty was even more evident, all the pretty movie stars Qi Luoer could think of added together could not compare to her!

Qi Luoer stared at her in a daze.

This girl was practically Daji reincarnated!

If it was looks you wanted, she had it, if you wanted a large chest, she had it. Her skin was so white and tender it was as if water could be pinched from it.

Why did this girl grow up to be so beautiful?!

It caused her to feel a little inferior.

Qi Luoer felt a bit indignant.

Unfortunately Bai Li started adding fuel to the fire: "Little Luoer, am I pretty or not?"

"Pretty! Extremely pretty! You're practically Sister Lotus reincarnated!" Qi Luoer could not help replying sarcastically.

Bai Li raised her eyebrows: "Sister Lotus? Is she also very pretty?"

"Hehe, that's right, extremely pretty, so pretty it's impossible for her to be prettier. Practically the whole country recognizes her, wouldn't you say she's pretty?"

Qi Luoer almost gritted her teeth as she said that.

Bai Li shuddered, looking suspiciously at Qi Luoer, the corner of her mouth curved: "This —— Little Luoer, why do I feel like you're not praising me but insulting me?"

"You're thinking too much! I'm really praising you!"

Qi Luoer pulled a straight face, her expression couldn't be any more honorable.

Patting Bai Li's head, she yawned: "Alright, there's more training tomorrow, lets sleep!"

Minding her own business, she closed her eyes.

"Little Luoer, you smell very nice."

"….." Qi Luoer ignored her and kept her eyes shut.

Little Luoer, come closer to me, you could fit a person between us, the quilt isn't big enough to cover both of us…"


Qi Luoer continued treating a certain someone as if they didn't exist.

"Little Luoer, your skin isn't bad either, it's so smooth to touch."

A pair of ambitious hands stroked Qi Luoer's arms.


The pair of ambitious hands was caught, and the sound of Qi Luoer gnashing her teeth in anger could be heard: "Bai Li, if you keep touching me indiscriminately, I'll chop your pair of hands off and stew them like pig trotters!"

"Huu, it hurts!" Bai Li softly cried out.

"So it hurts? I'm going to make it hurt so bad it kills you! We'll see if you dare to flirt with this lady again!"

65. Don't fall for this older sister, this sister is just passing through

"Huu, it hurts!" Bai Li softly cried out.

"So it hurts? I'm going to make it hurt so bad it kills you! We'll see if you dare to flirt with this lady again!"

Although the words from Qi Luoer's mouth was fierce, in the end she couldn't bear to really hurt her and released her pair of 'wolf claws'.

"Little Luoer you're so cruel… You grabbed my wrists so hard they turned purple."

Bai Li's exceedingly pretty face was filled with grievance, but a smiling expression flashed within her eyes.

Around her white jade-like wrist, there was indeed a purple bruise that swelled up to about an inch. It was quite shocking to behold.

Qi Luoer had not expected this one grab would produce such results, she felt quite guilty in her heart.

But hearing Bai Li speak as if she was a throwing a tantrum in front of her lover, she couldn't help but shiver.

Staring at her, she snapped back: "Who asked you to touch me as you pleased."

Jumping off the bed, she brought over her knapsack and took out a medicinal ointment and rubbed it on Bai Li's wrists : "Alright, after applying this ointment, the swelling from your bruise will go down by tomorrow."

"Even though Little Luoer's tongue is so sharp, she actually has a soft heart, uu, I keep liking you more and more."

Bai Li's pupils contained laughter, her smile could bring ruin to a country.

Qi Luoer's body shuddered. Waving away the goosebumps on her arm, she coldly replied: "Don't fall for this older sister, this sister is not from here."

For fear that Bai Li would spout out even more terrifying words, she got on the bed and shut her eyes, not speaking another word.

She was just too tired. In a moment, she had fallen asleep.

What she did not know was that the moment she had fallen sound asleep, a white light flashed next to her.

The great beauty Bai Li turned into the great demon lord Yue Wushang.

He pulled Qi Luoer into his bosom, mm, hugging this girl felt really comfortable.

Narrowing his eyes, he breathed out a sigh of satisfaction.

With this girl as his companion, perhaps the days here wouldn't be so boring?

The corner of his thin lips curved, he frivolously laid a kiss on Qi Luoer's lips: "Alright little girl, sleep well."

A dull white light flashed once more, his figure disappeared from the room….

After being tormented by Bai Li for half the night, when she woke up in the morning, Qi Luoer's eyes were ringed by two dark circles.

She glanced weakly at last night's main offender. Bai Li's eyes were lightly closed, her long eyelashes drooped, she slept extremely soundly.

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