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49. This fellow always seems to be taking advantage of her…

Qi Luoer walked faster and faster.

Bai Li kept following behind, chattering non-stop.

She chattered incessantly.

Qi Luoer's head expanded!

"Would you shut up!"

Unable to shake her off, Qi Luoer finally lost control.

She reproduced the sound of a roaring lion at the world.

Bai Li blinked her eyes.

She said with teary eyes:"Fine, fine, I'll shut up, Little Luoer can't ignore me anymore, alright?

I only have you as a friend……"

Only felt that her headache could not get any larger.

This Bai Li was just like a piece of sticky candy that had stuck onto to her.

She really wanted to give her a beating! But looking at her white, jadelike face, she just could not bring herself to slap her.

This feeling of wanting to hit but unable to hit, wanting to shake her off but unable to shake her off, Qi Luoer wanted to go on a rampage.

"You want to follow me, fine! Just be quiet!"

Qi Luoer had no choice but to give in.

Bai Li obediently nodded her head: "Alright, I'll be quiet."

She lazily stretched her waist, hammered her thighs a little, then hugged onto one of Qi Luoer's arms: "Little Luoer, could you support me as I walk, I can't walk anymore…"

Qi Luoer felt goosebumps all over!

She pushed her away like she was swatting a fly: "If you want to follow me, walk by yourself! The path of celestial cultivation is full of hardships, if you continue as you are, you will be eliminated!"

Towards fellow females, Qi Luoer had always been extremely courteous.

But just against this person in front of her, she was unable to see her as a normal female.

This fellow, she couldn't be a lesbian, right?!

Qi Luoer was born in the modern era, so she wasn't against homosexuality, but just because she wasn't against it, didn't mean that she approved of it.

Regarding Bai Li, she could not help but have a weird feeling about her.

This fellow, she could not help but feel Bai Li was always taking advantage of her…

Bai Li looked at her with a grieved expression on her face: "But, Little Luoer, I really can't walk, I sprained my leg."

I don't have a mother nor father and am an orphan, if I were to be eliminated, I would have nowhere to go…"

Qi Luoer was momentarily dazed. An orphan? That was quite pitiful.

"Which leg is sprained? Take off your shoe, let me take a look."

All said and done, Qi Luoer was still originally a soldier in the special forces and was naturally an expert at treating common injuries.

"Take off my shoe?"

Bai Li looked at her with a faint smile and a mischievous glint in her beautiful eyes.

50. Seeing to an injured leg needs her to take responsibility?!

"Take off my shoe?"

Bai Li looked at her with a faint smile and a mischievous glint in her beautiful eyes: "Don't you know that in this time and age, should you wish for a virtuous woman to take her shoe off, it's practically as difficult as asking them to take off their clothes."

Seeing Qi Luoer glare at her, she kind-heartedly explained: "In this time period, if a maiden takes her socks and shoes off in front of a stranger, she can pretty much take everything else off."

Could this line of reasoning be any stranger?!

Qi Luoer stared at her unhappily: "We are both women, what are you afraid of? If you don't take your shoe off, how am I supposed to treat you?"

Bai Li gave a sigh: "Sigh, fine, fine. In any case, I have a pretty good impression of you. Letting you have a look shouldn't be that big a matter.

However, in the future you must take responsibility for me."

Swoon! Just seeing to an injured leg needs her to take responsibility?!

How to take responsibility? Does she have to marry her?


Qi Luoer was so furious she wanted bang her head against the wall: "Forget it, forget it! I don't want to see it anymore! I'm not a lesbian, I can't be responsible for you!"


Bai Li's face was full curiosity: "What does lesbian mean?"

"It means a female homosexual!" Qi Luoer was nearly defeated.

"Oh, that's 'mirror grinding', I understand!"

The expression on Bai Li's face was as if she had seen the light. She nodding her head and seriously said: "Don't worry, I'm not a lesbian either."

"In that case, why do you want me to take responsibility!" Qi Luoer said in a bad mood.

Bai Li smiled mysteriously: "Since I said that, I naturally have my own reasons."

"Reasons? What reasons?" Qin Luoer really did not understand, she faintly had the feeling that she had been roped into an evil plot.

Suddenly, a thought struck her! She blurted out:" You…. You couldn't be a man could you?!"

Bai Li smiled sweetly and said: "I can let you check for yourself."

Without waiting for Qi Luoer to speak, she opened the front of her robe, revealing her towering snow white chest…

She had exquisite curves, so flawless without blemishes that it would make one sigh in admiration!

So perky, so large! So well-rounded!

Qi Luoer could not help but swallow her saliva.

Thinking back to her own, uu, it was smaller by an entire size! There's seriously no justice in the world!

Qi Luoer was depressed, she felt inferior!

51. This isn't peeping…

Qi Luoer was depressed, she felt inferior!

Sigh.. when comparing herself to this large chested bimbo, Qi Luoer's self confidence took a serious hit.

In this time period, there should be no such thing as plastic surgery.

So Bai Li was definitely a woman! A genuine woman!

This was Qi Luoer's only reaction.

However, she had forgotten that the world she had crossed over to was one of immortals and demons.

What one could see was not necessarily always real…

………………………….Scene Change………………………….

Within the Purple Cloud Clan's Hall of Heaven and Earth, this scene had been seen by everyone.

Each and every one of them were flushed red, and had all turned their heads away.

Ling Xuzi flicked his sleeve, ending the live erotica on the stone mirror.

His expression was slightly unnatural.

This…. This Bai Li is definitely a freak! Even though she's timid, there are times where her courage surprises people.

A maiden's most important things were seen by others for no good reason! Did she know even the meaning of the word shame?!


A fifty or so elder cried out while slapping the back of his chair, with a gloomy expression of dismay: "This girl too preposterous, how can she do this sort of thing in front of so many people…."

Yun Hua shot him a glance, indifferently saying: "The two of them are the only people on that road, what's more, she seems to not know that we can see them from here."

This one phrase made that elder choke on the words that he wanted to say, unable to say them.

………………………….Scene Change………………………….

"Little Luoer, have you seen enough?"

At this moment, Bai Li actually did not have the shyness one would expect most maidens had, she'd even proudly stuck her chest out while smiling sweetly Qi Luoer.


Qi Luoer finally regained her senses.

With a red face, she angrily replied: "Who wants to see yours? Quickly put your robe back on, it will be bad if you're seen by others."

Bai Li smilingly replied: "You don't with to see it? Then why are you drooling?"

What? Drooling? This was too embarrassing!

Qi Luoer hurried to wipe it away, however, the aforementioned drool was not there.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Exactly, she wasn't that lame…?

Qi Luoer immediately reacted.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! This wretched Bai Li! She tricked her again!

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