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46. Who's the Celestial Maiden?

They saw her be born in that era, mature, and slowly grow up.

Going to school, joining the army, getting selected to join the special forces, her tough training.

Up to the point that she was discharged and returned home, carrying her knapsack and going on and adventure.

At last, crossing over through a cave….

Qi Luoer's life in the modern era was shown in its entirety on the stone mirror.

As if it were a movie, after a while, the broadcast ended.

To the people sitting in the great all, the objects, people and customs of the modern era were things that they had never seen before.

They looked around at each other, not one of them was able to identify what sort of country that was.

All they knew was that the people there dressed very open-mindedly and large metal monsters ran on the streets.

They didn't expect that Qi Luoer's life experience would be so unusual.

Could she be the celestial maiden?

Then the country she was from should be the Kingdom of Heaven?

Ling Xuzi looked at Yun Hua: "Junior brother, what do you say?"

Yun Hua's eyes contained a trace of astonishment, after muttering to himself for a moment, he said: " Qi Luoer's birthplace is a little strange, but fortunately it isn't the Demon World. It might be a place that none of us are aware of. Since she managed to arrive here, she must have fate with our Purple Cloud Clan. To say that she is the celestial maiden might be premature.

Ling Xuzi nodded his head: "What Junior brother said is reasonable, this child's aptitude is really not bad, if we nurture her properly, with time, she should become a prodigy of our Purple Cloud Clan. Let's take a look at the others."

The stone mirror projected the life experience of all the disciples.

Even though there was a disparity with their backgrounds, there were no strange happenings.

Compared to the people that they had investigated previously, there weren't many differences

Ling Xuzi watched the mirror for a while, then suddenly recalled: "Oh right, what's that Bai Li's life experience like?"

Yun Zhongyue replied: "Reporting to master, Bai Li only arrived this morning, seeing that her spiritual root wasn't bad, the disciples asked her to stay. We didn't manage to investigate her life experience…"

Ling Xuzi faintly knitted his brows: "This child's spiritual root is indeed exceptionally good, it's only that her disposition is too lazy and timid…. Let's look at her life experience first."

With a flick of his sleeve, the image on the stone mirror changed to that of Bai Li's figure.

There was a little village surrounded by enchanting scenery, the customs there seemed exceedingly ordinary.

47. Who's the Celestial Maiden? (2)

There was a little village surrounded by enchanting scenery, the customs there seemed exceedingly ordinary.

The style of dressing was similar to that of the citizens of the state of Tang.

The people here worked in the day and rested at night, it seemed similar to paradise.

As the scene moved closer, a relatively large house could be seen, where countless people were coming and going.

The owner was a scholar with an elegant appearance. At the moment, his face was filled with anxiety as he paced up and down the hall.

In another room, the sound of a woman's groans could be heard, it was apparent that she was in labor.

Following the "Wahh!" sound of a child crying, a streak of red light shot past the horizon.

The skies were suddenly filled with joyous music as countless heavenly flowers fell from the sky, one after another, falling above the bedroom…

The people within the Hall of Heaven and Earth hadn't thought that Bai Li's birth would be this flashy, each and everyone of them focused their eyes.

The faces of the eight great elders were filled with surprise. Hao Yunzhong could bear it no longer: "Celestial maiden! This is definitely the omen of a celestial maiden's birth! Who would've thought she was the celestial maiden!

Ling Xuzi had a somewhat moved expression on his face.

Perhaps, they had actually found the celestial maiden!

Yun Hua however, had a slight frown on his face. He could not help but feel that there was something fishy going on.

He indifferently said: " There are some people who have had omens appear when they were born. This isn't that surprising either, we should leave this decision to a later time. Whoever is able to control the Holy Maiden Ribbon will be the real celestial maiden.

Ling Xuzi nodded his head: "Correct."

After looking at the stone mirror for a while, the stone mirror flashed through scenes of Bai Li's life.

Including a scene where when she was eight, the little village was pillaged by a group of bandits and all the villagers were massacred.

It was only because Bai Li's mother hid her under her body that she narrowly escaped the disaster. From then on, she wandered from place to place….

Ling Xuzi scowled: "She's a child from Cloudgate Village!"

Ling Xuzi knew about the destruction of this village.

At that time he had been travelling in that area. Smelling the stench of blood, he had hurried over.

Unfortunately the villagers had all been killed.

In his anger, he had crippled the arms and legs of all the bandits.

Only, he never thought that there would be a survivor from that little village, and the survivor actually came to the Purple Cloud Clan…

Ling Xuzi breathed out a sigh: "No wonder this Bai Li is so timid, she was actually traumatized by the massacre of her village."

48. Pinching others because she's afraid of pain?!

Only he never thought that there would be a survivor from that little village, and the survivor actually came to the Purple Cloud Clan…

Ling Xuzi breathed out a sigh: "No wonder this Bai Li is so timid, she was actually traumatized by the massacre of her village. Since she wasn't born this way, it can definitely be remedied. If we guide her properly, she will definitely become someone worthy of respect. This Cloudgate Village was situated in the southeastern part of the State of Tang. Along with the omen during her birth, there is a high chance that she is the celestial maiden."

Qi Luoer felt as if her life was a movie that was being fast forwarded. In no time at all, she had grown up…

Following that, she crossed over again!

Opening her eyes, she discovered that she was still on the misty road.

At present, the surging mist had thinned, she could vaguely see a white figure on the ground in front of her.

Bai Li?

Qi Luoer didn't care about anything else anymore. Running over, she helped her up.

Bai Li had a glazed expression on her face, as if she was still dreaming. She looked at Qi Luoer: "You are… Little Luoer?"

Black lines appeared on Qi Luoer's face, she glared at her: "Don't call me Little Luoer, my name is Qi Luoer!"

Bai Li wrinkled her pretty eyebrows: "I feel as if I've just re-lived my entire life…."

Re-lived entire life?

Qi Luoer's heart moved. Could it be that this road allowed a person to re-live all their memories?

As she was pondering this matter, she suddenly felt some pain from her arm.

Her body froze. She pushed Bai Li away: "What are you doing?!"

Bai Li looked at her with a wronged expression on her face: "I wanted to check if this was a dream…"

Qi Luoer was furious: "If you want to check if it's a dream, pinch yourself! Why pinch me?!"

Bai Li flattened her lips, looking wronged: "I'm afraid of pain."

Qi Luoer's mind was thrown into disarray!

She pinched her because she's afraid of pain?! What sort of reasoning is this!

This Bai Li is absolutely a freak!

She couldn't spend anymore time with her, if not, sooner or later she would be angered to death by her!

Qi Luoer threw her down and left with a turn of her head!

"Little Luoer, Little Luoer, are you angry?"

"Little Luoer, don't be angry okay? My heart will ache."

"Little Luoer, I'll admit I was wrong. Next time I will pinch myself, I won't pinch you ever again…"

"Little Luoer…"

"Little Luoer…"

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