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Chapter 31 Miscarry?

Feng Zhiyao watched from afar as Su Muyan walked towards the He Yuan Pavilion, her rosy cherry lips still maintained her faint smile.

Looking up, her eyes fell on him.

He was clad in a gorgeous silver silk robe, and the petals of the begonia flower were slowly falling on his body. They were fragrant as they flew over.

The silk robe was embroidered with a dazzling gold shard. A few gold threads were outlined on the sleeves and the hem of the robe. A gentle breeze blew, and the tassel beneath the robe fluttered in the breeze. He was elegant and noble, a peerless handsome. Ignoring the taut face, he was really a noble and elegant young master.

But reality was cruel.

"Sister Qionger's hand tendons?"

"Did you really break it?"

He looked gentle and noble. His eyes were smiling, but the pupils seemed indifferent. They were as bright and indifferent as a crystalline flower of water, captivating and seemingly untainted by dust. Unfortunately, the smile was did not within his eyes.

At this moment, he seemed to be asking her a question, but already had a conclusion.

"Accidental injury."

Feng Zhiyao elegantly and blandly turned her body towards Su Muyan. The expression on her extremely beautiful face was as calm as still water. "Are you here to charge me guilty?"

"Do you know how important a pair of unblemished hands can be to someone who loves playing the zither?"


"You've ruined Sister Qionger's life!"

Su Muyan's expression changed as he furiously spoke. The smile dissapeared and his lips carried a trace of coldness.

Feng Zhiyao gently nodded, slowly moving forward. The tassel on her waist emitted a slight sound of collision. It was clear and elegant, and her movements emitted a trace of a flirtatious and noble aura.

"It was Feng Zhiqiong who wanted to kill me, and I accidentally injured her hands to protect myself."

"Shouldn't I fight back but wait for your dear sister Qionger to kill me?"

Feng Zhiyao's eyes shifted, her red lips slightly raised. With a frown and a smile, she was gorgeous. Her elegant white clothes brought out a refreshing fragrance, while her black hair fluttered in the wind.

"But you can't just break her hand tendons like that!"

"She's your half sister! "

Su Muyan stared at Feng Zhiyao in front of him. Her expression became serious as he lowered his long eyelashes, unable to conceal the killing intent in his eyes.

"Should I be grateful to have such a sister?"

"I haven't forgotten who's so shameless to took my man away!"

Feng Zhiyao saw Su Muyan's expression without revealing anything. Her red lips slowly formed a faintly discernible arc. He wanted to kill her?

Did he have the ability?

A few days ago, he had scolded her for being shameless. Today, she would settle the score with him!

She met the pair of flaming black eyes. With a light smile, her eyebrows were dyed red as they flowed past.

At this moment, specks of light were dancing around the flower petals of the Begonia Flower. They were dancing on the confident, calm, and elegant face …

It was as if she was a dream or a fantasy. Her beauty was somewhat unreal …

Su Muyan suddenly looked over and his heart trembled!

It was as if someone had suddenly thrown a small stone into the usually quiet lake, sending out circle after circle of ripples.

"Took my man away!"

He felt that this half sentence made him very uncomfortable. Of course, he also didn't like to listen to it!

Therefore, his good-looking sword-shaped eyebrows slightly arched in a straight line.


"Nothing to say?"

Feng Zhiyao was very surprised by his performance. She had already spoken in such an overbearing manner. How could he just stare at her in a daze without saying a word?

No, he must have been possessed, he thought she was beautiful, yes, he must have been possessed.

She had hurt his sister Qionger. How could such a vicious girl match him, Su Muyan?

"Feng Zhiyao, if you break your own tendons, I won't make things difficult for you for now. Otherwise, don't blame me for not giving you face!"

Su Muyan straightened his expression. His eyes were cold like stars, and there was a deep blue lake in the depths of his eyes. His expression was deep and clear, containing a cold and dense anger within it.


Giving face?

This is so funny!

Was she a fool?

Pfft, if someone's tendons need to be broken, it should be his!

What kind of relative was he!

"Su Muyan, you're dreaming!"

Feng Zhiyao scolded with a cold voice, her pretty face suddenly turned dark.

Su Muyan looked deeply at Feng Zhiyao. As soon as she finished speaking, he could feel the icy coldness that emanated from her body. This cold indifference came from her bones.

A white figure ran over from afar and grabbed Su Muyan's sleeve.

"Cousin, kill her for me!"

t's Feng Zhiqiong, who had just heard the news, was rushing over. She fiercely stared at Feng Zhiyao, her venomous eyes as sharp as swords.

"I want her dead!"

"I must make her die!"

Feng Zhiqiong was wearing a white robe. Her hair was disheveled and she looked like a ghost. The smile on her face was sinisterly cold.

Feng Zhiqiong looked at Feng Zhiyao's extremely gloomy face, she felt a little scared for some reason. She remembered that her wrist was agilely held by Feng Zhiyao that day. A trace of panic flashed across her eyes, so she tightly held onto Su Muyan's arm for safety.

"Cousin, help me!"

"Su Muyan, if you really do touch a strand of my hair, then Mighty Heavenly Castle will forever disappear!"

Feng Zhiyao sensed Ye Weiyang emotional fluctuations, who was hidden nearby. Her long eyelashes drooped down, covering her eyes that were as cold as water. She sneered in her heart, "They really are cousins!"

"Cousin, don't listen to that slut's nonsense. Cousin, quickly help me get rid of her …"

At this moment, Feng Zhiqiong was like a berserk female wolf, her eyes were bright red with blood stains.

"How noisy!"

Feng Zhiyao's interest was dashed when she heard this. She gently flicked her slender fingers and sent out a sharp embroidery needle …

Could this stupid woman change her lines? Who could be so cheap as to compete with her!

"Ah …"

"Cousin, it hurts!"

Feng Zhiqiong only felt a hot wetness between her legs as she covered her stomach and cried out in pain. That sticky feeling made her entire body uncomfortable. Soon after, the mottled blood slowly dyed her white dress.

Feng Zhiyao was shocked. No way! Her body is so fragile! Why did her "good sister" bleed so much when she just secretly shot her with an embroidery needle?

Had she miscarried?

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