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At that moment, Benjamin felt as though he could finally breathe easily again.

Although the gigantic barrier had the academy under its protection, he was not sure in what state were the people inside the academy. However, based on what he was seeing, most of them were very safe.

Now, Benjamin did not need to fight the battle alone anymore.

A huge stretch of fireballs was conjured up by the mages of the academy, turning the battlefield into a sea of fire. The soldiers, busy fighting Benjamin who was in the sky, were unprepared to defend themselves; in an instant, a few hundreds of them had perished in the sea of fire.

For a moment, the firearm camp and the archery camp could only turn back to deal with the mages who had rushed out from the academy.

The rain of bullets and arrows coming from the way of the mages from the academy would definitely be unable to be dodged, and they did not seem like they wanted to be. Layer by layer, the shields were stacked up. It was the power and effort of a few hundreds of people, blocking the attack from the soldiers and then using magic to retaliate.

"Director, don’t worry about us! Go for the Queen!" Varys shouted loudly under a magical enchantment, "She still has hostages in her hands!"

Hearing that, Benjamin furrowed his eyebrows.

She had gone so far as to capture hostages… No wonder the Queen could use the transmission wood piece to speak to him.

The hatred that had built up on both sides had come to a point where they would only rest when they die, but if he still wished to save the hostages, then things were going to be even more troublesome.

At the moment, the elemental turbulence had become bigger as time passed, covering an area spanning about a few hundred square meters, like a gigantic bowl that had been put upside down on the ground. The soldiers of Icor were also moving around it. Only the group of mages and the Queen were still stubbornly waiting inside, using the shield to forcefully hold up.

However, Benjamin knew that their chants were almost completed.

Not long after the academy mages had rushed out, there was a deafening sound heard as a fiery blaze rose up suddenly from amidst the elemental turbulence. It was high-level magic performed by tens of people, and the momentum had even broken through the limits of the elemental turbulence, swallowing the entire turbulence in whole.

There was a grave look on Benjamin’s face; he could not help it.

The mages Icor had nurtured all these years… This was definitely not a strategic force they could underestimate.

From the skies, the great blaze, looking like a crimson, abstract painting created by the gods with a wave of His hands, was furling and unfurling on the ground like vines. The elemental turbulence had received a huge disturbance; thousands of water magic had just been frozen into existence, only to be burnt into elements. It was very difficult to threaten the few hundreds of mages inside.

After that, the flames were gathered together, as though a small sun had appeared above everyone’s heads. The light was enough to raise the temperature of the entire small town.

This threat felt like a forbidden spell was about to be cast!

Benjamin was also unaware of it. However, on the next moment, the mages, controlling the "Red Sun" created by the numerous flames, pushed it toward him, who was still in the sky.

Seeing that, Benjamin could only wipe off the string of runes he had come up with just now and draw a new line of runes.

"Elemental Order- Defence."

The runes symbolizing water element, defense and affinity were strung together, creating a new rune sentence. In a moment, Benjamin seemed to have turned into a black hole; the water elements in the skies surged towards him in a craze, creating a pure elemental wall in front of him.

In the blink of an eye, the red sun crashed into the water elemental wall, and a strong magic oscillation rippled out, as though it was turning into a spirit storm. The soldiers and the academy mages who had been battling in the distance could not help but pause temporarily. They turned their heads, looking stunned.

"Good, heavens… The director is taking such a blow alone, by himself?"

Within the academy gates, some students had gathered to witness this scene, subconsciously sighing and speaking as such.

In the past, the mages of Icor had also used a similar technique to attack the academy, but the academy had opened up the gigantic barrier… That was not the work of a single person, and they even had to use the rune theory which their latest research had resulted in before they could defend themselves so effectively.

However, now the director was doing alone what they had only been able to do as a whole academy. Because of that, even though they had seen Benjamin’s capabilities before, they still could not help but tremble in fright.

What was… What kind of a magical level was this?

Under the protection of countless of Icor mages, the Queen could not help but furrow her eyebrows, showing an anxious and doubtful expression.

"Can he really withstand it? This…"

And, before the shocked sights of numerous people, the earthshaking clashes continued on in the air.

The red sun crashed into the elemental shield; hot curls of flames flew out in all directions, and the colorless, shapeless elemental shield began to undergo some changes at this moment.

Ice water, water wall… Benjamin was the nearest to it, and he could clearly see the strange chemical reactions happening to the elements under the high temperature of scorching heat. Water continuously appeared in all its three states, often appearing for not more than a second before turning yet again into elements. Meanwhile, a small part of the fire that made up the sun would also be neutralized.

The power of the red sun was extremely frightening; the elemental shield showed itself to be in a precarious state. However, it was exactly because of the subtle changes inside the shield, like soft cotton, that was diminishing a lot of the collision force from the red sun. And so, the shield amazingly withstood the pressure and did not break.

Seeing this, Benjamin nodded thoughtfully.

Was this the limit of the runes?

It was very obvious that the exquisite changes inside the shield were definitely not something he could have done. It felt as though the elements were doing their best in thinking of a way to proliferate abilities, to complete the commandments that the runes had relayed to them. Truth to be told, this was like… The instinct of the elements?

Furthermore, after the runes took shape, they could form a limitless cycle. The water elements in the surroundings would continuously replenish the shield. As for the red sun, its shape and structure were created by more than ten high-leveled magic; its nature had determined that it was not impossible for it to be sustained.

"... This is troublesome."

Because of that, seeing that the shield in front of Benjamin was unable to be broken, the mages of Icor were somewhat flustered.

This was already the most violent and powerful of what they could perform. In addition, before this, they had exerted a lot of spiritual energy in their relentless attacks on the barrier of the academy. If they could not even break their opponent’s defenses this time, the chances of them being victorious would become extremely slim.

"Ignore it! Continue to attack! We fight for Icor!" The Queen, however, was still full of fighting spirit. She waved her right hand, and shouted in a loud voice, shaking the mages up into a shudder.

The mages came back to their senses and nodded.

At this moment, the red sun was still pushing onward; the flames in the skies were spouting randomly, like a huge fountain square. However, being extinguished by the elemental shield, the size of the red sun had been reduced to half.

Amongst the mages of Icor, some of them were maintaining the red sun; the others had started to chant again, brewing a new round of attack, as though they wanted to join forces, before the destruction of the red sun, to come up with the most powerful, explosive attack.

Seeing this, Benjamin gave a cold harumph.

Did they really think that this was all he was capable of?

Turning his head, he gave the clash between the army and the academy mages a look. The battle there had obviously become white-hot; a few mages had chanted and cast high-leveled magic spells, attacking the army. With a wave of flames, a few hundreds of people were dead. However, the soldiers did not hesitate and continued to rush forwards, wave after wave. Even the ordinary soldiers were holding daggers, attacking the shields that the mages had summoned.

The scales of victory were not yet tipped in any party’s favor, but it was unquestionable that both sides had completely dragged each other down.

This was a good opportunity.

And so, Benjamin took a deep breath, and spat out the simple and unsophisticated syllable, activating the "Descending of Water".

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