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From the moment Benjamin appeared, the mages of Icor gathered around the Queen. They were on high alert, summoning their shields. They were guarding against Benjamin like temple guards.

Even though he had yet to take any action.

The blast earlier was the fruit of the Queen’s careful planning. However, this mage still managed to walk out unscathed. With that said, Benjamin’s level of dangerousness has just risen to a new rank in the hearts of these mages.

Benjamin let out a snicker.

"What’s the panic for? I have not attacked…" His gaze pierced through the shield and landed onto the Queen, "Your Majesty, your welcome seemed a little too grand, no?"

Obviously, the Queen wasn’t the type to back down. She snorted, "Seeing how you put so much effort into sneaking in, I had to prepare some welcoming ceremony. But… If the earlier is already considered grand, then what’s to come is even grander."

The nearby, tightly compact horde of soldiers held their swords tightly. Although this was fearful to Benjamin, he was still in a battle combat stance.

Benjamin wiped away the smile.

"You should know that the few thousand from the mage guild has been lifted by me of that magic potion?" His voice in high volume, "And the few hundred here, they… they still do not know that supposed life linking is a lie and that the real effect is spiritual control?"

The Queen clenched her fists tightly, suppressing the anger due to her loss of control of the mage guild. At the same time, the mages standing beside couldn't help but have their brows in a tight knot.

"… What’s the meaning of this?" A mage asked.

Benjamin smiled, "Isn’t it clear enough? Your Queen has lied to you. She only used the magic potion to control the mind and spirit of those from the mage guild so that you will sell your soul to her."

"So what? We are all willing," These mages didn’t bother about this and one even responded, "Not all of them are as faithful as us to Her Majesty. Is it wrong to use the magic potion to control those mages who are feeble-minded?"

Benjamin raised his brow.

No wonder… These were the supposedly die-hard mages, weren’t they?

He simply could not understand the minds of these mages, was it honor or loyalty? Either way, he couldn’t possibly instigate a rebellion with those mages. With or without the magic potion, these people were willing to die for the queen.

Then, there was only one option laying before him...

Killing them!

Benjamin no longer hesitated. Someone was already up on their turf, did he need to say more? Therefore, a string of characters was drawn within space, aimed at the mages crowded before the Queen.

"Elemental Order — Damage."

Instantly, numerous water elements surged towards them, forming a horrible elemental turbulence. The turbulence first enveloped the top part of the shield and quickly escalate, swallowing the shield together with the mages with it.

The group of mages couldn’t help but have a change of color in their faces.

"What the heck was that?"

Water magic developed from the turbulence and forced onto the shield. In merely a few seconds, the shields were destroyed into pieces, unable to sustain any longer. They hurriedly cast and supplemented a new shield so it wasn’t a complete loss the first round.

However, the endless water magic was like a heavy rainstorm, the spitter-spatter hitting against their summoned shields. Watching this, the mages were on pins and needles.

One person was enough to suppress a few hundreds of them. Just how terrifying was this young man?

Regardless, they had to calm down. They were, after all, chosen from hundreds of mages. None of them could be looked down upon. Therefore, after a momentary fluster, they maintained the shield while starting their chants on an advanced-level magic.

The elemental turbulence that encircled them was blocked by a continuously summoned shield. They would be unharmed at least for a period of time.

Benjamin frowned at the sight.

This was not an easily manageable bunch. Even with the skills, he was equipped with now, taking out the Queen from a troop of a thousand wouldn’t be that simple.

Then, should he start with the "Descending of Water"? However, it seemed that now… was not the golden opportunity for it.

It was quite certain that the many soldiers at the outer encirclement wouldn’t be at ease, too.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gunshots were heard one after another. Benjamin couldn’t waste a split second and, using the ice spells, created a shell to block off the incoming firepower.

On closer inspection, the firing mercenaries that the Queen brought over comprised quite a fascinating number.

At a scale of at least a few hundred, they fired uniformly at the floating Benjamin. It did create a hassle for him. He could sense that these bullets were blessed with magic. A large amount of them could even penetrate his ice shell.

Hence, he quickly ruled out taking it with brute force and instead maneuvered around midair, dodging most of the attacks from the firing department.

He was clear that the soldiers here were plentiful. If he were to activate the "Descending of Water", then the queen may have people lining up to block him. He wasn’t sure if he could eliminate all in the span of ten minutes.

Truth to be told, the remaining general soldiers that weren’t the best firing squad had already gathered together, assuming a position of human shields. Therefore, Benjamin wasn’t prepared to pull out the big guns.

Rows after rows of ice arrows were crystallized. As he dodged the soldier’s attacks, he countered with ice arrows. The soldiers raised their shield to defend but obviously common metal build shields weren’t of much use.

It wasn’t long until there were deaths within the soldiers.

"… Those from the shields division, please use shields that are supplemented with magic and protect the firearm division! Where’s archer division? What’s the dilly-dally? I say attack already!"

Hiding under the protection of the mages, the Queen was busy herself. She was barking orders like a roaring lioness. With the blessing of magic, her voice was so obnoxiously loud that the background sounds of the battlefield were completely suppressed. It even pierced through Benjamin’s eardrums that they were ringing.

These soldiers listened to the orders and swiftly organized themselves, preventing more deaths from Benjamin’s counter-attacks.

The archers soon arrived. Similar to the firearm division, their arrows were common, while some were blessed by magic. A few thousands of them were fired at the same time. The entire scene was frightful as the coverage area gave Benjamin little to no room to dodge.

Therefore, Benjamin had no choice but to rise up close to a hundred meters to avoid being skinned alive.

"How troublesome…"

From previous battle experience, he had never thought of general soldiers to be of any threat. They were, at most, human shields that wasted his Spiritual Energy. But now, these human shields were becoming a threat to him.

He has to reconsider the delicate role of mages in war.

Waves of magic oscillation disseminated from below. It seemed that the elemental turbulence could not surpass the defense of the mages. Their first round of chanting the advanced-level magic was almost over.

Benjamin felt he was in a pinch.

One over ten thousand. It didn’t seem like that easy at all…

Do I have no choice but to use "Descending of Water"?

However, it was at this movement when he suddenly sensed a magic oscillation coming from another direction. Benjamin turned and saw defense barrier had unknowingly disappeared, and a lot of mages had emerged from the academy, positioned nearby the entrance.

"Director Benjamin, we are here to help you!"

All of them were excited, chanting together at the attacking troops of Icor.

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