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Chapter 819 - Challenge the Sword Master

Oya was tired.

This month, she was really tired.

Every day, she would be in a state where she could break her scalp, and then, she would be constantly cultivating the Insight into Sword Skill and the mysterious footwork that her father had taught her.

After superimposing the Insight into Sword Skill, she would be able to have a breakthrough and would be trapped in a sword dao maze without being able to leave.

She didn't like this kind of situation.

Since she was troubled by a problem, it also made her unable to progress in her steps. Since she couldn't find a way out, she could only train with all her might.

For the rest of the day, she did not have much time to rest. She could only soak in the medicinal bath in the afternoon, allowing her body to quickly recover. She also fell into a deep slumber. This was the only time she rested during the day.

It was also because of this that she slept soundly. She did not hear Long Fei yell at all, but it was just that … She sensed a trace of the opposite sex.

At first, when he thought that wang qingshan was looking for her, he was enraged and wanted to say something, but when he realised that the person in the door was not wang qingshan, he became even more furious.

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The water splashed like swords towards Xiang Longfei.

Water splashed on the door frame and Long Fei instantly retreated backwards.

whoosh whoosh … *

Ao Ya also grabbed a few seconds time and flew up from the bath barrel. She didn't have time to grab the clothes properly and rolled her body, covering the most important part of her body.

Following that …


"Weng …"

The sword intent on his body suddenly exploded as his sword thrust out. "Pervert, give me your life."

Indeed, Ao Ya would not take her disciple's life as a joke.

But... If he took a bath and got peeked at, then it would be a different story.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A powerful sword intent rushed towards Xiang Longfei, causing Long Fei's idea to shiver. The sword intent of the infinite sword was also angered, and immediately combusted, directly colliding with it.

The clash between the Sword Sage and the Heavenly Sword Goddess?

Sword intent versus sword intent!

Boom, boom, boom!

Explosions continuously sounded in the air as sword intent clashed. The two sword intents were equally matched, and Long Fei's sword intent was even slightly stronger.

However …

Long Fei was at a disadvantage in terms of cultivation. His cultivation was only at the ninth level of the Wild Immortal Realm, while Ao Ya was already in the Blood Immortal Realm.

Therefore, even if the sword intent had the advantage, Long Fei was still forced to retreat by the cultivation that Ao Ya had released.


The door was punctured and split into pieces. A thin, round sword thrust out.

It locked onto the space between Long Fei's eyebrows.

Long Fei was shocked, "You want my life?"

His heart exploded, "Level 5 Unparalleled! Open!"

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At the same time, he released the ethereal footwork, causing his body to look like an illusion. He moved erratically and cleverly to avoid Ao Ya's sword.

He landed in the middle of the yard.

Ao Ya was startled. Seeing the familiar pace that Long Fei displayed, her heart sank. "Who are you black man?"

Long Fei stabilized his body and said again and again: "Erm, I'm not a black man."

"I was brought here by someone."

Ao Ya glared at him and said, "You still dare to quibble? Not only did you peek at me taking a bath, you also peeked at me practicing my sword moves. If you don't explain yourself today, I want you to lie here."

With that, Ao Ya rushed forward once again, her sword moves becoming even more powerful.

She had a fiery temper. She would strike at the slightest disagreement.

not giving Long Fei the chance to explain at all.

Long Fei used the ingenuity of the ethereal footwork to dodge another strike, and said. "Ao Ya, I really didn't see anything just now."

Ao Ya stared at Long Fei and said: "Can't you see? "Then is my chest big?"

Long Fei didn't have any hesitation to think, and directly replied.

"How preposterous!"

"Then you actually said you didn't see it?" Ao Ya was even more angry, the sword in her hand began to change constantly, her steps also started to use the ethereal footwork.

Long Fei was startled, then said: "All of the students of the god emperor academy know that you have a big chest, could it be that your chest is small?"


"You actually said I have a small chest?" Ao Ya said angrily.

Long Fei was truly speechless.

What kind of animal are women?

Big chest wanted to hit him, but small chest also wanted to hit him!

Ao Ya continued to attack, her moves were stronger than her previous one. Moreover, the powerful sword intent was surging from all directions, causing the defending Long Fei to be unable to withstand it.

However …

Ao Ya didn't use a single realm to crush him.

She did not like using her cultivation level to crush others. What she liked was using her sword intent to crush others.

Long Fei was very angry.

Long Fei landed in the same place and said: "Don't force me, don't think that I wouldn't dare to retaliate just because you're a teacher. Let me explain once more, I didn't see anything just now, and as for your footwork, I've only learned it for an hour."

Long Fei said truthfully.

Of course.

The front was a bit fake, but he did see something he shouldn't have seen.

As for the ethereal footwork, he had really only learned it for an hour.

Ao Ya was startled, "An hour? I think you must have been using your steps for at least a few years, but you only talked about it for an hour? "

"Kid, you don't blush just because you look so much more black and lying."

"You still want to backstab?"

Ao Ya's eyes were filled with anger as she said, "You are at the ninth level of the Crazy Immortal Realm, so I will suppress my cultivation to the ninth level of the Crazy Immortal Realm. Now, go back and beat me if you can, I won't pursue what happened today, but if you can't beat me, hehe …" Then tell me everything. "

She would cultivate the footwork her father had just taught her every day, and it would take her at least a few years to reach the level Long Fei had just released.

An hour?

Even a super genius wouldn't be able to do it.

Furthermore, this was a set of sword stance steps. Only when paired with a sword move could it unleash a strong power. No one could grasp this set of step steps within an hour.

No one!

Long Fei looked at Ao Ya seriously and said, "Is this really necessary?"

Oya said, "Why? Are you scared? It's fine if you're scared, but explain to me about you secretly learning my footwork. Who actually sent you here? "

A student would definitely not dare to do such a thing, someone must be instigating him from behind the scenes.

Long Fei said: "I'm not afraid, I'm only afraid of breaking your big fart."


"You are courting death."

Long Fei walked to the Plum Tree and tore off a plum branch. The branch moved, pointed at Ao Ya, and said slightly: "Then come, let's see how I'll open your big fart."

"Don't cry out in pain when the time comes."

Long Fei was annoyed.

Since he couldn't explain it, he would just use force to crush him.

A powerful woman like Oya was useless using any other means. She could only use brute force to ruthlessly crush her. Riding on top of her body and beating her ass. Let's see if she still dared to act arrogantly.


Long Fei's aura moved, and the sword intent of the infinite sword combusted.

However …

His moves were exactly the same as Ao Ya's.

Oya was infuriated. "Not only did you secretly learn to walk, you also secretly learned my sword moves. If that's the case, you won't be able to leave today!"

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