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Chapter 92: This is my territory (2)

"Good. Eat all you like," Dohyuk declared.

Ilhu was puzzled, but he soon smiled viciously. So he had given up now. Ilhu was focused on sucking every bit of blood out of him. His tongue twisted inside Dohyuk's body, but there was something other than sweetness of blood that he tasted through his tongue.


A voice came with the heat.


With the voice of an excited girl, Ilhu saw a figure pop up behind Dohyuk. Ilhu knew the figure - it was the Goddess of Fire, the one Ilhu had to avoid. With a jolt, Ilhu began thinking, but he couldn't do it for too long. The pain burning flesh soon struck him.


Flames engulfed Dohyuk's body. Ilhu couldn't taste anything with his tongue other than the pain from his tongue burning. Ilhu let go of Dohyuk with his hand.

"You made a mistake," Dohyuk said before attacking with his knee. "You should've killed me."

A knee covered in flames kicked Ilhu's chin. The chin slammed up and cut his burnt tongue. It then dropped to the ground and Ilhu swung his arm at Dohyuk. However, Dohyuk had already taken a few steps back to get out of his range. In addition, Ilhu's face was now burning and thus his sense of heat and smell were crippled. He could only hear the sounds through his ears as he heard Dohyuk jumping up.

Ilhu swung his claw in the direction, and Dohyuk kicked with his leg covered in flames.



Casita's stats popped up first and then-

Dohyuk's followed.

His kick smashed Ilhu's face, barely avoiding Ilhu's hands. The man's body was now fully engulfed in flames.

And now, there was nothing else for Dohyuk to do.


His sharp claw ravaged his own body. Was it trying to put out the fire? Or at least try to alleviate his pain? Whatever it was, it was too late.


His knees buckled and he slumped to the ground. Soon, his stomach and face hit the ground and he flinched constantly. It seemed he was too strong to die so quickly.


And at the last moment, he spoke in a human-like voice.

Ilhu's body no longer moved. After it ran out of fuel, the flames were also put out. Dohyuk also slumped down on the ground.


He had a giant hole in his chest from the tongue attack and lost a lot of blood. He then felt coldness touching his neck and looked up. Blass was looking down at him.


One of his arms had turned into a blade and was now touching Dohyuk's neck.

"…What are you?"

Blass also knew what the flame was. He knew what the figure that popped out from Dohyuk was. He knew it was the power borrowed from a god. Yet, he also knew Dohyuk was not a follower of any god.


"You should choose your words carefully," Blass threatened, seemingly confused. Dohyuk was calm as he tried to speak. If only they had more time.

There was a sudden explosion and Blass gritted his teeth. He couldn't see outside of the labyrinth but he knew what was happening to the outer wall.

"Dammit!" he shouted, and in the next moment, light began to seep into the hall.

Dohyuk, who was still calm, became pale. He was sickened by the unbearable sight that appeared before him. There were corpses upon corpses, all of which were probably killed by Ilhu. However, he only feasted on half of his people. The other half he used to create the 'door'.

Human bodies were stuck together to form a five-meter structure. They were all dead bodies, but the structure itself was squirming as if it were a living being as it blood oozed from all parts of the frame. The purpose of the door was clear.

Inside the square box was a distortion of space. And at that moment, Dohyuk saw one come out from the box.

It was a vampiric being. It looked exactly like Ilhu, but its skin color showed that its transformation happened a long time ago. Or… maybe it was born like that.

"Sick insects… Too many of them."

As Blass said, there were now hundreds of these beings coming out the door. It seemed they had moved out through the door while Ilhu and Dohyuk were fighting and attacked the labyrinth.

Vehume's target wasn't Dohyuk. It was Blass. He wanted to finish his old nemesis who was hiding under his region once and for all.

The blade that was pushed against Dohyuk's neck was withdrawn.

"This might be a good way to end everything. It might be better than living a life without a promise…" Blass said. Dohyuk felt a sense of helplessness and fatigue from his voice. Blass braced himself - he had perfected his skill to kill Vehume from the beginning, although it was probably not enough to fight against countless vampiric creatures crawling through the door.


He spoke to the children of Vehume. But then-

"I will kill all of you…"

"I'm disappointed. I thought you had a way to win. Or even if you didn't have any, I expected you to get out of this mess somehow." Dohyuk spoke as he rose up, "Weren't you going to teach me your ways?"

"What…? You have better ways than this?"

"Of course."

"Then get out of here and keep your puny life," Blass retorted. He thought Dohyuk's way was to beg the god.

"Go on - unless you want me to chop your head off myself. Call your master and…"

"I don't have one," he said as he flinched from the pain.

"A master? I won't allow anyone to become my master."

After taking a few steps, Dohyuk arrived at Ilhu's body. He then spoke to Blass.

"Guard me."


Dohyuk put his hand into Ilhu's chest. At that moment, the vampiric creatures who were just circling around them charged instantly at Dohyuk. Blass quickly moved instinctively. As he slashed away the first wave of attack, he heard a voice.

"Good job."

Blass then turned to the back and saw Dohyuk standing again. In his hand, there was a blood-red gem that squirmed as if it was alive.

The outcome of Dohyuk's power was to seek the Godly Item. It was the item that was given to Ilhu so he could transform instantly. Dohyuk was now holding onto Vehume's godly power. Ilhu had satisfied the two conditions that a god needed to fulfill in order to take over another god's region - so the Unbreakable God looked up to the vampiric creatures and the Vampire God who would be watching him.

There was only one phrase he needed to say.

"Get lost."

And it happened.

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