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Chapter 943 – The Young Man from the Demon Race

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Madam Mu's gaze glanced over the giant figures of the demi-human generals.

"I understand what all of you are thinking. Luoheng is my daughter by blood. If she can succeed to the throne, why should I or His Majesty be so concerned? In the end, rumors are just rumors, whether they are a few days old or a few years old. No matter how overflowing with talent His Holiness the Pope is, he was still just a teenager back then. Did you really think that he could resolve the problem that our race had not been able to solve for tens of thousands of years? It was just a trick played by the Human race."

These words were extremely reasonable and very persuasive.

The elders, generals, and ministers in the hall recalled how Princess Luoluo remained as gentle and weak as when she was little, not even reaching the fourth revolution of the divine body. She was truly different from the White Emperor in that same period, so they could only presume that the problem of her meridians had not been resolved. Thus, they could not help but ruefully sigh.

The Chief Elder was unconvinced. "I want to see His Majesty."

Madam Mu stared into his eyes and said, "You know that His Majesty is still recovering from his wounds."

The Chief Elder replied, "I know, but the succession of the Demi-human race is a major event, so His Majesty should be able to forgive me for disturbing him."

Madam Mu thought for a moment, then said, "If His Majesty is willing to see you, then you naturally may."

After two hours, the Chief Elder returned to the palace hall. The oil candles protruding from the stone walls flickered, despite the lack of wind.

Countless gazes fell on the Chief Elder's body, wanting to know if he had met the White Emperor and what the White Emperor had said.

The Chief Elder shook his head. "I was not able to meet His Majesty."

The elders, generals, and ministers sighed in regret.

"But I could feel His Majesty's will, so I will no longer oppose this matter."

The Chief Elder turned to Madam Mu and added, "But this matter must be carried out in accordance with the succession rules my Demi-human race has followed for countless years. Even if Her Highness must be married, it cannot be a private proposal. The groom must be chosen by the Wildfire of the Celestial Trees, obeying the will of the ancestral spirits and gods."

The hall began to murmur with discussion once more, but this had always been a part of the rumor, so no one was too shocked.

Madam Mu replied, "Your meaning is to formally hold the Heavenly Selection ceremony?"

"Correct." The Chief Elder's hand once more fell on his axe as he stated, "Or else we will still revolt."

Madam Mu stared into his eyes. "Everything is to be carried out according to the rules of the race, without a single error. Do you dare consent?"

The Chief Elder replied, "Empress has received the respect of all the subjects of our race for several centuries. I am old and only hope that everything can be as it was in the past."

After so saying, he walked out of the hall, his mountainous body casting a giant shadow on the floorboards.

The majority of the clan elders and about half of the ministers and generals bowed to Madam Mu and followed the Chief Elder out.

Madam Mu fell quiet for a few moments, then waved her sleeve, ordering those subjects loyal to her to leave as well.

The great hall fell quiet once more, she being the only person within.

The oil candles gave off light, but also a faint charred smell. Moreover, the blowing wind caused the lights to flicker uneasily.

Even after centuries, she was still not used to this. She still missed the warmth and light of the Mermaid Pearls in the Great Western Continent's Imperial Palace.

The stone walls were clearly lit. They appeared to have been grinded down until they were completely smooth, but with her eyes, she could naturally see the undulations on their surfaces.

Such crude stone—how could it have the right to enter the Imperial Palace? When she was Princess of the Great Western Continent, she would never have imagined such a thing.

Yes, she had lived in White Emperor City for many years, but there were still some things that she found impossible to get used to.

Like those matters mentioned just now, or like those conversations that had taken place just now.

In the Great Western Continent or the capital of the Human race, the Chief Elder taking such a stance would have already been met with an execution.

But this was White Emperor City. For countless years, this was how the demi-humans living here had passed their lives, their discussions very straightforward, very savage.

Truly a bunch of uncivilized beasts.

She found it impossible to get used to, and it was also impossible for her to change all of it. She was only Empress, not White Emperor.

She stood in the center of the vast hall, quietly thinking for a very long time.

A wind came from the distant Western Sea, howling amidst the mountains.

The many fish in a segreen lake behind the mountains died.

An indifferent smile appeared on her face. It was filled with love, like a mother seeing her child.

She had always been the mother of all demi-humans.

The shadows flickered as a young man walked in.

This young man was very handsome and tall, carrying himself with an elegant demeanor.

He was the Second Prince of the Great Western Continent.

Madam Mu pityingly said, "You came this time for nothing. I have truly troubled you."

The Second Prince smiled. "What does a little rain or wind matter for the sake of Cousin's happiness? And besides, it's been many years since I last saw the two shores of the Red River, and I rather missed them."

Madam Mu said, "After the Heavenly Selection begins, enter the Celestial Tree and comprehend the Wildfire. It will greatly assist you in your cultivation."

"It's rare for me to make a visit, so I naturally have to gain some profit, but… just who has Aunt chosen to be Cousin's husband?"

The Second Prince curiously asked, "Aunt is so sure that he will be chosen by the ancestral spirits?"

Madam Mu replied, "I have only arranged for him to be baptised by the Wildfire in the Celestial Tree. As for whether the Demi-human race's ancestral spirits will choose him, he will have to rely on his own capabilities."

The Second Prince thought for a while, then asked, "Is it Xiaode?"

Madam Mu patted him on the arm. "Don't think about it too much. Chat with your younger aunt a little. Her mood recently has been very poor."

The Second Prince coldly laughed. "If I didn't know that Chen Changsheng won't be coming, I would definitely have to exchange a few blows with him."

The day that the Great Western Continent's diplomatic mission arrived at White Emperor City…

Was also the second day after Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi arrived at White Emperor City…

And was also the third day after the internal discord of South Stream Temple…

And was also the day before the Heavenly Selection ceremony was to take place.

At that time, Chen Changsheng was still at Mount Li. He had still not received the letter delivered from the capital by Red Goose, nor had he obtained his master Shang Xingzhou's personal letter from the Prince of Louyang.

Neither the Imperial Court nor the Orthodoxy had received any news from White Emperor City. As for Shang Xingzhou, who knew so well the secrets of the heavens, his gaze was still aimed at the north, at Xuelao City.

No one knew that many days ago, one person left Xuelao City, reaching White Emperor City the same day as the Great Western Continent's diplomatic mission.

This young man easily passed through the inspection of the guards and took as his residence a courtyard in the eastern part of the city.

This courtyard had stood for many years. It was very ordinary, but also very large. Its floor was covered with yellow sand, giving it the appearance of a desert.

A few bloodstains could be seen on the sand. They glistened like they had been mixed with bits of gold, though they had long since ceased to give off any scent.

Deep within the sand was a tree.

This tree was not very large and its canopy was by no means lush. However, it cast a massive shadow against the ground, letting not a spot of light through. It was so gloomy that it seemed like true darkness.

The young man stood beneath the tree.

Although the shadows were thick, one could clearly see that there were no demon horns on his head, explaining how he had been able to enter the city so easily.

"This is the last foothold my Divine race has in White Emperor City? Green blood and yellow sands—it's a little interesting."

The young man held his hands behind his back as he curiously surveyed his surroundings, but it was hard to say who he was talking to.

"If the White Emperor is not truly sleeping, then this is too dangerous. Quickly leave, Military Advisor."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The wind gently rustled the tree leaves, causing the shadows to shake in unease. It was like a sleeve, and also like someone was speaking.

In the courtyard of yellow sand, only the young man remained, his hands held behind his back.

He raised his head up to the sky.

The winter sun shone upon his face.

His face was rather pale and unhealthy-looking.

He narrowed his eyes.

Holding one's hands behind one's back, looking up to the sky, and narrowing one's eyes… it seemed like many important people in the world liked to do such things.

Yes, the young man from Xuelao City was a truly important personage.

He was the one that Chen Changsheng had met in the snowy mountains: the young Demon Lord.

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