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Chapter 917 – Where Can the Rushing Blood Settle?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The grand ceremony to close South Stream Temple had come to nothing, but the events that had taken place in it had shaken the entire continent.

The battle between experts of the Divine Domain, the revealing of the Great Western Continent's scheme, and the death of the blue-clothed visitor were hotly discussed topics for the time being.

Holy Maiden Xu Yourong's breaking out of seclusion and then joining with Pope Chen Changsheng to successfully contend against an expert of the Divine Domain drew even more discussion and respect.

The Tang clan, the Qiushan clan, the Mutuo clan, and the Wu clan—all of the Four Great Clans had become extremely subdued, a matter which was inseparably linked to Tang Thirty-Six.

The latest news from the Longevity Sect was a formal apology to the Tang clan, and they had sent an elder to the Tang clan's chief branch to cure the First Master.

But Chusu had vanished.

It was obvious to everyone that the ever-waning Longevity Sect could no longer control this monster.

The Great Zhou Imperial Court remained powerful and Shang Xingzhou remained firmly seated on the world's highest seat.

According to their agreement, Pope Chen Changsheng still could not return to the capital, only travel the world. No one knew when this arrangement would be broken.

But anyone could see that the overarching situation in the world was like the starry sky after a rain, subtly transforming.

After eating the Fish with Tofu, Chen Changsheng had no plans to lengthen his stay. In the early morning of the next day, he led Tang Thirty-Six and the others out of Holy Maiden Peak.

As for what he and Holy Maiden Xu Yourong had talked about and done in South Stream Temple on that night, there was naturally nobody that knew.

On the upper reaches of the Tong River, the mountains and forests, whether under the sun or in the clouds, all had their distinctive types of beauty.

Spirit Camphor Mountain, the mountain upon which Gentle Stream Monastery was built, had many fragrant camphor trees, and the lush green canopy was very pleasing to the eye.

As one walked through Spirit Camphor Mountain, after around ten-some li, one would reach a cliff. Beyond this cliff was a sea of clouds, making it difficult to see the bottom. Beyond this gap, one could faintly make out a solitary peak, and spanning the gap was a chain that swayed in the wind. Just looking at it made one's heart beat in fear, let alone walking on it.

"What's the name of the mountain?" Tang Thirty-Six asked, pointing across.

Ye Xiaolian had been the one to send them here, so she explained, "This peak is called Incomparable Peak and it is the easternmost of Mount Li's thirty-six mountains. In the past, Senior Brother Qiushan would often practice the sword on this mountain. Occasionally, when the clouds cleared up and the light was good, you could stand here and get a clear view."

Tang Thirty-Six heard the emotion in her voice and teased, "You saw it when you were little and fell in love with Qiushan Jun at first sight?"

Quite a few years ago, on the Divine Avenue of the Li Palace, he and Ye Xiaolian had engaged in an infamous quarrel, so he was naturally aware of the affection she had.

Ye Xiaolian had long since ceased to be that girl from the Divine Avenue and was not at all annoyed by his question. She calmly replied, "So what?"

Tang Thirty-Six got closer to her and whispered, "If I might so boldly ask, who do you like now?"

Ye Xiaolian noticed the nigh imperceptible glance from Chen Changsheng and smiled. "I love the temple master most."

Tang Thirty-Six found this answer quite boring. "Women are truly fickle."

Listening on the side, Zhexiu found this conversation rather boring. He walked to the edge of the cliff, finding the chain swaying in the wind rather interesting.

The solitary peak before them loomed out of the clouds.

Chen Changsheng was looking in its direction, but his mind was somewhere else.

Hu Thirty-Two knew what he was worried about and whispered, "There's still been no news from White Emperor City."

Chen Changsheng asked, "Even if Zhizhi can't be found, why is it that no one can get in touch with Guardian Jin?"

Hu Thirty-Two explained, "The abruptness of this matter meant that many details were left out of the report, but this subordinate remembers from a report he saw two years ago that Guardian Jin has been demoted again. At present, he has returned to farming on the outskirts of White Emperor City. Even if we manage to get in touch with him, he might not be able to resolve this problem."

Chen Changsheng said nothing.

After the night in the snowy mountains, he spent a period of time recovering from his injuries at Sloping Cliff Horse Farm. At that time, he had already reestablished communication with Zhizhi.

While he went from the Mount Song Army headquarters to Wenshui City, Zhizhi went by herself to White Emperor City, eighty thousand li away.

The Orthodoxy and the Imperial Court were fighting for the world. In order to fight his master Shang Xingzhou, he first had to consider each of their external allies.

His choices to visit the Wenshui Tangs, Holy Maiden Peak, and his next destination were all made with this thought in mind.

Zhizhi also had a most important role to play in this matter.

To the Orthodoxy and the Imperial Court, who was the most important external ally?

It was not the Four Great Clans led by the Tang clan, the sects of the south, or Holy Maiden Peak. It was the Demi-human race.

From a certain perspective, the stance of White Emperor City could decide many things.

Madam Mu's stance was already extremely clear. He could only hope that Zhizhi, with her tribe's deep-rooted relationship with White Emperor City, could stall Madam Mu for a while.

Logically speaking, even if Madam Mu was a participant in the Great Western Continent's scheme and stood on Shang Xingzhou's side, Zhizhi was safe in White Emperor City.

But he was now feeling an inexplicable unease.

Perhaps it was because the soul connection he and Zhizhi shared had been severed.

Perhaps it was because the Orthodoxy's people could not get in touch with Jin Yulu.

Or perhaps it was because it had been many years since he had heard any news of that fellow.

Just where have you been these past few years? What have you been doing?

Tang Thirty-Six walked up to him and soothed, "There's no need to worry. That bear cub has a thick skin, so he'll be okay. The worst he'll suffer is a little pain."

Zhexiu recalled that bear cub that would slam into trees with his back every day and hide away food, and, in a rare sight, the hard lines on his face somewhat softened.

Tang Thirty-Six asked, "Where are we going next?"

Chen Changsheng pointed across and said, "Mount Li."

The solitary mountain in the clouds was Mount Li.

On the northernmost tip of the Luomei Mountains, adjacent to the most fertile fields of the human world, were thirty-six mountains, a sharp sword aimed at the north.

Those mountains were Mount Li.

Tang Thirty-Six turned slightly apprehensive. "We're really going? We don't have the time right now."

Chen Changsheng glanced at Zhexiu and thought, there truly isn't much time.

Suddenly, a quaking could be felt on the edge of the cliff.

This was an intense quake. The clouds beyond the cliff jolted into threads that slowly dispersed.

The chain became much clearer to see, even the rust on its surface becoming visible.

Another quake soon followed. Dust jolted off the ground and began to slowly drift in the air.

Where were these quakes coming from?

Tang Thirty-Six's expression turned grave.

Chen Changsheng was somewhat nervous.

They were all looking at Zhexiu.

The quakes came from Zhexiu's body.

It was like a tide, like thunder.

Zhexiu's complexion was abnormally pale, like he had just been severely wounded.

There were clearly problems in White Emperor City, but Chen Changsheng still wanted to go to Mount Li. This decision had not been made on a sudden impulse.

It was because Zhexiu's Tide Rush of Blood was bursting out more frequently, his illness getting worse and worse.

"There's no need to be worried. I can still survive for ten days to half a month."

Zhexiu had made an extremely rare joke.

But no one was laughing.

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