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Chapter 905 – Between the Divine

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The blue-clothed visitor had been forced back because he had made a miscalculation.

Wuqiong Bi really could block the metal blade for at least three seconds.

The problem was that when Bie Yanghong began to attack him with an unprecedentedly fearless stance, Wuqiong Bi, as his wife, naturally reacted.

Afterward, whether she understood Bie Yanghong's actions or was still confused and shocked, it was only naturally that her actions be sluggish.

Ultimately, the blade did not need three seconds to snap the threads of her horsetail whisk and tear through her sleeve.

Thus, just when the blue-clothed visitor felt that he had finally escaped, he saw a metal blade coming at him through the sky.

A roar brimming with anger and reluctance resounded through the sky and descended upon the mountains.

What followed was the howling of the air.

A straight line fell from the sky into a cliff, and one could faintly make out two figures at its front.

Boom! Dust plumed up from the cliff, and a hole appeared.

The entire mountain slightly quaked. After a few seconds, one part of the plateau at the summit suddenly began to bulge, and then burst apart, spraying dust everywhere.

Two figures shot out of the dust and crashed into the ground.

The pair had fallen from the sky and plunged into the cliff at a downward angle, yet they had emerged from the summit, essentially boring through the entire mountain!

As the dust slightly settled, the figures became more distinct. The blue-clothed visitor was kneeling, his hands closed around a pitch-black metal blade.

The man wielding this blade was naturally Wang Po.

He did not turn around, and from his back, one could see steep mountains and rivers.

Bie Yanghong had already returned to the plateau. Dust billowed as his fist thundered towards the blue-clothed visitor.

Following this fist was still the little red flower.

The flower was missing a petal and appeared slightly lacking, yet it still possessed a terrifying might.

The blue-clothed visitor flipped his hands, holding the halberd horizontally to block the blade. Meanwhile, he stamped his foot, sending out a plume of dust to meet the flower.

The flower bloomed once more, a picture of delicacy and charm as it howled through the air.

Without rhyme or reason, the metal blade slashed down once more!

Crack! The blue halberd snapped!

The blue-clothed visitor roared, his sleeves stirring up a massive cloud of dust in an attempt to buy a few moments.

But the dust could not drown out the red of the flower, much less dissipate the glow of that blade.

Again, the red flower bloomed!

Again, the metal blade slashed!


Three unfathomably terrifying Qis rose from the plateau, straight to the dome of heaven.

The clouds in the blue sky fled in fear. Some that were a tad too slow were torn to shreds, thus vanishing.

A battle between experts of the Divine Domain could cause the world to change colors.

The crinkling sound of flowers blooming and the howling of the descending metal blade incessantly rose from the cloud of dust.

Vivid red and bright lights continuously intersected.

Suddenly, all colors and lights disappeared.

Boom! The dust exploded once more.

An area two li in radius at the center of the plateau suddenly sank half a foot!

And then came a long period of stillness, devoid of any sound.

The dust gradually settled.

The first thing that could be seen was the ground. It was like it had been crushed countless times, resulting in such a glossy and smooth surface that it seemed to be inlaid with jade.

And then Bie Yanghong's figure appeared.

His clothes were torn all over, and blood glowing with a golden luster was slowly trickling out.

He swayed twice, an extremely bright shade of red appearing on his face which then rapidly paled to a snowy white. He had most likely suffered severe internal injuries.

Soon after, Wang Po walked out from the dust, his right hand holding his blade, his left sleeve flapping in the wind.

As was his habit, his eyebrows were drooped, as were his shoulders, making him seem rather impoverished.

However, because of his severed arm, his left shoulder drooped somewhat lower, making it seem rather unnatural. Blood was currently seeping out from the top of it.

In the battle just now, he had used the stump of his arm to receive a palm from the blue-clothed visitor, not willing to slow his blade for even an instant.

Of the continent's Divine Domain experts, Wang Po and Bie Yanghong were the two strongest at fighting.

Today, they had joined forces, their hand unyielding and their killing intent determined. They did not give the slightest leeway, and their purpose was crystal-clear.

They would not give the blue-clothed visitor a chance to leave.

They wanted him to die.

The blue-clothed visitor's bamboo hat had been pulverized earlier, revealing that enigmatic copper mask.

A crack now ran through the center of this copper mask, a straight and clear line running from top to bottom, most likely inflicted by the blade. There were also countless cracks on the rest of the mask. It actually looked like some beautiful porcelain object, but now that it had lost its previous hardiness, it also seemed extremely fragile.

The blue-clothed visitor swayed, a groan issuing from his mask.

Blood dripped from that straight crack, and then from the rest of cracks. It was a most bizarre and frightening sight.

His body had already been shorn of any hope to live by Wang Po's blade and Bie Yanghong's flower, his insides covered in cracks. Even his Ethereal Palace, star openings, and sea of consciousness were webbed with fine cracks. They could collapse at any moment, upon which there would be no more chance for him to survive.

The hundreds of ancient trees that had been snapped were still burning, though because they were wrapped in the moisture of the clouds, the flames were gradually weakening and would presumably extinguish soon. Several hundred plumes of dust were rising from the part of the plateau that had sunk half a foot, looking like a miniature tornado. This too was fading, on the verge of extinction.

This expert of the Divine Domain had reached the end of his life, and still no one knew who he was.

The plateau was absolutely silent.

Bie Yanghong looked at the blue-clothed visitor.

Everyone was looking back and forth between Bie Yanghong and the blue-clothed visitor, shocked and perplexed.

Just what was going on with all of this?

Weren't Bie Yanghong and Wuqiong Bi chasing the Pope a moment ago to avenge their son?

Why had this blue-clothed visitor suddenly appeared? Why was it that when this visitor wanted to kill Chen Changsheng, Bie Yanghong not only did not help, but actually stopped him? Why did it seem like Bie Yanghong took on such a determined stance, not minding heavy injuries, or even dying together with this visitor?

"How did you find out?"

The blue-clothed visitor finally spoke.

He stared at Bie Yanghong, the eyes peering out from the mask still deep and serene, but already suffused with the aura of death.

As he spoke, blood suffused with a golden luster continuously poured out from the cracks in his mask, a strange and monstrous sight.

"Priest Xin should not have appeared at Fengyang City."

Bie Yanghong wiped the blood from his lips and said, "His appearance was too deliberate. It felt like someone had deliberately let us see him."

"This was truly a hole, or perhaps a place that was not done perfectly."

The blue-clothed visitor added, "That was not arranged by me, but it was because someone in your Imperial Court wanted to use this matter to get rid of him."

Many of the people on the plateau didn't understand this exchange, but there were naturally people that did.

The Prince of Xiang had already taken his hands off his belt. His eyes were subtly flitting about, but his thoughts were still inscrutable.

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