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Chapter 810 – Beneath the Ancient Scholar Tree, Have No Other Thoughts

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The three thousand scriptures of the Daoist Canon had records of that period of history, but it did not contain a specific description of that Daoist technique known as Corpse-Beheading. Chen Changsheng found it impossible to confirm whether or not that monster was from the legendary Yellow Springs. He wrote two letters, one to the Li Palace in the capital and the other to Holy Maiden Peak in the south, hoping that these two places could gather more information.

That monster had clearly come to kill him, but he didn't know what that monster had done, or even if he had had time to do it yet.

Putting aside the monster's mysterious origins, Chen Changsheng had already mentally prepared himself for the assassination attempt itself.

The message Linghai Zhiwang had asked the Prince of Zhongshan to pass to the Prince of Xiang in the Mount Song Army headquarters was a clear expression of the Orthodoxy's stance to the entire continent.

Chen Changsheng was well aware of the situation such a stance would put him in.

This was just the beginning.

It was just like all those things Su Li encountered when he was heavily injured on the snowy plains of the demon domain and began his long journey back to the south.

Chen Changsheng was currently the Pope, but that didn't mean that the number of people who wanted to kill him was smaller than those that had wanted to kill Su Li.

It was obvious that somebody already knew that he was in Hanqiu City.

But he was confident that the Zhu clan would not act.

Just as expected, when he and Nanke left the Willow Lodge and walked towards the southern gate of Hanqiu City, they felt several people watching them from the shadows, but no one appeared.

Only when he walked past a store selling perfume did he meet someone completely unexpected.

This person was dressed like a scholar, his delicate features unable to conceal his prideful aura. There was also an inexplicable smear of happiness on his face.

He was called Bie Tianxin, and he was dressed as a scholar because this was how his father often appeared in public.

His father was Bie Yanghong and his mother was Wuqiong Bi.

Several years ago, in the capital, Linghai Zhiwang and Daoist Siyuan had led the new faction of the Orthodoxy in promoting the All-School Martial Exhibition so as to suppress the Orthodox Academy.

Urged on by the Orthodoxy's new faction and the Tianhai clan, countless cultivation experts went into Hundred Flowers Lane and issued challenges towards the Orthodox Academy.

Bie Tianxin had been one of these people, and he was the most arrogant and unbridled of the lot.

However, his father sent a letter, after which Su Moyu left the Mausoleum of Books and did not return to the Li Palace Academy, but registered as a student of the Orthodox Academy. Many people knew that the standpoints of those two powerful figures were different, so this challenge naturally faded into nothing.

After that, Bie Tianxin no longer saw Chen Changsheng, only heard about him through the mouths of storytellers and saw his name on decrees and divine edicts. So now, far away from the capital in Hanqiu City, when he once more saw that rather ordinary, unfamiliar, yet unforgettable face, he couldn't help but freeze.

He had come to Hanqiu City to represent the elders of his clan in discussing a few matters with the Zhu clan, but more importantly, to see someone. He had never expected that he would see Chen Changsheng here.

His heart began to beat faster and his lips felt dry, as he was both shocked and nervous. The entire continent wanted to know Chen Changsheng's whereabouts, so why did he just have to meet him in Hanqiu City? What would happen next? What should he do? Did he need to step forward on his own and pay his respects?

As these thoughts were racing through his head, Chen Changsheng had already walked past him.

Chen Changsheng had seen Bie Tianxin and also recognized him, but he acted as if he had not.

In contrast, Nanke gave Bie Tianxin a rather curious glance.

Deep within an extremely secluded mansion of Hanqiu City, Bie Tianxin described his encounter with Chen Changsheng. His brow was slightly furrowed in irritation.

He was speaking to a young girl. She had a moving appearance and two slightly blushing cheeks. She looked rather cute, perhaps because she was currently sipping on some wine.

"Are you afraid of him?"

The girl's voice was very soft and gentle, but her tone was not. Rather, it carried a faint scorn and a seemingly innate aloofness.

This was just a simple question, and it seemed to show little respect for both Bie Tianxin and Chen Changsheng. She had asked if Bie Tianxin was afraid of Chen Changsheng, but she had also only called Chen Changsheng 'him'.

Bie Tianxin was the sole son of two Storms of the Eight Directions; Chen Changsheng was the Pope.

Very few people in the continent had the right to speak of them in such a tone, and those of similar age to this girl were few and far between.

Such people included Luoluo, Nanke, and the little Black Dragon. Coincidentally, they were all people on Chen Changsheng's side.

This girl was not Chen Changsheng's friend, but she still dared to speak of him this way because she was not from this continent.

She was from the Great Western Continent, and just like Luoluo and those other girls, she was also a princess.

Mu Jiushi, the most enigmatic of the Orthodoxy's Six Prefects, had all of her glory and strength snatched away from her by the previous Pope, but that glory and strength had belonged to the Orthodoxy.

As long as she still had her blood, she possessed a glory and strength that no one could underestimate, a status that was still worthy of veneration, as she was Madam Mu's younger sister. From a certain perspective, she represented the will of the Great Western Continent.

As Bie Tianxin looked at her face and heard her voice, his body relaxed, not out of fear, but love.

When they met by accident three years ago in the capital, he fell in love with her, loved her to death.

In every aspect, she was worthy of his love, had the right to be loved by him, was his most ideal partner.

So even if she spoke to her with scorn and disdain, he still was not angry, only wanting to explain why he had no alternative.

"Who would be afraid of that guy? It's just… he's the Pope right now. Little Shi, you're from the Great Western Continent, so naturally don't need to care, but it's still different for me."

Mu Jiushi clearly did not care for his explanation. Placing down the wine pot, she walked into the courtyard.

She looked up at the gloomy sky. After a few moments of silence, she suddenly asked, "Why did he come to Hanqiu City?"

Bie Tianxin pondered the question and then replied with a solemn expression, "Could it be that he wants to go to Wenshui?"

This was a matter that anyone could understand; was there any need to think about it?

Mu Jiushi did not turn around, so Bie Tianxin could not see the ridicule on her lips, only hear her praise.

"Brother Bie's words are reasonable… We should immediately inform the capital and Wenshui."

Bie Tianxin smiled. "Relax, I'll go and do it in a little while."

Mu Jiushi softly cautioned, "Do not mention me."

Bie Tianxin's smile faded as he sighed, "Little Shi, I know that your Great Western Continent is not as calm as it seems. Even Madam Mu was forced to leave her home, let alone you, so you don't dare let our relationship be known to anyone else, but… you really don't need to be afraid. As long as my parents know of it, would that elder brother of yours dare to do anything to you?"

Mu Jiushi turned around and asked, "But your parents… what will they think?"

Bie Tianxin said affectionately to her, "As long as I love you, my parents will definitely love you as well."

Mu Jiushi was apparently deeply moved. Walking up to him, she looked into his eyes and gently asked, "How much do you love me?"

Nothing could satisfy Bie Tianxin more than to have his lover in front of him. With heartfelt love and sincerity, he declared, "I would be willing to die for you."

Mu Jiushi lightly leaned on his shoulder and looked at the ancient scholar tree in the courtyard. She whispered, "Excellent."

She placed her hand on his chest, apparently because she was stopping him out of shyness. In reality, she just needed to slightly circulate her true essence to shatter Bie Tianxin's Ethereal Palace.

If this happened, he really would die.

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