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Chapter 790 – Naive and Imbecilic, Two Bowls of Soup

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Before he opened his eyes, before he calmed his mind for five breaths, what lay before Chen Changsheng's eyes was the night sky and those densely packed Essence Qi Locks. The final scene in his memory was of him and Nanke dropping to the ground, the black and white surface of the snowy mountains getting closer and closer.

What followed was a heavy thud, endless pain, and infinite darkness.

Upon waking from the darkness, he did not know how much time had passed, only that he was still alive. As he had calmed his mind for five breaths, he had also performed Meditative Introspection, through which he realized that his meridians were covered in cracks. If an ordinary cultivator realized that they had suffered such serious wounds, they would undoubtedly panic, even despair. However, he was very experienced in this aspect and so maintained his calm. He was even able to accurately determine that the most serious wounds had been inflicted by the Demon Lord's counterattack.

He opened his eyes and saw a bearded face. This beard was quite lush, looking like a shrub that had not been pruned for several decades. Unless one carefully looked, it would be very difficult to find where that person's eyes were.

But one only needed to see that person's eyes to be instantly transfixed. These were clear and bright eyes, reserved yet hiding a warmth deep within. It was like the rising sun behind the morning clouds. Though unwilling to easily reveal its true appearance, everyone knew that it was assuredly a very moving sight.

Eyes were the window to the soul and one could glimpse much through them.

Chen Changsheng had seen many pairs of eyes, like the vast sea of stars that were his mMartial uUncle the Pope's eyes, or Xu Yourong's eyes that were like a bare mountain after a fresh rain. However, he was forced to admit that this person's eyes were quite appealing, much more appealing than their bearded face.

"Awake?" the person asked.

Chen Changsheng noticed the person's clothes, realized that they were an officer of the Great Zhou, and felt more at ease.

The young officer guessed that he still could not speak for the moment and said of his own accord, "This place is the Sloping Cliff Horse Farm. I am the commanding officer here. My name is…"

He paused, then continued, "Luo Bu."

Chen Changsheng thought, for some reason, this name sounds a little strange.

"First answer a few questions for me. Blink your eyes once for yes, twice for no."

The officer called Luo Bu looked at his eyes and asked, "You are a person of Zhou?"

Without hesitation, Chen Changsheng blinked once.

Luo Bu asked, "A pharmacist?"

Chen Changsheng hesitated for a few moments, then blinked twice.

Luo Bu smiled, revealing a mouth filled with white teeth, looking like a sun while also revealing his true age.

Chen Changsheng did not know why such a young person would conceal their face in such a thick beard.

He could not help but ponder this question.

"It's fine if you're not willing to admit. In any case, you can't possibly be a spy. Rest well. Although I don't know if you can recover, you shouldn't die. By the way, about that girl, I don't know if she's always been like that or if she got it from the fall, but don't worry yourself."

After saying this, Luo Bu exited the room.

Nanke carried a bowl of meat and walked from the corner of the room to the bedside.

She slightly tilted her head, her sluggish eyes filled with confusion as she examined Chen Changsheng's face, as if she had never seen him before. Suddenly, she seemed to recall something and placed the bowl of meat in front of Chen Changsheng, indicating that he should eat.

Chen Changsheng had no idea what was happening and arduously managed to shake his head.

Only by eating meat can you have strength," Nanke said, staring into his eyes.

Chen Changsheng thought, what do I need to do that requires strength?

Nanke seemed to understand the meaning in his eyes. She placed the bowl by the pillow and used her fingers to point at the center of her eyebrows. With great solemnity, she spoke two words.

"Cure illness."

Upon seeing this, Chen Changsheng finally understood.

In the battle over the dark and snowy mountains, Nanke had allowed her divine soul to completely awaken for the second time to break through the trap laid down by the Demon Lord and Black Robe. In the end, she had failed to break through that bottleneck and her sea of consciousness had taken severe damage. To speak plainly, she was now truly an imbecile.

Right now, she no longer remembered anything, including who Chen Changsheng was. All she remembered was that Chen Changsheng had promised to cure her illness.

Chen Changsheng looked silently into her eyes for a long time. Of course, he didn't have the ability to speak right now in the first place.

He could speak in his heart to himself, to others.

Since I promised, I will definitely cure you, even if I don't have the confidence.

The present Nanke had no idea what sort of illness she had, only that he had promised to cure it.

But she once more understood the meaning in his eyes and felt happy. She heartily laughed, cute and naive.

Chen Changsheng did not remember seeing Nanke ever laugh in the Garden of Zhou or the snowy mountains. In his eyes and in the eyes of the common people, she had always been cold-blooded, emotionless, cruel, and murderous. How could she possibly be associated with this bubbly and sweet little girl?

Only now did Chen Changsheng notice that she was wearing a cotton jacket, and her hair was in two carelessly tied buns, the handiwork of some person. He suddenly realized that this was a military camp of the Great Zhou, and if someone were to realize her true identity, it would cause massive trouble.

She was a member of the Imperial clan, so her demon horns were concealed, but where had her two wings gone?

A piece of stewed meat was sent to his lips, breaking his train of thought. There was not much salt in this meat, making it rather tasteless, but it had been stewed until it was very easy to chew.

Crucially, the one feeding him meat was the little Princess of the Demon race.

Chen Changsheng very naturally began to think of the little Princess of the Dragon race, Zhizhi, and also the little Princess of the Demon race that Su Li had married.

Where was the little Black Dragon right now?

As the Pope's appointed Protector, she had established a connection with Chen Changsheng, and Chen Changsheng had methods of informing her and having her come to him.

But he would not do this.

A year and a half ago, he was injured on the battlefield by Hai Di and relied completely on the little Black Dragon to escape with his life. Who could have expected that in his journey through the mountains, he would be pursued and assaulted several times by experts from the Imperial Court? He had not had the Li Palace look into this matter, but the experience inevitably had a chilling effect on his heart.

Even Su Li, with all his ability and daring, still had to silently endure as he journeyed back from the snowy plains, so how could Chen Changsheng be an exception?

After this incident, he finally understood just how naive he had been when he had announced the presence of Su Li in the spring radiance of Xunyang City.

At present, when he had no ability to protect himself, he would never communicate with Zhizhi, much less have her come and expose his location.

The present him was no longer so naive.

Nanke began to feed him the meat soup. It was not cold or hot, but just right.

The stone pearls were still on his wrist while everything else had already been sent into the Garden of Zhou. His belly was a little warm, and logically speaking, this was the time for him to calmly rest. But he still felt that something wasn't quite right, that he had apparently forgotten something.

Had that officer called Luo Bu really not sensed anything? Why had he been able to so easily trust in him and Nanke? This Sloping Cliff Horse Farm was clearly very remote, but how could someone who could become a commanding officer at such a young age be so naive?

The curtain in front of the door to the room lifted and the cold wind blew in, as did Luo Bu. In his hands was a bowl of pitch-black medicinal broth.

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