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Chapter 714 – I Am Invincible Against Opponents of the Same Level

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

A rumor had been circulating for the past two years, but no one had believed it, so it was gradually forgotten.

The rumor had just been too absurd.

Regardless of how talented Chen Changsheng was in the path of the sword, it was still absurd.

Today, these experts finally saw this rumored sight and realized that the rumor had actually been true.

This was truly too absurd.

First, one actually had to possess this many swords.

Secondly, one had to have a powerful enough spiritual sense, so powerful that it exceeded the boundaries of imagination, stable to a freakish level, in order to control so many swords. In addition, it wasn't simply controlling them. If one could only use their spiritual sense to have these swords hack and stab, unable to perform anything more complicated or make any sort of prompt response, such a technique would have no meaning against Star Condensation experts like them and they could act as if these swords did not exist.

Yes, one had to have so many swords, a spiritual sense powerful enough to control all of them, and a plethora of sword techniques.

These demands were too high, so logically speaking, someone capable of doing it should not exist under the starry sky.

Yet these conditions seemed custom-made for Chen Changsheng.

He had this many swords and he could control them, or to put it another way, these swords were willing to obey his will. In addition, he had many, many sword styles.

Consequently, Chen Changsheng could perform this seemingly absurd feat.

Thus, to the experts of the Imperial Court, today's battle had become an absurd affair.

Chen Changsheng just needed to simultaneously have these swords in the air use their techniques, and it was the equivalent of several dozen, even several hundred, Chen Changshengs attacking.

How could they fight against this?

Snowflakes drifted down from the sky onto Chen Changsheng's shoulder, painting it with a thin layer of white.

At the same time, snowflakes also fell on the several hundred swords surrounding him, creating many white lines hanging in the air.

He walked forward, and the several hundred swords in the air silently followed.

This was a bizarre and fear-inducing sight.

These swords all vibrated in the snow, giving off no sound. Only when some external force disturbed them would they begin to hum.

Several sword glows suddenly illuminated a place in the snowstorm, several crisp clangs and dull thuds resounding at almost the same time.

Blood splattered onto the ground.

A shattered sword stabbed completely into a wall.

The sword glows instantly dispersed and all returned to silence.

Two experts of the Imperial Court had attempted a surprise attack, but before they could pass through the net of several hundred swords, they were injured and forced to retreat.

A few traces still remained in the wind and snow. From these, one could see the general appearance of the True Sword of the Orthodoxy's second move and Gathering Evening Clouds of the Three Forms of Wenshui.

Chen Changsheng walked out of the wrecked courtyard and the several hundred swords followed, pouring over the walls of the courtyard like fish swimming past a rock.

The courtyard he walked into contained a large water jar with a thin layer of ice formed over it.

Chen Changsheng glanced in its direction.

Several hundred swords moved with his gaze and aimed at the water jar.

Kakakaka, countless cutting sounds almost simultaneously rang out, cutting the thin layer of ice into pieces along with the water jar itself.

With a splash, water spilled out of the shattered jar and washed the snow on the ground into disarray. At the same time, a blood-drenched assassin dropped to the ground.

The assassin's body was covered all over in sword slashes from which blood poured out, but it was like he couldn't feel the pain. He only stared in shock at Chen Changsheng.

"Retreat a little farther!" an official of the Department for Purging Officials yelled out.

They were all Star Condensation experts with rich experience in battle, and so reacted very quickly. As long as they were far enough away, the threat presented by these swords would be much weaker.

Some people estimated that the safe distance was about eight zhang.

Instantly, several dozen experts flew through the air, dispersing into the courtyard's surroundings, leaving a distance of around ten-some zhang between them and Chen Changsheng. However, none of them left.

Chen Changsheng's steps did not slow in the slightest at this sight. He continued forward, very quickly returning to that courtyard within the alley of the Northern Military Department.

The crabapple tree here had no leaves and its bare branches stretching into the sky took up very little space.

But when several hundred swords arrived in the courtyard, the space became rather cramped.

Cut branches were not fallen leaves. When they dropped down, they would not rustle.

That crabapple tree that had moved from a mountain on the outskirts of the capital just a few weeks ago silently transformed into countless chunks of wood piled on the snow.

This sight was still bizarre.

Swords filled the courtyard, emanating a swift and fierce aura.

The world was enveloped in awe-inspiring sword intents.

Anyone who wished to break through these swords and attack Chen Changsheng would have to take on the full brunt of these awe-inspiring sword intents.

On the snowy street, he and Wang Po had parted ways to carry out their own duties.

Wang Po had gone to battle Tie Shu, as he was skilled at fighting as the weak against the strong. The facts had proved that he had truly accomplished this.

Chen Changsheng had come to the courtyard to kill Zhou Tong because he was skilled at fighting as one against many.

"You've finally used your strongest technique?"

Xiao De stood at the stone gate of the courtyard, watching Chen Changsheng.

At this moment, Chen Changsheng was standing on the stone steps. The distance between the two was not near and not far, not more and not less. It was precisely eight zhang.

This distance was indicative of many things. Firstly, Xiao De also did not have the confidence to resist the collective attack of several hundred swords. Secondly, he seemed to have a deep understanding of Chen Changsheng's techniques.

This was evidenced by his words.

Several days ago, Eunuch Lin had suffered severe injuries in the Orthodox Academy, shocking many people who were aware of what had actually occurred.

To people on Xiao De's level, Chen Changsheng's techniques had long since ceased to be a secret.

"Against people of the same cultivation level, you truly could be considered invincible."

Xiao De continued speaking, his voice somewhat melancholy.

To be invincible against opponents of the same level seemed a rather ordinary feat, but it was not actually so.

In the past thousand years, not a single person had been able to do this, not a single one.

Before he broke through, Wang Po had been about the same level of strength as Xue Xingchuan. When Su Li had been at the initial level of Star Condensation, he had once been beaten like a dog by some girl from the snowy plains of the north. Even Zhou Dufu, acclaimed as the supreme expert under the starry sky, when he was at the upper level of Ethereal Opening, had not been a match for the mature Chen Xuanba, even when Chen Xuanba was also at the upper level of Ethereal Opening.

Right now, Chen Changsheng was truly able to be invincible against cultivators of the same level.

He was currently at the initial level of Star Condensation, and there were faint signs that he was about to break into the next level.

But let alone initial level Star Condensation experts, even middle level Star Condensation experts would not be able to defeat him.

Not a single one.

It just wasn't possible.

Because the number of swords he possessed represented the number of selves he could have.

To fight him was to fight against hundreds of him.

Who could fight against him?

"Fortunately, you're just invincible against opponents of the same level."

Xiao De sighed, then said, "Or else I really would have to turn and leave."

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