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Chapter 963: 963

Midnight . Ye Cang’s tent .

“Great Sage, Shacily and I have finished with the documents, please take a look . ” Makarlo handed the documents over and Ye Cang shook his head with his hand held out, “There’s no need for that . I trust your capabilities . ”

“Thank you . I’ll then excuse myself for now . The anti-drought plants in the surroundings are waiting for me . ” Makarlo left with a sigh after seeing Ye Cang studying how to brew tea .

“Then, I’ll take a rest too,” Ye Cang entered into his own dimension and logged out .

Shacily Muse was resting beside the Moon Harp .

The people in the house were all doing the mission assigned from the other end .  I seriously don’t have anything to do in the army I lead . Except for more minor decisions to be made, others are left to the elders .  He then came to Huang Zhong’s room to see Huang Zhong and Jia Xu smiling pervertedly on the bed .  They must be playing some stupid games again . I’ll go find Elder Lin .  He knocked on the door but no one answered .  He must have gone to the tree to have a bath . Maybe I’ll go there later too .  Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle were in their sleep . He smiled as he walked past the room Ye Beibei and his family stayed in . At ColdMoon’s room, he saw her sleeping as well . The sight of her not frowning while sleeping gave him at least some reassurance even though she still looked lifeless .  Well, I think it’s better to see what Old Huang is playing .

“Old Huang, Old Jia, can you guys distant yourselves for a bit? You guys are an inch from kissing your lips…” When Ye Cang returned, he saw the two of them in the arms of each other .

They logged out of the game abruptly and saw Ye Cang . They quickly darted away after catching sight of him .

“What are you guys playing? What’s so interesting?” Ye Cang asked .

“A new game given by our president . It’s an RPG type . I’m a probationer mage while Wenhe is a warrior . Why are you here? Aren’t you playing that game with the others?”

“The base I’m guarding is a little boring so I came out to have a break,” Ye Cang shrugged .

“Then, join us . I heard Old Huang said you’re good at this,” Jia Xu smiled .

“Not really . ” Ye Cang did not know what he was talking about and hopped on the bed . The three of them started their adventure .

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Ye Cang was surprised at the title of the game . .  Wow, so many words are censored . This looks interesting . Okay, it’s time for character . They are a warrior and a mage, so I’ll choose… What, there are so many choices? Why did they want to pick a warrior and a mage? There are businessmen, chefs, footmen, sword maidens, rangers, gangsters, thieves etc .  Without much thought, he picked the chef . He studied his abilities . He could make food with any ingredient at all . His battle strength was average, mana was relatively low, constitution was still fine but his endurance was excellent .

His character looked almost the same as his virtual look . He had a headband on his arm, a pot at the back and a cooking knife and ladle on his waist .

Ye Cang looked around . It seemed like he was in an ancient city back in the Middle Ages . He knew there was a harbour nearby because the seagulls were noisy . He was standing in the middle of the market and Huang Zhong and Jia Xu found him in no time . Jia Xu was wearing the armor of an ordinary soldier, carrying a spear and shield on his back and a sword at his waist . Huang Zhong looked like he was in his old age . A muscular man with white beard . He was carrying a weak wooden scepter and had a chopping blade, with an old book hanging at his side . He wore a green mage hat . His look made people pity him as he was still a probationer mage at such age .

“Why did you choose to be a chef? Oh yeah, you seem to like it very much…” Huang Zhong was speechless .

“Let’s go . Wenhe and I will bring you to the adventurer bar to get some missions and then we’ll head to the underground city… Hehe…” Huang Zhong was smirking .

“Wait, you guys must have played for quite a while . Give me some money . I’ll buy some ingredients to make you guys some food . ” They nodded and gave Ye Cang half of their money . Excitedly, he went to the market in search of ingredients . Fishes, vegetables and the organs of some monsters were too expensive so he only bought some dark bats . Next, he got himself some seasonings, salt, pepper and chillies and he then followed the two to the adventurer bar .

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Upon arriving at the bar, he stared at the name . . The bar at the side was named . He turned around to see another bar called . What the hell are these bars… Quietly, he followed Huang Zhong to enter Succubus Bar . It was spacious inside and there were quite a number of adventurers gathering together . All kinds of people .

There was an energetic succubus mixing cocktails at the counter . The boss was a four-meter tall giant . He was playing a string instrument while screaming at people . Some of the adventurers seemed to be disliking the two fellas beside Ye Cang . He turned to look at the notice board . Hunt and kill the King of Flammy Slime – Difficulty: High, Collect three heart-shaped poisonous mushrooms from the fifth floor of the underground city – Difficulty: Intermediate to High… Most of the missions were revolving around hunting and collecting stuff . But of course, there were also some missions related to the location of the Demon Lady . Even though the rewards were not that luxurious, it was still acceptable .

Huang Zhong took two missions which were of intermediate level to them . Ye Cang also knew that this game was just launched a few hours ago . Ignoring all the despised looks, Huang Zhong and Jia Xu came to the counter . They ordered a glass of beer to share as a welcome celebration for Ye Cang .

Even though that seemed shoddy, Ye Cang sensed everyone’s jealousy and only then realized that most of their tables were dry . There was no beer or wine . Only peanuts and potatoes were in the middle for sharing . He then took a look at the price list . One glass of beer cost one Kalon which was equivalent to 1000 Kasine . Alright . He had a sip of the beer and it was so smoothing that he suspected it was being added with magic . Also, he blushed as soon as he swallowed it . The succubus seemed to be prettier than before . However, staring at its horns and little demonic wings, Ye Cang wanted to simmer her up . The succubus – Eerily gave the three of them a flying kiss . Huang Zhong and Jia Xu were enjoying it but Eerily spotted the chill behind Ye Cang’s smile .

“Is it just me or the other adventurers are staring at us with a despised look…” Ye Cang asked as they walked out of the bar .

“It’s normal . It was Wenhe’s idea . We defeated a few teams on the second floor . If we didn’t, where do you think we got our money from? This chopping knife may seem old but it is an elite equipment . I got it from a thief . He thought that I, a mage, could be easily bullied and he dashed at me with his sword . That didn’t deter me from sending him to death with only a punch of my fists . Hehe . Told you that a mage should focus on the Constitution . Am I wrong now, Wenhe?” Huang Zhong shrugged his shoulders .

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Jia Xu rolled his eyes, “Should I be bothered by such a trivial thing…”

Ye Cang then understood that most of the people inside were victims . “Wenhe, what about you? What do you focus on as a warrior?”

“Intelligence . It’s always better to have wisdom to plan ahead . Don’t you think that I’m just an ordinary soldier, I have mastered healing spells and iced arrows spells . I will become the king in the future,” Jia Xu said .

Ye Cang felt what they said was logical and reasonable . Staring at his own attributes, he was thinking of what a chef would need the most . That’s right . Constitution! Only a chef with good energy can cook a lot of food! He then added every point to the Constitution . They spent some money to get themselves three one-time passes to the Underground City – Abyss Maze . They walked down the stairs .

Ye Cang gradually pulled out his cooking knife and ladle . Here I come, my beloved ingredients!

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