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Chapter 139 - The Fourth Element!




It seemed like there was no color to it!

After Mo Fan carefully examined it, he realized that this Element actually had no color whatsoever!

It was transparent!

The reason why he could see it was because he was able to sense the outline of its Stardust within the chaotic area. However, it was very close to being invisible. If it was to be described with a color, then it would be the radiance that it emitted occasionally was the color of the moon!

What Element was this?

Mo Fan was momentarily unable to make a determination.


“Are you done?” The apprentice, Xiao Mian, opened the door without permission. She saw that Mo Fan had finished Awakening a long time ago, thus she began to pout.

“If you’re done, come out. There’s gonna be a Magician coming here to Awaken at the recommendation of the Magic Court, please don’t... Eh? How come the Element you Awakened is colorless?” The young apprentice Xiao Mian was surprised as she looked at the Awakening stone.

On the other side of the room, Guo Liyu immediately stood up as he heard his apprentice’s astonishment. He ran over to the Awakening Room and peeked inside.

When he discovered the Awakening Stone didn’t have any color, yet there’d be an occasional flicker of moonlight, his face was filled with shock.

This… what kind of luck does this second generation have!? He actually awakened the Summoning Element!

The vast majority of the people would only Awaken a Classical Element as their first Element. Those who Awakened White Magic, Black Magic ,or Dimensional Magic could be considered as being favored by the heavens. After all, the first Awakening’s Element were the Major Cultivations. Elements of Major Cultivations provided Magicians an increased amount of time to cultivate and practice. It made them far more proficient compared to those with a Secondary or Minor Cultivation Element.

Guo Liyun originally thought that if this person Awakened a Lightning Element, he would go back home with honor in his hands. Who would’ve thought that he would’ve changed to Dark Element at the last second, and while that did fail, he got a Summoning Element out of it!

According to the rules, the first Awakening being a Classical Element was the most common one. The following one would be either Black Magic or White Magic, and the one with the least probability would be Dimensional Magic.

Magicians with a Summoning ability for their first Element would enjoy an unlimited benefit from those major powers as long as they were willing to. Their rarity and price were far too high.

“This is the Summoning Element… Hmph, kid, the 100,000 RMB your family spent on you sure was worth it!” The corner of Guo Liyu’s mouth twitched as he spoke to the dumbstruck Mo Fan.

Mo Fan gasped as he looked at Guo Liyun with an unconvinced face.

Summoning Element, it was actually the Summoning Element!

Even today, Mo Fan has been unable to forget about the amazing scene of Chief Zhankong’s subordinate calling the Skyhawks flying through the sky of Bo City. That seemed to be the Summoning Element!

He always imagined himself one day being able to mount an awesome beast as he landed on the street. Who would’ve thought that he unexpectedly be closer to that now!?

This happiness came far too suddenly. If Ms. Tangyue was here, Mo Fan would endure the danger and hug her before giving her a couple of kisses.

Speaking of which, If I was to tell the matter of Awakening the Shadow and Summoning Elements to that old scoundrel Mu Zhuoyun, would he package his beautiful Mu Ningxue and present her to me?

That seemed to be equally possible!

Where else would you be able to find a son-in-law with four Elements?

“Alright, alright. Since you’re done Awakening, leave! I am busy.” At the end of the day, Guo Liyu was a busy person, he began to wave Mo Fan away.

“Oh, oh, thank you!” Currently, Mo Fan only wanted to find a place to calm his state of mind.

“Even if you Awakened a special Element, if you don’t put effort into your training, it’ll still be useless. Furthermore, you’re already relatively old. You’re much slower than other people, there is nothing to be excited about,” Guo Liyu said.

As Mo Fan heard this, he felt cold water being poured over him. He didn’t understand why Guo Liyu would say he was old...

According to Tangyue, being able to tread into the Intermediate level at this age would still be considered as being incredibly impressive even in Shanghai. Could it be that Guo Liyu’s scope of people was even higher?

Alright, the City of Demons was the City of Demons, after all. There were many strong people here, even Intermediate Magicians couldn’t be considered anything special here…

Mo Fan didn’t say anything else, and immediately left.

As he walked out, the receptionist girl in her white qipao guided another fat youth who looked relatively old into the room.

Mo Fan didn’t care as he left excitedly

As Guo Liyu saw this fatty, his face immediately broke into smiles. He greeted him as he ordered Xiao Miao next to him to make tea. “Oh, you must be the Intermediate Magician that Tangyue recommended… your name was Mo Fan, right?”

The fatty’s face was blank. He pointed at his wrinkled nose as he said, “My name is Yang Dahai.”

“The youth who just left was Mo Fan,” the receptionist quickly explained.

The jaws of both Master Guo Liyu and apprentice Xiao Miao both dropped as they glanced at each other. The expressions on their faces couldn’t be described with just a couple of words.

After a moment had passed, the apprentice finally regained her senses as she weakly said, “Master... Did we make a mistake?”

Guo Liyu’s face was stiff as he nodded, “It seems like it!”

“Then...then he was actually Awakening his second Element...” Xiao Miao said.

“As expected of the ancient Magic Court, producing such a monster! An Intermediate Mage that young… Awakening the Summoning Element on his second Awakening! I, Guo Liyu, am thoroughly defeated!” Guo Liyun let out a long sigh.

The receptionist didn’t know what was going on between the master and the apprentice, she just directly went back to the hall.

The fatty called Yang Dahai was also sitting there, completely confused about the situation.

“Are you the kid from the Yang Family that wants to Awaken the Lightning Element?” Guo Liyu asked as he glanced at the fatty.

“That would be me!” Yang Dahai replied, as he shook the fat around his body.

“Xiao Miao, bring him to the Awakening Room.”

“Master, didn’t you tell me to go make tea?”

“Make what, don’t waste my good tea,” Guo Liyu replied as he left to do his own work.

That fatty Yang Dahai was completely dumbstruck.

How come the happy and sincere Awakening Master suddenly looks as though I owe him five hundred thousand RMB? Did Daddy give him too little money?

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