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Chapter 104 - I Want to Become Stronger




The strength of the rupturing wave of flames instantly burned into the Spirit Wolf’s muzzle. You could distinctly see the Spirit Wolf’s mouth bones severely deform, and furthermore, its jaws were quickly swallowed by the fierce flames.

The fire didn’t stop there. It tyrannically expanded down the Spirit Wolf’s throat, and crammed into the Spirit Wolf’s abdomen. This caused its belly to immediately bulge, it looked as though it was going to explode.


A loud sound finally erupted, and the vicious Spirit Wolf was turned into grilled, stinking meat by the Rupture exploding inside it. Its body landed heavily in front of Bai Yang.

Bai Yang’s sardonic smile immediately turned stagnant. His gloominess fell to a terrifying level.

His previous Spirit Wolf’s bloodline was superior to this one, and he’d been able to nurture it into an extremely powerful summoned creature, but it was accidentally killed by a Practical student. The killing that time could be said to have used all kind of tricks. The Spirit Wolf this time was directly bombarded by his opponent’s powerful dual Elements Magic.

“I admit that you are indeed different from the majority of the students whose limbs turn weak when they encounter a Magical Beast. You’re not worse than any other veteran magicians. However, you will still die! I will use your corpse to feed my next summoned beast!” Bai Yang covered his chest with one of his arms, his face ghastly pale as his twitched uncontrollably.

In the end, that Bai Yang underestimated this student. Lightning Strike: Wrath Shock and a Fire Burst: Rupture might be able to heavily wound a Spirit Wolf in normal circumstances, but would not be able to directly kill it. This student had his Fire Burst enter the mouth of the Spirit Wolf and instantly slaughtered the Spirit Wolf. This kind of handiwork was not something a normal student would think of, or was capable of doing!

However, so what if the Spirit Wolf died? As long as he got his hands on the Underground Holy Spring, he, Bai Yang’s, status would be completely different. For a great Summoner like him, by then, a tiny Spirit Wolf would no longer be good enough for his standards.

“You two, kill him!” Bai Yang’s gaze turned cold as he viciously ordered the two Dark Beast Monsters.

The Dark Beast Monsters were chasing other people when they heard their master’s command, and immediately turned toward Mo Fan.

The Dark Beast Monsters are much more nimble than Spirit Wolf. They are able to directly jump from the roof of vehicles, and they could use the cars to continuously change their locations.

The two Dark Beast Monsters clearly knew how to cooperate to hunt for their prey. They divided to the  two sides of Mo Fan. Even if Mo Fan used Lightning Strike to suppress one of them, the other Dark Beast Monster would certainly pounce on Mo Fan and cut his throat!

The two Dark Beast Monsters was getting closer and closer. Mo Fan, who didn’t have the Bone Scythe Shield anymore, only had the time to complete a single Magic Star Path.

Mo Fan didn’t have the time to think too much as he didn’t have enough time, Mo Fan subconsciously condensed one more ball of Fire.

The rupturing effect of Fire Burst could maybe allow him to slightly dodge this. It was just that dealing with these two extremely fast Dark Beast Monsters after that would be very hard to do.

“Mr. Xue, cast Brilliant Light!” Mu Bai shouted toward Xue Musheng from not too far away.

Xue Musheng glanced at Mu Bai, and realized his hands had a quickly condensing blue star radiance. The experienced and knowledgeable Xue Musheng immediately understood, and began to cast his own Light Magic without hesitation.

Brilliant Light: Blind!

If he properly cast this immensely strong radiance, it would be able to blind one of the Magical Beasts and make it lose its combat prowess.

Feeling the strong radiance appearing, Bai Yang slowly turned his face to the other side, displaying some disdain.

This kind of radiance didn’t have the ability to wound anyone. If you didn’t directly look at it, then you could quickly restore your vision. As for his two Dark Beast Monsters, don’t be stupid. They were creatures from the Black Vatican, they didn’t have eyes. They were unable to feel the blinding effects of the radiance.

“Black Ice Chop!”

A voice was heard behind Bai Yang. In the next second, a tremendous cold intent came down the back of his neck.

From the tip of the milky white radiance, a pitch black sword emerged from nowhere. Its cold tip flickered as it emitted a piercing chill. It split open the air as it chopped down at Bai Yang’s body.

Bai Yang was actually very sharp, standing beside a car when he didn’t have a summoned beast accompanying him so he could avoid any sneak attacks from the students. However, it didn’t matter to the Black Ice Sword that there were things blocking its way. It directly chopped the car in two while at same time splitting open Bai Yang’s back!

The cut was sharp and filled with power. It cleanly chopped apart Bai Yang’s left shoulder.

As the blood dripped down, the cut on his body froze under a layer of ice. Bai Yang slowly fell to the ground as he looked upwards, his face frozen in disbelief.

He, a Summoner who had tamed three summoned beasts, was actually killed by students who pissed their pants after seeing Magical Beasts just a year ago?

Deathstrike Magic Equipment. Why did a student who hadn’t even graduated yet have such a precious piece of Magic Equipment, and even use it in such a sudden manner? It was so sudden that he didn’t even have the opportunity to use his own Defensive Magic Equipment!

The distracting radiance of Xue Musheng’s spell began to dim. Mo Fan was able to see that the two Dark Beast Monsters had suddenly stopped their movements amidst the brilliant light.

The Dark Beasts were clutching their throats, their bodies twisting in pain. What stunned Mo Fan even more was that their pitch-black bodies looked like they had encountered something with a high temperature, as they slowly began to melt.

Not even five seconds later, the two Dark Beast Monsters who had wanted his life had dissolved into a vile black liquid, that even emitted disgusting bubbles.

“The Dark Beast Monsters are interlinked with their masters. If the Master dies, they are also destroyed. This is why they are the Black Vatican’s most devoted evil creatures,” Xue Musheng explained as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

The other students walked over one by one, glancing at He Yu’s corpse, and then at the two pools of dark liquid pus, their faces exhausted.

After annihilating the Magical Beasts, they could perhaps come to connect with each other to a certain level. However, after these actions by Practicals Instructor Bai Yang, it had shaken their trust in human nature. No one knew how long it would take before they could adapt to it.

“The Deathstrike Magic Equipment that my uncle gifted to me on my eighteenth birthday has finally been put to use,” Mu Bai said with a bitter smile, as saw everyone staring at him.

Deathstrike Magic Equipment was an Attack-type Magical Equipment. After activating it, it would be able to emit a huge burst of killing power, but the mana it used was equally large. At the same time, Deathstrike-type Magic Equipment was much more precious than Magic Armor. Even a Magician was unable to buy it, much less common people.

What Bai Yang really was unable to predict was that there would be a student among them that would be in possession of a Deathstrike Magic Tool. After all, even a wealthy Family would not just casually give out this kind of Magic Tool to a student who hadn’t graduated yet.

No matter what, Mu Bai’s Deathstrike Tool had saved everyone. They might not have been able to deal with the extreme speed of the two Dark Beast Monsters.

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Editor: RED

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