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Chapter 100 - Warrior Class, Bone Thorned Fierce Wolf




“Good, one more kilometer and we’ll arrive safely,” Xue Musheng said.

Letting Mo Fan lead the squad was a sensible decision, this guy was even more experienced than the teacher. He used Beast-seeking Dust to predict the whereabouts of the beasts, diversion, and an instant kill with zero casualties to pass through Mingyuan District. The  number of Magical Beasts in Mingyuan District was far higher than the ones on the main street. Passing through safe and sound was indeed extremely fortunate.

“The concentration of Magical Beasts outside of the Safety Shelters is even higher. Everyone, make sure to not let down your guard,” Mo Fan reminded everyone.

The last one kilometer was a very normal commercial and public entertainment district. There was no clear main street, the small alleys and roads were quite complex. This kind of place was very suitable for hiding from Magical Beasts. At same time, it was very easy to get ambushed by Magical Beasts.

The movement of the nine people was actually very nimble, unlike the large main group, where even changing directions took large effort.

“It seems like there are other Magicians in the middle of a battle, should we merge with them?” Zhang Xiaohou asked everyone as he stood at a high point.

“They’re too busy to take us into consideration. Let’s continue walking,” Mo Fan answered.

Just when Zhang Xiaohou was about to jump down from the high point, he suddenly saw a big, fierce wolf head slowly stretching out from a bungalow. The barbed, toothlike bones on its head were striking!

Zhang Xiaohou widened his eyes, his breath nearly stopped in that moment.

Heavens, that is at least a three story tall bungalow, that wolf head is still a bit higher than it... Just how big is the body of that creature, is that still your average Magical Beast?

“Zhang Xiaohou, what are you doing, hurry up and come down…” Wang Sanpang called up to him.

Zhang Xiaohou’s entire being was completely shaken. He slowly moved his body to the corner before he gave everyone a Shhhh gesture as he looked at them with unconcealable dismay.

Just when Wang Sanpang was about to say something, Mo Fan quickly covered the mouth of this freaking fatty.

Xue Musheng seemed to have realized something as well, he hastily gestured to everyone to find a place to hide.

The eight people quickly hid at the corner of the wall, none of they dared to even breathe. Their expressions were stunned and frightened.


A deep breath came out from a place not too far away, and suddenly, a chaotic stream of air began to circulate along the ground.



Heavy steps shook the ground.  With every step it took forward, they could feel the entire building distinctly trembling.

Zhang Xiaohou, who was hiding in the corner of the hallway, was like a puppet as he kept himself out of sight. He was almost as high as the huge wolf head, he could even feel that monster with three eyes sniffing in his direction!

Shit, if this thing were to bite down, it could eat up all the people in this small room...

Fortunately, the smell of garbage had concealed everyone’s scent. Otherwise, with this monster’s size, a claw slamming down would kill instantly.




The trembling sound of footsteps slowly grew more distant. The rigid expressions on the faces of the dumbstruck Vanguard Squad finally loosened up.

Their hearts began to race viciously, beating so hard that they were unable to slow down.

They didn’t know just how far the creature had gone, everyone had some lingering fears in their hearts as they remained still in their places, not daring to walk half a step.

“Who...who the hell can tell me… that… what that was!” Wang Sanpang asked with trembling lips as gazed into the distance after the distant head.

Zhang Xiaohou nearly fell weakly to the floor, his calves couldn’t stop shaking.

Too scary. How could this world have such a scary creature? It was on a completely different level than the Colossal-eyed Ape Rats and One-eyed Magic Wolves they had encountered before. A monster with a body like that, their magic probably would not even be able to wound it!

“It’s… It’s Warrior-class Magical Beast. A Three-eyed Magic Wolf, also known as Bone Thorned Fierce Wolf. Its three eyes give it a 270 degree arc of vision, its body is as sturdy as steel, its bones are sharp and craggy. For us, this iss simply a nightmare-level Magical Beast,” Xue Musheng said with an incredibly gloomy voice.

“This isn’t something we are capable of dealing with.” Xu Zhaoting said, his voice carrying a hint of despair.

“If an Intermediate Magician doesn’t prepare in time, then they would also get killed by a single hit. We must leave behind a message informing the main group that there is a Warrior-class creature here, or else it will cause colossal damage,” Xue Musheng said.

Everyone nodded.

Mo Fan couldn’t help but glance at the Silver Commerce Tower, now covered by the fog from the after rain.

A Warrior-class Bone Thorned Fierce Wolf was already at this level of scary, then what about the Commander-level Darkwing Wolf that was lying on the dome of the tower?

Just how strong did a Magician need to be, to be able to contest against a creature like that?

In front of that kind of Magical Beast, everyone was basically food awaiting slaughter.


The heavy rain had stopped a while ago, but the mist had persisted through the City.

A kilometer to the south of the Safety Shelters, a female Magician wearing a bloodstained white uniform and dripping with sweat ran across a road.

Behind her were two monsters that looked like pitch black monkeys with abnormal bodies, in the process of ferociously pursuing her. They looked as though they were going to shred the attractive young woman into pieces.

“Wind Disc: Tornado!”

The atmospheric pressure suddenly declined, the broken debris in the surroundings began to suddenly move and spin!

The rotation became more and more intense, and soon enough, a colossal cyclone was visibly forming into a wind dragon as it charged and began to grow skywards.

The cars that were parked on the sides were slowly leaving the ground, the street lamps were also being pulled out from their stands. The incredibly ugly monkey-faced beasts that were chasing the Magician emitted miserable shrieks before they were mercilessly drawn into the air. The fiercely rotating stream of air made them float like grass.

Boom~~ Boom~~ Booom~~

The cars were crashing into each other, metal fragments were everywhere. The two monsters were quickly turned into indistinct flesh fragments in the air, and what sprinkled down was a rain of scarlet red fluids. A miserable death.

After seeing this scene, Lin Yuxin’s face grew a withered smile. Her gaze carried a bit of celebration as she attentively looked at the other Magician who had came just in time.

“Mr. Yang, thank you!” Lin Yuxin said excitedly.

“If I’m not seeing this wrong, then those must be the Dark Beast Monsters which the Black Vatican loves ordering about,” Yang Zuohe said with a solemn expression.

“That is correct, the disaster this time was caused by them,” Lin Yuxin said with certainty.

“I also guessed that. Unfortunately, we don’t have any bit of preventive to let this Bo City… Sigh.” Yang Zuohe’s expression was filled with grief. This Blood Alert was really unforeseen, there was no way of knowing how many people had already died.

“I suffered from an attack when I was protecting the Underground Holy Spring, their objective seems to be the Underground Holy Spring,” Lin Yuxin told him.

“We already know that, they specifically wanted me to find you just so I could ensure the safety of the Underground Holy Spring. As for the Underground Holy Spring, you didn’t give it to them, did you?” Yang Zuohe said.

Lin Yuxin shook her head, “They had me surrounded. However, after they realized the Underground Holy Spring wasn’t on my body, they flew into a rage and wanted to kill me. I used a group of scattered One-eyed Magic Wolves to escape from them.”

“You’re very clever! If that’s case, where is the Underground Holy Spring now?” Yang Zuohe continued asking.

“I gave it to the student who was cultivating inside the Underground Holy Spring. I believe placing it with him was much safer than carrying it myself,” Lin Yuxin explained.

“Are you talking about Mo Fan, the kid with an Innate Dual Element?” Yang Zuohe asked with an astonished look.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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