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None of the people there thought that such a dainty, innocent-looking, young woman would be able to bring down the early-stage Soul Ancestor Xing Luo without a problem!

She pulled the red silk back towards her, simultaneously pulling Xing Luo towards her other fist. Holding back a little bit, she planted a punch right on top of his left eye.

Even with his soulforce moving to protect him, the punch of the blow left stars in Xing Luo’s vision. Everything was spinning in his head, and his vision was already starting to fade.

He would be sporting a big bruise around his left eye for a good while.

Everyone, including Xu Shen, was shocked to see Xing Luo injured and quickly moved forward to save him.

Xu Shen paused just half a step later; his eyes widening as he realized Yu Li had at some point stood up and was no in front of him!

Yu Li raised her hand and slapped it gently onto Xu Shen’s left shoulder. There was a cracking sound from within his body before he was sent flying backwards as if struck by something enormous! Sailing through the air, he crashed into the four servants behind him, sending them all tumbling.

Right besides Yu Li, Nangong Yuexia pulled the red silk in her hand again, pulling the still airborne Xing Luo back towards her….

“Here comes another!”

She laughed coyly. Raising her fist again, she landed yet another square blow onto Xing Luo’s face.

This time, it was his right eye.

Back on planet Earth, they would call this as having ‘panda eyes’…..

“Pea–peak late-stage Soul Ancestor!!”

Xu Shen cried out, his face pale with pain and realization at what Nangong Yuexia was, his right hand holding onto his left shoulder.

It was only a moment, but he saw it! This young woman in front of him was a peak late-stage Soul Ancestor! That was stronger than him! And….as for Yu Li, Xu Shen still couldn’t see her strength, but that meant she was even stronger than the other!

Xu Shen started to tremble. By trying to help out the moronic Xing Luo, he had kicked the hornet’s nest and incurred the wrath of someone stronger than him….

In the soul cultivator world, people who were foolish enough to act like Xing Luo could expect to be killed at the very least, and Xu Shen didn’t take the two beautiful women in front of him as being very generous….

But contrary to his expectations, the two women seemed to be as kind as they were beautiful and attacked Xing Luo no longer.

Xu Shen sighed in relief at that.

Casting a cold glance onto the people in front of her, Yu Li sighed, “Yuexia, let’s leave now. There’s no need to mind these people.”


Her companion replied a little reluctantly, she had still wanted to leave another bruise on Xing Luo’s nose….

She tugged her right hand, detaching the red silk around Xing Luo’s neck to pull back into her robes. Together with Yu Li, the two of them walked towards the stairs and out of the restaurant, but not without Nangong Yuexia giving Bai Yunfei a curious stare.

From start to finish, he had been eating his meal without looking up once at what was going on around him.

It was with great panic that the proprietor struggled with the gold coin tossed to him by Yu Li as they walked out. Taking it into the store purse, he stared back at the unsteady Xing Luo with a sweaty forehead and vexed expression.

His soulforce healing his wounds, Xu Shen stood up, “Help the young master up.”

A servant hurried forward to help the dizzy Xing Luo to a nearby stool.

Slightly out of it, Xing Luo said nothing for a while. Then when he finally regained the ability of speech, he roared, “Hahaha!! How dare they hit me! How dare they!! Those sl*ts! Capture them! Capture them at once! I want them to die painfully and with regret!!”

He didn’t look at all like a Soul Ancestor now. Instead, he was acting like a self-entitled second generational.

Xu Shen tried to dissuade him, “Young master, please calm down. I’ve a feeling that those two people aren’t ordinary. You should avoid them for now.”

“Not ordinary?! What mean you by ‘unordinary’?! In Ventia City, we Xing are the strongest!” Xing Luo started to rant, “Call my brother here! Call Wu Ming! And invite second uncle if possible! Invite Zi Mei too!! Those who anger the Xing won’t leave Ventia City in one piece!”

Tempted to give Xing Luo a hearty slap across the face, Xu Shen opted to frown instead.

“Are you the crown prince? Your family wasted so many primal stones and medicines to have you become a Soul Ancestor, and I have to say, it’s wasted on you! Having a person like you as a son will only invite calamity onto your household.”


A chuckle escaped from Bai Yunfei’s mouth. Since it had been so quiet then, everyone heard who it came from.

It had been Bai Yunfei who laughed.

He couldn’t help it. Such an idiotic young master like this one was hard to come by, and Bai Yunfei couldn’t help but snort.

His chuckle only served to anger Xing Luo even more. Eyes burning with fury, he glared at Bai Yunfei, “Brat!! You dare laugh?! You outsiders fail to understand the power I have! Your encounter with me is an unlucky one for you! Men! I want you t—”

Bai Yunfei’s head suddenly looked up, his one-eyed glare stopping Xing Luo dead in his tracks.

It had only been for a moment, but it was enough. Drinking the last of his soup, Bai Yunfei placed a golden coin onto the table and stood up. He patted the wyrm on the back with a smile, “Alright, let’s get going.”

And just like that, Bai Yunfei left the restaurant as well.

When Bai Yunfei, Xiao Qi, and Xiao Lan disappeared from the restaurant, Xu Shen started to think to himself. From what he say, Bai Yunfei was only an early-stage Soul Ancestor, and the wyrm an early-stage class five soulbeast.

He thought that Xing Luo would’ve decided to rain fury onto the unlucky soul cultivator, but he calmed down surprisingly quick. Since he did nothing, Xu Shen decided to follow suit.

Since he was only a late-stage Soul Ancestor, he wasn’t able to see how strong Xiao Qi was. The only thing he knew was that the wyrm was a lot smarter than it looked. When Bai Yunfei had warned the wyrm to suppress its aura, it was able to do so to the levels of an early-stage class five, and Bai Yunfei had followed suit. That was why he appeared to be an early-stage Soul Ancestor.

If he completely suppressed his soulforce, it’d be extremely weird to see a commoner walking with an early-stage class five soulbeast right next to him. Anyone would be able to see that he was pretending.

But that was the extent of what Xu Shen could see from Bai Yunfei.

The reason why Yu Li was able to see through the wyrm’s real strength was because she was a mid-stage Soul Exalt! Her ability in hiding her aura was a lot better than Nangong Yuexia, so she looked weaker than Nangong Yuexia despite actually being stronger. Xu Shen hadn’t seen through her strength since he was weaker, but he had his doubts.

There was a reason why Xing Luo had stopped talking earlier. His face had a hint of fear on it, and a little bit of excitement.

Actually, there was two more reasons. Bai Yunfei’s sharp glare had shut up him. And the other reason was that he recognized him.

Bai Yunfei hadn’t bothered to hide his appearance when he walked into Ventia City. He wasn’t a fugitive, so he saw no reason on needing to hide his face.

“It’s….it’s him!! What’s he doing here?! Haha!! He’s here of all places!”

Doubt, then excitement flooded Xing Luo’s mind. He never imagined that Bai Yunfei would appear here of all places.

He hadn’t forgotten about Bai Yunfei ever since they first met, and never did he forget about the humiliation he suffered at his hands….

His head flickered up, hatred and venom practically flowing from his eyes. “Hurry up and have Wu Ming come over!” He ordered to a servant.

The servant left, leaving Xing Luo to stare down from the window with an ominous leer, “There’s no doors to hell, but you still came knocking. Even if you’re from the Crafting School, you’ll die here in my city!

“The humiliation you gave me those years ago, I’ll pay it back to you today!”

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