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That was right! This person he was fighting right now was a student of the Soul Refining School!

And the attack he used twice on Bai Yunfei had clearly been the Soul Refining Palm!

This was the move that burned deeply into Bai Yunfei’s mind. There was no way he could forget such a thing!

It had been his mistake to think this man to be a regular soul cultivator with an affinity for ice. He didn’t bother to use his Fire-tipped Spear for medium ranged combat and took the ‘weak’ palm strike to the waist with little regard since he never thought that it’d inject malefic aura into his body and steal away some of his soulforce!

Already, the corrosive energy from the soul refiner’s strike was sapping away at his soulforce, making him lose concentration and then the next exchange!

His battle with the soul refiner that destroyed the Nephrite Throne gave him some experience with how to deal with any soul refiner. Thinking about those memories, when he was first struck by the palm and lost concentration, the +12 ring he had helped him snap out of it to protect himself from the next attack.

Although that next exchange caused him to lose some more soulforce, Bai Yunfei had prepared himself for it and didn’t lose too much soulforce as a result.

“You’re from the Soul Refining School!!” Bai Yunfei spat, his face contorted with anger. “Prepare yourself to die then!”

His hands started to make a series of complicated seals, melding his soulforce appropriately with each one, further elevating his power to even higher levels!

Berserk Mode!!

There would be no mercy for the Soul Refining School. Now at his strongest, Bai Yunfei was fully intent on slaughtering the soul refiner!

He had only been a mid-stage Soul Exalt at the start of the battle. By going into the ‘coil’ form, he brought himself to the late-stage Soul Exalt level. And now with the Berserk Mode, Bai Yunfei’s strength was now at the peak late-stage Soul Exalt level!!

To go any further from here would mean the Soul King realm, but no matter how miraculous the Dual Flame Arts was, they couldn’t elevate his strength that high.

His secondary powerup caused yet another storm of attention to be focused on him. Everyone looked to Bai Yunfei in surprise, including Xing Qiugu and his brother Xing Qiufeng, and even the people looking at the battle a good distance away in surprise!

Even Wu Han was affected by this new development. Originally planning to attack Bai Yunfei before he could do anything, Wu Han thought otherwise as soon as Bai Yunfei’s strength exploded drastically and leapt backwards in retreat!

He couldn’t believe what was going on in front of him. Bai Yunfei had already taken two blows of the Soul Refining Palm, and yet all the damage was already reversed! That wasn’t possible!

The Soul Refining Palm would corrode the soulforce of anyone afflicted by it. Anyone hit by it wouldn’t even be able to defend themselves from further attacks and would be easy targets to kill afterwards.

But Bai Yunfei was somehow an exception! His reaction to being hit with the Soul Refining Palm didn’t look any different than being hit with a burst of elemental energy! Wu Han was thoroughly shocked by this. The Soul Refining Palm had been the move that allowed him to kill any soul cultivator, and never had he an opponent who shrugged off the move as easily as that.

In addition to that, Bai Yunfei’s strength had increased yet again after that!

Him going from a mid-stage Soul Exalt to a late-stage Soul Exalt wasn’t too exciting to him, he had confidence in his strength after all. But when Bai Yunfei became a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, Wu Han had to admit he was thoroughly intimidated.

Bai Yunfei’s transformation was even more surprising to see than his initial appearance!

Wu Han had retreated in fear, but Bai Yunfei wasn’t willing to give him even that. The Berserk Mode wouldn’t last long–ten minutes at the very most–so he had to finish this battle as soon as possible or risk being in danger!

Now that he knew the person in front of him was a soul refiner, he had only one goal: kill!

Calling his Fire-tipped Spear to him, Bai Yunfei moved after Wu Han. Though he had his head start, it was only a hundred meters at most, Bai Yunfei could shrink that distance very quickly!

Wu Han narrowed his eyes venomously, though his retreat maintained that speed. His arms readied themselves in front of him before he pushed outwards, forming hundreds of icicles to fire off at Bai Yunfei. The Arctic Pricker was replaced by a golden disk with many blades at the edge. Bringing his arm back, he tossed the disk forward to slice down Bai Yunfei, whistling and whirring as it traveled through the air.

Bai Yunfei continued forwards, his left arm pointing the Cataclysmic Seal forward, growing in size as it flew!

Growing to the size of a great wall, the Cataclysmic Seal met the hundreds of icicles to smash into it without letting a single one through it.

“Clank!” The first to the hit the Cataclysmic Seal had been the golden disk. Unlike the icicles that either disintegrated into powder or fell down, the golden disk bounced off of the brick back towards its owner without leaving a mark!

And without losing any speed in the slightest, the Cataclysmic Seal continued forwards!

Wu Han paled. He expected to slow down Bai Yunfei by just a little bit, but he didn’t expect that his attacks would be so effectively countered. Not willing to take the Cataclysmic Seal head on, Wu Han tossed his arms wide to allow for white light to appear behind his back, forming a pair of icy wings almost instantly!

“Bang!” Nicely synchronized with a heavy kick, his wings beated together to send him soaring a good two hundred meters into the air and dodged the Cataclysmic Seal.

Before he could sigh in relief, however, Wu Han saw a figure suddenly leap into the air with him. Reaching the same height he did, the figure suddenly dashed perpendicularly to greet him head on!

Practically furious with how the battle was going, Wu Han decided to hold his ground on this one. His soulforce started to flow strangely in his body as he withdrew the Arctic Pricker again. He flourished it strangely in front of himself before stabbing at Bai Yunfei as if thrusting a spear!

Elemental ice whirled around Wu Han before gathering around the Arctic Pricker. Crackling as it manifested into solid form, the ice lengthened the Arctic Pricker so that it became an icy spear a good dozen meters long! The ice continued down the spear and connected it to his arm, making it so that the spear and arm was as one to strike Bai Yunfei dead in the heart!

But the stranger thing was that within the icy spear, there was a sliver of near-invisible black energy…..

Arctic Strike!!

This was the soul skill Wu Han could use. It was his greatest attack in his repertoire, and it was in his belief that the move was freakishly hard to dodge once locked upon!

And as long as the target was struck by it, death was for certain!

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