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Now that Bai Yunfei’s essence fireseed was being ‘incubated’ by the Cataclysmic Seal, he didn’t dare neglect observing it in case some sort of violent outbreak or disappearance occurred, but after a week had passed with neither of the two scenarios happening, Bai Yunfei was sure that his essence fireseed was nice and cozy in the Cataclysmic Seal, like a child being fed by its loving mother. In this case, what it was being fed was a large amount of elemental fire and its growth was its gradual recovery.

The Cataclysmic Seal was left outside of the space ring since Bai Yunfei wanted to keep a close eye on it. This was the best way for it to absorb elemental fire, and even though it could absorb elemental fire from the safety of the space ring, outside it was capable of supplementing his essence fireseed with additional ‘energy.’

Whenever he went outside to see Tang Xinyun or do an errand of his own, the Cataclysmic Seal would follow him. This in turn led to many students looking at him strangely. It was indeed flashy to have a soul armament rotate around someone, but when it was a red brick, that was when it became rather… awkward.

Since the Cataclysmic Seal didn’t reveal any of its powerful elemental fire around it, the soul armament looked extremely normal as it floated about.

As time elapsed since his talk with Zi Jin, Bai Yunfei was feeling some semblance of ease. His essence fireseed was recovering at a slow, but steady rate. There’d be a day when it would make a full recovery. A day like that was something Bai Yunfei was extremely excited for.

He hadn’t any idea how to ‘jailbreak’ his essence fireseed from the Cataclysmic Seal, but now didn’t seem like the time to worry about such a matter. Bai Yunfei had a feeling that nothing bad would happen, and if he were to wait, his essence fireseed would be able to be called back when it was fully healed.

Now that he didn’t have to worry about it, Bai Yunfei could think about other things. The very first thought had been about Tang Xinyun’s injuries, of course. Despite her having the Violet Soul Bracelet and the Yun’s Soul Ring, her recovery was still a little bit slow (in Bai Yunfei’s opinion). As a result, Bai Yunfei hatched a plan to try and upgrade even more accessories, hoping that he might find another one that would grant spirit and have a soulforce recovering effect. The sooner he could, the sooner he wouldn’t have to feel regret.


Bai Yunfei was on top of his bed. He was looking through the accessories Xiao Er had given him before they parted.

Bai Yunfei grabbed one of the accessories and prepared to start the upgrading process.

Equipment Grade: Normal

Upgrade Requirement: 1 Soulpoint


The fact that it was a normal accessory gave Bai Yunfei some pause. “Why is there a normal tier equipment?”

Back in Curopia City, the lowest grade item Xiao Er had given Bai Yunfei had been superior at the very least. Not once did an accessory at the level of ‘normal’ appear.

He turned the agate necklace over to take a closer look. Some dirt could be seen right on the face. The necklace was a little damaged here and there. It was by no means an accessory that looked like it could be sold in a jewelry store.

In fact, it looked as if it had been buried in the earth for a good amount of time before it had been taken.

“Is it an antique?” Bai Yunfei thought. How old an item was bore no relevance to him. All he was interested in were the stats and effects.

As if to satisfy his curiosity, Bai Yunfei looked through the entire stockpile. All sorts of accessories could be seen: new ones, good ones, bad ones, and broken ones.

They were clearly not from the same source and had been taken from all sorts of places.

“That Xiao Er… he probably bought all that he could from the city and had to resort to other means…” Bai Yunfei shook his head. What shape the accessories were in didn’t matter much. He’d upgrade them all the same, hoping one would grant spirit.

His handling of the process had been quick and well-experienced. In no time at all, the accessories that gave spirit had been differentiated from the ones that didn’t.

In total, there were about a hundred of them.

Equipment Grade: Mid Human

Attribute: +160 Spirit
Upgrade Requirement: 70 Soulpoints


With this accessory in hand, Bai Yunfei looked at it closely before starting to think, “Upgra—

“Wait, what?” Something caught his eye.

On a second glance, Bai Yunfei saw something interesting, “Mid-human!? That’s a soul armament!!

“That’s…” He took another look at the item. It was a bluish-green jade pendant with a bit of grime on it.


Bai Yunfei didn’t know what to think. Having an accessory that was a soul armament appear wasn’t within his realm of expectations.

“Did Xiao Er find these ones specifically?” He wondered, but that didn’t seem like a satisfactory answer. Accessory type soul armaments were quite rare. Xiao Er wouldn’t throw it in with the rest of the ‘damaged’ goods.

“Then is this… a coincidence? Was this one found at random, and Xiao Er didn’t bother to look into it?” Bai Yunfei’s mind raced furiously, “Doesn’t matter! I can’t send it back anyhow, so let’s accept this as a happy coincidence!”

Coming across such a rare soul armament made Bai Yunfei happy inside. Wiping the jade pendant clean of its filth, he began to inspect it even more. In the pendant itself was a small oval about the size of his thumb with several scratch marks running across it at every angle. Clearly, the pendant had been scratched from time and age. With all of the scratch marks running across it, Bai Yunfei would’ve thought that this was any normal accessory if he didn’t possess the Equipment Upgrade Technique.

Feeling at the scratches, Bai Yunfei sighed to himself. “I’ll upgrade it first and see if it can recover soulforce…


Several minutes later.

Upgrade Successful Equipment Grade: Mid Human

Upgrade Level: +10

Additional Attribute: +88 Spirit

Upgrade Requirement: 70 Soulpoints

“It doesn’t regenerate soulforce…” He was crestfallen for only a moment before he realized something, “Hold on… increase the rate of training!?”

Bewildered by the effect, Bai Yunfei muttered, “So it can increase my training speed… was there really such an effect? That’s great! 8% is almost a tenth of normal. That’s unbelievable though! Even the Violet Soul Ring isn’t as good as this.”

The pendant was put on soon after that. Aside from a slight increase in his soulforce, Bai Yunfei didn’t feel any different. Even after concentrating, he still couldn’t feel any noticeable changes, but he didn’t doubt the effects of the pendant. If it said it could increase the efficiency of training, then it would do so without a doubt.

This effect was probably not noticeable on the surface, so Bai Yunfei didn’t want to bother experimenting with it for now. Wearing it was more than enough. (The pendant given to Bai Yunfei by his mother was stored in his space ring in fear that it might break or get scratched when fighting.)

Touching the pendant against his chest, Bai Yunfei said, “If it can make me faster at training, I’ll call it the ‘Cultivating Pendant’!”

Happy that he had stumbled across such a great soul armament by accident, Bai Yunfei turned his ‘greedy’ eyes to the remaining few accessories. He hoped that there’d be another accessory that’d exceed his expectations.

After half an hour, Bai Yunfei finally began to upgrade all the accessories that had spirit stats. Since he was well-experienced with the process, he was able to upgrade them all. Unbeknownst to him, the sky was growing brighter, symbolizing the coming of the next day.

Upgrade Successful Equipment Grade: High

Upgrade Level: +10

Soul Compatibility: 10%

Upgrade Requirement:30 Soulpoints



After failing to upgrade a dozen +9 equipments in a row, a notification Bai Yunfei had been looking for finally came up in his mind.

“It’s here! Soulforce recovery!!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes widened in joy. At last one had appeared!!

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