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Over the span of the past few days of upgrading, Bai Yunfei had upgraded roughly one hundred fifty-six accessories to +10 and had three accessories that were +11. This included the accessories he had before this.

Just how many one of these one hundred fifty-nine accessories would make it to +12, Bai Yunfei didn’t know, but that didn’t matter. Even if they all failed, Bai Yunfei could start from scratch, and if they worked, there’d be a chance of getting the effects he wanted. The +12 effects were usually a lot stronger than the +10 ones, so the chances of something that could help Tang Xinyun would be a lot higher too…

There was a dark-green bracelet in Bai Yunfei’s hands as he looked at the stats.

Equipment Grade: Superior

Upgrade Level: +10

+10 Additional Effect: Increase spirit by 20.
Upgrade Requirement: 22 Soulpoints

After looking at the stats, Bai Yunfei thought, “Upgrade.”

Upgrade Failed

That was an expected outcome…

He took another equipment. “Upgrade.”

Upgrade Failed


Upgrade Failed

The chances of a successful upgrade after reaching the +10 mark were so low that anyone would feel frustrated. Out of the twenty-six accessories Bai Yunfei tried, he was ‘fortunate’ that one of them passed.

Upgrade Successful Equipment Grade: High

Upgrade Level: +11

Soul Compatibility: 15%

Upgrade Requirement: 4 Soulpoints

Sighing as he looked at the amber necklace, Bai Yunfei thought, “Finally got one. Getting any piece of equipment to +11 is probably below 10%….that doesn’t matter, I have to keep upgrading!”

He picked up a black ring next, “Upgrade!”

This time, Bai Yunfei was a little more careful as he upgraded the accessories. There weren’t even two hundred accessories this time, but it took three hours for him to finish. Now that night was here and all the +10 equipment were upgraded, Bai Yunfei was left with only… sixteen!

With barely even a ten percent success rate, Bai Yunfei felt quite fortunate to have what he had. Counting the three accessories he had from before, he now had nineteen +11 accessories.

Cross-legged on his bed, Bai Yunfei looked over each of the nineteen accessories. This was the first time in five days that he had been so calm. Grabbing a jade bracelet with his hand, he muttered, “After five days of work, this is what I have. Whether I make it or break it, these nineteen items will determine my fate!”


Upgrade Failed

Disappoint flashed over the frozen face of Bai Yunfei before he shook his head, “That’s only the first one. I’ve still more to go!”


Upgrade Failed


Upgrade Failed

Bai Yunfei’s lips twitched sporadically with an unsightly expression. Picking up a purplish-red bracelet next, Bai Yunfei let out a heavy breath to calm himself. “Upgrade.”

Upgrade Successful Equipment Grade: High

Upgrade Level: +12

Soul Compatibility: 25%

+12 Additional Effect: Increase spirit by 100.
Upgrade Requirement: 60 Soulpoints

“Success!!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes lit up with joy, but when he saw the new effect of the bracelet, a look of disgust immediately replaced it.

“Yo—this—what the fuck! What else can you do but increase spirit!? I want the ability to regenerate soulforce! Regenerate!!” Bai Yunfei howled as he looked at the +12 equipment he had worked so hard to upgrade.

The accessory was quite something else in truth. It granted an additional 275 points of spirit—by no means a small number, roughly 550 units of soulforce!

To be more definite, an early-stage Soul Personage had 600 units of soulforce. A late-stage Soul Personage had roughly 1000.

So that meant if an early-stage Soul Personage were to wear this ring, they’d have enough soulforce to fight a late-stage Soul Personage!

To be fair, having soulforce did not mean having strength, but in a long fight, the one with even more soulforce between two at the same level of strength would come out on top. For Bai Yunfei, equipping this ring would give him a substantial boost to his soulforce.

But this wasn’t what he wanted!!

It took so much time and effort for him to get a +12 equipment. To have this effect appear right now was nothing more than an irksome presence that he hated!

After several deep breaths to quell his disappointment, Bai Yunfei tossed the +12 bracelet aside and took out another ring. “Upgrade.”

Upgrade Successful Equipment Grade: High

Upgrade Level: +12

Soul Compatibility: 25%

+12 Additional Effect: Decrease the attack of all spirit-based attacks by 15%.
Upgrade Requirement: 62 Soulpoints


“This…” Bai Yunfei was speechless at what he had achieved, “I succeeded again!!”

Like he said before, upgrading was something Bai Yunfei had no guarantees. He couldn’t guarantee a chance of success out of ten equipment, but he couldn’t say that it’d be possible to have a consecutive success—just like right now.

But it still wasn’t what he wanted!!

He succeeded in upgrading, but he was disappointed with the results nonetheless. “There’s still a chance!” Bai Yunfei encouraged himself, “I’ve two successes out of five. That means I could still have a chance!”

He pulled out a necklace with his hand, “Upgrade!”

Upgrade Failed

Perhaps the goddess of fortune was looking after Bai Yunfei for only that moment, for Bai Yunfei failed the following ten one after another!

From the remaining +11 equipment after that, only one more succeeded!

Equipment Grade: High

Upgrade Level: +12

Soul Compatibility: 25%

+12 Additional Effect: There is a 5% chance of being immune to a spirit-based attack when hit.

Upgrade Requirement: 60 Soulpoints


This was the third +12 accessory.

Bai Yunfei looked at it despondently. After five straight days of upgrading, this was all that he was left with…

“Just how could this be…” Bai Yunfei muttered to himself in despair. “There were so many accessories, so many! Why wasn’t there a single one with that effect!?”

He raised his head to look up at the heavens beyond the roof, “Dear Heavens, are you trying to make me regret this for the rest of my life…?”

For several minutes, Bai Yunfei looked at the three accessories in his hand. As if to comfort himself, he muttered, “+13… equipment still have another additional effect. That’s my last chance… I managed to upgrade the brick to +13 before, so it’s not impossible! I can’t give up, I have to stay determined… there’s still hope!!”

Trying to instill hope in himself, Bai Yunfei grabbed the nearby purple-red bracelet. “Upgrade…”

Upgrade Failed

Perhaps the Heavens didn’t listen to his prayer since the bracelet was immediately reduced to ashes.

Bai Yunfei’s pupils dilated a bit as his face drained of color. Trying to maintain his calm and determination, Bai Yunfei shook his hand to take out a white stone.

This time, he’ll use the upgrade stone!!

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