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The Dual Dragon Burst crashed into the giant black palm with devastating force. When the two forces collided, an explosion of elemental fire and darkness exploded outwards into the surrounding area!

The surrounding earth tremored violently as the energy washed over the land. A layer of dust and stone was already being kicked up to form a dust storm.

Bai Yunfei’s Dual Dragon Burst was a soul skill capable of striking down a Half-emperor. But in the face of an actual Soul Emperor…it was stopped stone cold by the Extinguishing Seal!

The two soul skills might’ve clashed against one another for a moment, but the Dual Dragon Burst was definitely not the victor of the clash!

“What!? So even chaotic energy can be blocked!!?” Bai Yunfei’s pupils dilated in shock—never had he imagined that there’d be a situation like this!

Chaotic energy could be said to be the origin of all elements. It was a higher form of energy and should’ve been able to overwhelm any individual element should the two clash. But… 

Bai Yunfei noticed it when strands of energy from Nether’s attack made its way closer to him. “The Planar Laws!” Bai Yunfei gasped. His soulsense had picked up on the peculiarity within Nether’s attack. “I can feel the Laws of Darkness!”

The power he felt from Nether’s attack was giving him a vibe almost identical to the vibe when he used the Laws of Fire within the Core World!

“That has to be it…our opponent is a Mid-stage Soul Emperor. He’s definitely a person who has come to understand a portion of the Planar Laws. That’s why he can resist the chaotic energy!”

In terms of energy, chaotic energy was a tier higher than elemental energy. The Planar Laws were not a type of energy, but laws that upheld the world. Unless Bai Yunfei were to somehow learn and master the Laws of Chaos—which the Planar Laws originated from—there was no way Bai Yunfei would be able to combat the Planar Laws. Learning the Laws of Chaos in this short time frame was without a doubt a fool’s dream… 

The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst versus the Laws of Darkness infused Extinguishing Seal. Two attacks filled with catastrophic might and yet both attacks failed to do nothing but cancel each other out!

There was a glimmer of light in Nether’s eyes. He wasn’t prepared for this outcome, it seemed. Raising his right hand up, he gathered even more soulforce to his right index finger!

From the black energy around him formed a giant skeleton. A loud wail exuded from its jaw when its head formed before it lunged at Bai Yunfei to swallow him whole!

The Maw of the Nether!

Sheer panic formed on Bai Yunfei’s face in the form of sweat. Activating an effect, Bai Yunfei had a curtain of black light appear in front of him. It began to swirl in on itself to eventually transform into a giant whirlpool.

Like a stone into a pool of water, the skeleton entered the whirlpool and disappeared without a trace!


Bai Yunfei let out a sigh of relief once the skeleton disappeared. His knees felt somewhat weak now that the experience was over. The usage of both the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst and the additional effect of his armor to cancel out the Maw of the Nether took up over half his soulforce… 

“Oh? So he had a soul skill like that?”

Nether let out a surprised exhale at the same time Bai Yunfei did. He was surprised. A ‘soul skill’ that could so ‘easily’ cancel out his Maw to the Underworld was something he hadn’t seen before.

“He has too many tricks up his sleeves. It’s best to kill him first and take the secrets off his corpse later!”

He sneered. Soulforce exploded out from his body again to mix with the elemental darkness and form an armored black being!

Nether Wraith!

This was another soul skill Bai Yunfei saw Mo Ni use before. Again, there was a stark difference from when Mo Ni used it to when Nether used it. This time, the armor this being wore looked far more sturdy and had several overlapping layers like scales. The warblade it wielded had a light to its edge that made it look all the more formidable and not any less strong than a heaven-tier soul armament.

Now fully materialized into the world, the wraith threw its head up to unleash a heaven-shaking roar. Embers that glowed an unnatural color were shining in both sockets where its eyes should be when the wraith looked back down. It took one heavy step forward with its blade already moving through the air to slash down onto Bai Yunfei!


In response to that, Bai Yunfei let out a roar of his own before lashing out with another two punches!


And then two dragons flew out from his hands. He was using the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst again!


The wraith was hit by the two dragons and destroyed within a matter of seconds. Neither of the two dragons stopped for even a second before continuing onwards to Nether!

“Again that move? Has he run out of other options?”

Nether’s eyes narrowed slightly. He could tell that Bai Yunfei was essentially pouring the last of his soulforce into the same move. It seemed silly, why do that in the face of overwhelming power? Why do it when that meant not having enough energy to even try to run away? Was he trying to die?

He didn’t know what kind of ‘stupid’ ploy Bai Yunfei was getting at, but Nether had no desire to let him to do as pleased. Gathering his soulforce to him, Nether began to muster enough energy to drop another Extinguishing Seal onto it!


Another burst of energy from Bai Yunfei alerted Nether to another attack before he could unleash the Extinguishing Seal. 

Somehow, Bai Yunfei—who was essentially filled with as much soulforce as a withered stick moments ago—was now bursting with enough soulforce as when this fight began!

This was the result of Soul Ignition!

The second Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst wasn’t meant to be a finishing move; Bai Yunfei went straight into using Soul Ignition after it!

Fire danced all around Bai Yunfei from where he stood. Teeth clenched from the pain of igniting his soul, Bai Yunfei brought both hands up to undergo the same sequence of seals as before!

The fire gathered around his arms again before he lashed out with yet another Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!


It flew forward with speeds even greater than the one before it. By the time the Extinguishing Seal was on the verge of clashing with the first Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst, the second was already merging with the first!

The amount of power Nether put into the Extinguishing Seal had only been enough to perfectly neutralize one Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst. It wasn’t ready to take the combined power of two!


The two Dual Dragon Burst couldn’t be stopped by the Extinguishing Seal. Nether’s attack fell apart straight away while Bai Yunfei’s attack traveled unimpeded to Nether!

“Ahh!!!” A terrified scream erupted from Qin Bangjie. He was horrified that Nether’s attack had failed to stop the Dual Dragon Burst. Nether was surprised as well, and the black light around him fell apart just enough to reveal the translucent figure of a middle-aged man within it.

For the first time since this battle began, Nether found himself being forced to actually use both hands for once to protect himself.

“Karmic Fire of the Nether!”

The man growled as he thrust both hands out. The soulforce within him exploded out into the area in front of him to transform into flames as black as the night to burn everything it touched!

A sea of black flames exploded over the area for hundreds of meters. Upon meeting the two Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst, the flames began to try to overwhelm the dragons and flood it!


The two dragons writhed and roared angrily as it tried to struggle and wriggle its way out from the fiery black swamp it was stuck in! Runoff energy was splashing away from the dragons with every motion they made and it looked like the two dragons were in pain!

Qin Bangjie heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of the two dragons writhing. It seemed they were safe. Glancing over to Nether, the man was about to say something when he realized something…

“Headmaster, your—!”

Nether held his hand up to silence the man. “Be silent, I used a little more than I imagined I would…our enemy is in his death throes, he cannot continue this charade any longer.”

The black light that used to obscure the man was no less than half the intensity of what it was before. His person could now distinctly be seen. Using the powers of the Planar Laws took more out from Nether than he expected, and that meant his avatar was destabilizing. Without the ability to regenerate soulforce, Nether’s avatar was now at less than forty percent of his total reserves.

His reassurances to Qin Bangjie masked the surprise Nether had. What he thought was a near-suicidal attack onto him was actually just a prelude to something even more shocking. Nether thought Bai Yunfei would’ve been all out of soulforce after that and without any energy to resist one more Maw to the Netherworld. That should’ve been the end of the fight, but somehow Bai Yunfei managed to pull off two consecutive Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!


Nether snapped out from his thoughts when he heard another loud roar come from where Bai Yunfei was!

Another two dragons were coming straight at him!

It wasn’t over yet!

Nether assumed that Bai Yunfei was out of soulforce. But just like the last time, he found that Bai Yunfei was suddenly back to full reserves for a second time!

And then…another two Dual Dragon Burst were flying at him!


Not even an iota of blood could be seen in Qin Bangjie’s face. He was as pale as a ghost and horrorstruck as if he saw one.

Even Nether was trembling a bit. “Again!! Is…is he trying to die?!”

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