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An unprecedented amount of fear filled Qin Bangjie’s eyes. Fearful of the spear coming straight for him, he kicked off against the air to jump for the side!


Though it couldn’t be said he was too slow to react, Qin Bangjie thought that his barrier would hold out for at least long enough for him to get away. It should’ve been enough for him to get away, but the barrier hadn’t even done a thing to stop the spear from going through it to stab into Qin Bangjie’s left shoulder!

And when the spear stabbed into his flesh, it exploded with a bright bang of light!

The +10 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear had activated!

Fire erupted from the spear to engulf Qin Bangjie in it instantaneously!


The closest one to Qing Bangjie had been Mo Ni. He hadn’t been expecting for Qin Bangjie to suddenly go up into flames and let out a yelp as he stared wide-eyed at the man.


Something flew out from the flames towards Mo Ni, causing him to snap back in shock. He prepared himself to fire a beam of light to stop the figure, but that was when he realized it was…a charred arm!

A smoking figure exited from the other side of the flames. This one was even larger in size than the arm but was glowing with a faint black and green light to it as it fell.

“First elder!!!”

The other Soul Kings cried out in horror!

The person who flew out from the flames just was now was Qin Bangjie. He was currently in a sight far too frightful to bear. His entire person was charred black and his left arm was severed at the shoulder. Blood was flowing freely from the stump to splatter on the faces of the people who caught him. His face was expressionless as if unsure of what to even do at this moment.

Qin Bangjie had lost all form of motion. His soulforce wasn’t even flowing regularly through his body anymore!!


While everyone else was busy panicking over the state of Qin Bangjie, another Early-stage Soul King let out a scream of pain as a violet streak of light tore through his back!

The Heaven’s Thunder!


It flew back to the original source of the flames to hover nearby a hazy figure standing inside of it.

“Ah!! Attack! Attack! Kill him!!”

A Late-stage Soul King cried out. Exploding with soulforce, he flew at Bai Yunfei to send a wave of elemental energy at him.

Everything was happening far too fast for most people to properly take in. In one second, Bai Yunfei broke out from the King Caging Bell. In the next second, he killed multiple Soul Exalts and then an Early-stage Soul King. Then he severed one of Qin Bangjie’s arms and rendered him unable to fight!

It felt almost absurd. A surreal scene that most almost thought was just a figment of their imagination… 


Though the flames dancing and flickering to life was burning hot, the light in Bai Yunfei’s eyes was cold enough to freeze water. Clapping both hands together, he began to go through a rapid string of hand seals!

The ideal situation would be to sit a little longer in the King Caging Bell and recover soulforce that way, but Bai Yunfei knew that was just a pipe dream. There was no way Qin Bangjie wouldn’t know he had lost control over the King Caging Bell and wouldn’t attack Bai Yunfei. Staying even a minute longer in the bell would just mean being in danger for another minute longer. 

Therefore, it was better for Bai Yunfei to launch a surprise attack while Qin Bangjie was still trying to understand what was going on and kill a few people.

That being said, Bai Yunfei didn’t expect that the first attack to be launched onto everyone would be the sound waves caused by the King Caging Bell’s +12 additional effect. And neither did he expect for everyone to be struck by confusion, but that didn’t mean Bai Yunfei would give up the chance. If the iron was hot, then he would strike.

“If you come after me…be prepared to lose a few men!!”


The forest echoed with a tremendous explosion as flames burst out from Bai Yunfei’s body like a snarling beast readying itself for the kill! The flames radiating from his body was so powerful that it could be felt even within a tremendous area!

He was going into ‘Berserk’ Mode!!

And just like that, Bai Yunfei went straight from being a Late-stage Soul King to being a Peak Late-stage Soul King! 

The pain Bai Yunfei felt was utterly excruciating and Bai Yunfei felt like his body was being torn to pieces. The muscles on his face twitched incessantly as he tried to endure the pain. The killing intent in his eyes couldn’t be hidden at all as he summoned the Fire-tipped Spear to him. In one swift motion, he shot forward to attack his enemies!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!”

Attack after attack, Bai Yunfei struck down each and every Soul King in his path with explosive force!

“A Peak Late-stage Soul King…how?!”

Screams of panic and terror began to ring everywhere as the people started to despair at Bai Yunfei’s new strength!

Over a hundred people were gathered here, both students and Soul Kings included. By all rights, Bai Yunfei should’ve been in despair at such a seemingly terrible situation, but he was actually getting stronger and stronger…

It was extremely terrifying to see, and multiple people felt like several daggers were stabbing into them with how they were shivering.

“R-run!! Run away!!”

“Attack! Attack! Everyone attack him!!!”

“Don’t come over, I don’t want to die!!!!”

Multiple screams rang out from the students. Many Soul Exalts were trying to run away as fast as they could, but just as many other students were charging Bai Yunfei and hoping to surround him for the Soul Kings to attack.

“All together now!”

Though by no means calm, the Soul Kings couldn’t allow Bai Yunfei’s power up to faze them into inaction. The Late-stage Soul King let out a rallying cry before swiping at Bai Yunfei with his right hand!

A soul attack!!



The other Soul Kings roared out loud with him before launching a soul attack of their own!

“Again?! Then…freeze!!!”

A cold light entered Bai Yunfei’s eyes at the sight of their second attempt to subdue him. A crimson-red glow floated out from his body as he took in a deep breath, and then…he let out a loud roar!

The Soul Anchoring Technique exploded outwards like a red wave of light. Striking against every single one of the soul attacks aimed Bai Yunfei’s way, the technique broke apart everything thrown at it before hitting several Soul Exalts, causing them to let out a blood-curling shriek!


The Soul Kings let out a gasp of pain when struck by the technique. They staggered backward as if physically struck by a weapon!

The power of Bai Yunfei when under the effects of the Berserk Mode was definitely something to be seen. Combined with the Soul Sentinel Scarf, the Soul Anchoring Technique was something that couldn’t possibly be stopped by any Soul King!

The demonic glow of red light around Bai Yunfei seemed to bleed into Bai Yunfei’s eyes. They used to be slightly white and were now a very eerie shade of red. Stamping down on his foot, Bai Yunfei kicked off against the air with enough force that cracks were left behind on it to go flying towards the Soul King!

“He has to be at his limit, stop him!!”

Most of the Soul Kings were operating under the assumption Bai Yunfei was making his final stand despite the aura radiating from him. It was something they each learned from experience; a person under circumstances like Bai Yunfei shouldn’t even be remotely capable of fighting at such a high level of strength forever. He had to be nearing the last of his soulforce reserves.

One by one, the Soul Kings sent out a burst of elemental energy to try and strike him down from behind!

Then a dark and gold light appeared behind Bai Yunfei’s back!

The King Caging Bell!


Completely out of the blue, the King Caging Bell had appeared right behind Bai Yunfei to stop each and every attack from hitting him, and the vibrations brought forth from the attacks hitting the bell was loud enough to make the ears of everyone hurt tremendously!

Rather than being a bell, the King Caging Bell was more like a giant gold shield to protect Bai Yunfei from harm!

“He’s stolen the King Caging Bell! How?!”

The Soul Kings froze up at the sight. Several of the Soul Kings had their suspicions on how Bai Yunfei escaped the King Caging Bell, though they never got an answer due to Qin Bangjie being out for the count. So to have the King Caging Bell appear behind Bai Yunfei like a shield was a sudden answer to their questions, and it was extremely shocking to see.

Now was one of those times where it was hard to see how the situation came to be. Many of the people here were completely caught up in their fear for Bai Yunfei as if he was a demon straight from the underworld.

Another massacre more tragic than the previous one was starting to unfold!

Bai Yunfei appeared directly in front of the group of students with his Fire-tipped Spear blaring with fire. The flames around him felt more like sharp blades ready to cut into anyone foolish enough to draw near him. One by one, the students began to fall like withered pieces of grass!

Bai Yunfei’s path was taking him towards a Mid-stage and two Early-stage Soul Kings. Those three Soul Kings were already preparing their strongest attacks to take down Bai Yunfei, but none of their attacks landed on him. The two Early-stage Soul Kings were struck down almost instantly while the Mid-stage Soul King managed to evade death for several exchanges before the Fire-tipped Spear bored straight through him… 

Under the power of Berserk Mode, Bai Yunfei was someone who simply couldn’t be stopped. Unless he himself decided to stop, the entire crowd of people here would be killed!

Bai Yunfei didn’t have the intention of doing anything along those lines. Such an act was just…a little too much for him, he couldn’t hold out in this mode much longer.

Going into Berserk Mode was quite different than before. The power he gained from going into such a mode was far stronger, yes, but the pain was also far more unbearable. Though he hadn’t even used the chaotic energy in his body for the past few seconds, the pain wrought from Berserk Mode was already pushing him to his limits.

He had to escape from this encirclement at once!

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