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“What? You want me to go kill this Bai Yunfei?!” Li Yue snapped his head to stare in disbelief at Mo Ni.

The battlefield was a dangerous place even for him. How could he possibly assassinate anyone in this mess and escape detection? There had to be over three or four hundred people here—and a dozen of them being Soul Kings from multiple factions. 

Only the blind wouldn't notice him as someone from the Soul Refining School, and that was the last thing they needed. The Qin and the Soul Refining School working together? If people found that out, then the Qin would definitely lose any last shred of reputation they had!

“There’s already no hope for the Qin.”

Mo Ni replied with a point of the finger. “If I’m not wrong, then patriarch Qin made use of an emergency measure of some kind before he made the attempt? How many soul cultivators were sacrificed? No one can hide that information anymore. It’ll spread throughout the continent that the Soul Fusing Array was used here, we can’t hide our connection any longer…”

Li Yue was silent. What Mo Ni said made sense. He himself came to the same conclusion when patriarch Qin first made the order. Suppressing the news this time wouldn't work like before. The scope of this event was magnitudes larger than the previous events. Any damage done to the Qin wouldn't even be solved if by chance the patriarch became a Soul Emperor. It would simply just mitigate the problem. Having a single Soul Emperor within one's faction was more than enough to make that faction skyrocket in power.

But it seemed all that was a moot point now.

“That Bai Yunfei is fighting two Late-stage Soul Kings by himself, he surely won’t be able to win? Perhaps he’ll die by their hand. If not, he’ll certainly be heavily injured. I’ll wait until then and make the kill when appropriate.” Li Yue spoke after a while. He really didn’t want to head out into the battlefield now with how dangerous it was.

The hundreds of soul cultivators gathered here was daunting even for a Late-stage Soul King like him. Who knew how many people would fight him upon knowing who he was? He hadn’t the confidence that he’d be able to get away in that case.

“Elder Li,” Mo Ni shook his head, “this Bai Yunfei has very powerful methods in his arsenal. I can guarantee those two people won’t be able to beat Bai Yunfei. I can even say that Bai Yunfei hasn’t determined if he wants to kill the two or not yet. If he had, those two people would’ve been killed already. If you don’t take advantage of this moment before people know of us, it’ll only be harder in the future.”

“What?! What else can he do?!” Li Yue exclaimed. “Are you saying if he fought seriously, neither Qin Long nor Qin He can beat him together?!”

“That is exactly the case…Bai Yunfei has multiple heaven-tier soul armaments. He is far stronger than what you can imagine.

“But even more importantly…we cannot allow Bai Yunfei’s corpse to fall into the hands of anyone else. He has an item we must get! The reason why I’m even trying to kill him is because of that item!”

“Oh? What kind of item?”

“A Regalia, the Core Stone!!”


The bewilderment on Li Yue’s face deepened. “The Core Stone?! On him? Are you certain?!”

“Without a doubt!” Mo Ni nodded. “The Core Stone appeared in the Black Cloud Mountains not too long ago. I tried to take it, but it was stolen away from me by him. I’m sure he’s already become the Core Stone’s master…didn’t you think it was strange how sudden those two soulbeasts appeared? They were in the Core World and were brought out by Bai Yunfei!”

“So that’s the reason!” Li Yue’s eyes shined with realization. The blue-eyes wyrm and permafrost mastiff had appeared a little too sudden to make sense. Everyone had been wondering how that had been the case, but it’d appear that the Core Stone was responsible… 

“The Regalia…” Muttering to himself for a moment, Li Yue’s eyes took on a light of determination. “Very well then! I’ll hide in wait nearby. When I’ve the chance, I’ll kill him and take the Core Stone!”



The blue-eyes wyrm let out a massive ball of blue light from his mouth to fire it at the earth-type Mid-stage Soul King in front of him. Blanching at the incoming attack, the man gave up on his plan to attack in favor to dodge to the side.


Xiao Qi appeared in front of Qin Yuan in a blaze of fire. His wings flapped once to materialize a gigantic fireball into the world. Once fully formed, it flew at Qin Yuan to hopefully strike him down, but it was dodged without an issue.

While Qin Yuan and the earth-type Mid-stage Soul King were about to strike back, something from behind suddenly caused them to dart to the sides!


The ball of water from Long Lan and the fireball from Xiao Qi didn’t explode when they made contact with one another like the two Soul Kings thought it would. There was a strange noise as the two spheres touched and then bounced off one another!

Neither of the Soul Kings had expected the balls to bounce off each other, but their instincts had saved them the pain of finding out about it first-hand. While they had the luxury of dodging the balls when they first came, the rebound wasn’t giving them the same luxury. Initially, the earth-type Soul King planned on using a bamboo spear to strike Xiao Qi, but the incoming fireball forced him to strike at that instead. 


The spear split the fireball with a loud bang, but that didn't mean the man was safe from harm. Like a bomb, the fireball exploded with devastating strength and consumed the Soul King within its flame before he could retreat.

A sudden chill ran up his spine. Whirling around, the man prepared a barrier of elemental energy right as the claw of the permafrost mastiff came at his heart!

There was another shriek of pain as well as blood splattering everywhere as the man was thrown backward. Had a nearby metal-type Early-stage Soul King not helped him, the earth-type Soul King would’ve been killed.


Qin Yuan’s eyes radiated with murderous frenzy as he stared down the three soulbeasts. The coordination between the three of them was beyond anything he had ever seen before. He couldn’t even get four humans to coordinate half as well as this! And because of how chaotic the battle was, the three soulbeasts had even managed to get the upper hand and deal a serious blow onto them!

Aside from the permafrost mastiff—whose eyes were still listless—Xiao Qi and Long Lan were both looking pleased with themselves. They didn’t look worried at all. It was like this battle was merely just a way for them to practice with… 

Qin Yuan and the other Soul Kings surely would’ve vomited blood should they learn what the two soulbeasts were thinking about.

“What’s Yunfei thinking? Does he want us to kill them or not? I can’t even use the spatial edges…I could be a late-stage class seven soulbeast by now if he let us kill them!”

Was what Xiao Qi was actually thinking.

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