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Someone was actually willing to risk their life to testify for Bai Yunfei!

It was a pleasant surprise that made Bai Yunfei feel extremely grateful. Qin Long hadn't the same emotions, however. And the others were all quite shocked… 

Following the source of the voice, everyone turned to look where five people were standing. Realizing the gazes, the group scattered apart to leave behind only one rather tall person standing there.

This bulky man wore short sleeves to show off his muscular body. Not even Long Lan was as tall as this person or as muscular. Aside from his bulging muscles and overall physique, the aura of the man was exceedingly powerful as a Late-stage Soul Exalt.

"What did you say? Repeat yourself if you dare!" Qin Long barked. "Lie to me again and I'll see to your death!"

An ominous aura rolled out from Qin Long with an intimidating feel,

"Hmph!" Bai Yunfei unleashed a wave of his own soulforce to combat the oppressive aura of Qin Long. In between the two, the auras clashed and struggled against one another and formed a large storm.

The brows of the man furrowed together, but he stood his ground. "What Bai Yunfei said is right! I saw it myself and can testify for it!"

"How can one side of the story ever be enough to be proof?! You might as well be one of Bai Yunfei's friends for all we know!" Qin Pingzhi snapped in frustration.

"Heh, I knew you'd say that!" The man snorted. "But there's one thing you've wrong. I don't just have my words as proof! I was lucky enough to buy an imaging stone back in the auction house, so I managed to record the moments of the two brother's death!"

A small fist-sized stone appeared onto his hand.

An imaging stone was a type of stone that could record the images of the surrounding area with varying degrees of distance depending on the grade of the stone. Imaging stones were rare, needless to say, and that one bronze mirror Bai Yunfei saw before at the auction house was actually a construct of various imaging stones.

No one expected to see an imaging stone here, let alone one that had conveniently recorded the fight just now. Qin Long looked especially grim.

The man wasted no time to get the imaging stone working. A pulse of orange light was transmitted into the stone before it started to glow. A series of images started to float up from the stone. Clearing up rapidly, the space above the stone started to shine with all sorts of colored light and images.

From one of the many images shown in the sky was when Qin Shoufeng was en route to Bai Yunfei. The man had somehow the sense to record things started from then.

The images showed the entirety of the struggle between Qin Shoufeng and Bai Yunfei starting from his initial charge to when Xiao Qi protected everyone else with a barrier of wind. The images blurred for a moment before showing Qin Shouhao appearing onto the scene where he was injured by Bai Yunfei and retreating. The images froze there for a moment here; the man must've thought the fight was over and stopped recording. 

The next image to be shown was when Qin Shouhao came back to charge at Bai Yunfei and self-destruct.


While this was being shown, Mo Ni and the Black Dragon King were watching the scene unfold from their hiding spot on a mountainous forest.

Mo Ni had been watching everything with a smile until the point when the man with imaging stone appeared.

"Damn! Someone is actually meddling in something he shouldn't be!"

The reason why he didn't do anything in the city was to avoid having people find out about the strange actions of Qin Shoufeng or Qin Shouhao. Mo Ni just never expected to see that someone traveling away from the city at that time would actually have an imaging stone and use it to record the events!

Well over a hundred people were there at the southern gates now—most of them Soul Exalts in strength and even a few Soul Kings. These people were more likely one of the many people that had joined in the auction earlier and saw everything that happened between Bai Yunfei and Qin Shoufeng. The unfortunate chance of having someone like that man appearing made Mo Ni want to vomit blood. He was even starting to worry a bit… 

The images recorded on the imaging stone continued to play until the very end when Bai Yunfei was fighting Qin Long. Without any other images to be shown, the light died away from the imaging stone to turn it back into an ordinary crystal.


The imaging stone hadn't the ability to record sound, but everything was still silent as the audience watched the events. Only the sound of the rustling wind could be heard to blow softly onto them.

Bai Yunfei was happy to see the imaging stone. Who would've thought that there'd be a nice ray of sunshine in such a bleak moment? The imaging stone was valuable proof that could 'clear' things up. No one could say otherwise now that the imaging stone was showing the Qin brothers as being the ones to do anything.

"Lord Yan, lord Qin, I presume this will be enough proof that I didn't lie? I was not the one to kill either of the brothers, it was them who self-destructed. I am still confident there was something influencing their emotions. Please do not fall for their plan, lord Qin, and find the real reason behind your sons' death."

He stared at the silent Yan Tianxing and the uneasy looking Qin Long.

"Well…" Yan Tianxing started to speak.

"I don't believe this nonsense!! This…this recording is a fake!! You were Bai Yunfei's friend all along, give me that stone at once!!"

Qin Long snarled in anger as he lashed out to grab at the man!

A jade-colored palm of light flew out from Qin Long's hand to extend towards the large man, who blanched and tried to retreat. He didn't make it far before a fireball came flying in to crash into the palm and protect him.

"What? Lord Qin, surely you're not thinking of killing a witness?" Bai Yunfei stated ominously from his spot nearby. Everyone looked over to see Bai Yunfei slowly bringing his right hand with the Ardent Sun Glove down.

"You know that this isn't fake at all. This only just happened, how could the recordings be falsified? It's clear to see that I've nothing to do with the deaths of your sons. Or…are you really that wanting to fight me?" Bai Yunfei raised his left hand up to show a crystalline object in it.

"Wha—??" The bulky man whipped his head down at his own hand; he wasn't holding onto the imaging stone anymore!

"When…when did he take it?!" He was confounded. He hadn't noticed that Bai Yunfei had taken the stone away from him at all!

Even the Soul Kings Yan Tianxing and Qin Long hadn't caught onto Bai Yunfei's motions!

What they didn't know was the teleporting ability of the Core Stone. It didn't matter that it was in Tang Xinyun's hands since the Core Stone was still within range of Bai Yunfei for him to control. He wouldn't have to do anything and could still use the Core Stone to teleport the imaging stone onto his hand without disturbing anything.

"This is quite important, so I'll be maintaining its safety for now. Please excuse me, friend, I'll be sure to compensate you later." Bai Yunfei smiled towards the bulky man.

It took a moment for the man to react after that. "Hah, that's fine! I feel it safer in your hands! Now I don't have to worry about it being stolen."

"Lord Yan, this should show to prove the truth behind my words. How…do you believe we should continue then?"

He looked to Yan Tianxing. The man had been quiet for all this time since the imaging stone was shown. It wouldn't be easy to wipe away every single doubt Yan Tianxing might have about this case, but this was a start at least. Yan Tianxing was essential to convince if he wanted to stop the Qin from coming after him. Yan Tianxing was representing the Tianhun School and the court after all.

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