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No one could believe their eyes at what they were seeing. A few seconds ago, the group all saw Bai Yunfei be sent flying away by Qin Long after suffering what had to be a serious wound. Then in the next moment, Bai Yunfei made a quick reversal and was the one to send Qin Long flying away!

The reversal was even more surprising when one considered the distance each person flew when hit. Bai Yunfei had barely gone anywhere, but…Qin Long was still flying hundreds of meters away without signs of stopping!

Due to the angle of Qin Long's body, none of the spectators were able to see the armor he was wearing and the hole that existed on it. Parts of his robes had already been blasted apart around the area to reveal the dark-green soul armor underneath. With the fragments already falling away, the flesh underneath it could be seen to having a deep imprint of a fist on it!

The Eighty-one Fold Fist Force, the equipment effect of the Critical Glove (Increase damage dealt against wood or metal-typed enemies by 100%), the +10 additional effect (three times the attack), and the +12 additional effect (four times the attack). All three were combined together for one single attack!

In a way, this one punch could be said to be Bai Yunfei's strongest punch!

And combined with the timing of Bai Yunfei's punch, the results of the blow had been simply divine. The outside layer of elemental wood around Qin Long was blasted apart and the armor he wore had already lost a portion of its defensive might. Bai Yunfei's fist had done direct damage to Qin Long's health!

Bai Yunfei was only a Mid-stage Soul King, but the power behind his fist was powerful enough to have the Late-stage Soul King fly back with blood spurting out from his mouth!

And a large amount of elemental metal and fire was still pouring into Qin Long's body!

Qin Long's face was an ashen gray. His soulforce was trying its best to drive out the invading energy in his body, but that meant he wasn't able to move as efficiently as he'd like. So that left him flying like a kite without a string farther away!


One muffled explosion later, everyone watched as Qin Long's body crashed into a faraway mountain. Rubble and dirt flew everywhere as his landing created a huge crater onto the surface of the mountain and even causing a landslide! Qin Long's figure couldn't even be seen… 


"No…no way?! Lord Qin was…he was defeated?!"

"And with just one punch?! Lord Qin only managed to give Bai Yunfei a punch of his own, how'd…how'd he lose?!"

"I'm dreaming…I've gotta be dreaming! How could a Mid-stage Soul King have so much power in just one punch!? How can it be strong enough to do that much damage to a Late-stage Soul King?!"

"No way…who said Qin Long would be defeated that easily? Shouldn't he still be able to fight?"

They all watched the mountain crumble from the top with wide-open eyes. Everyone looked like they had seen a ghost with how unexpected the outcome of the fight between Bai Yunfei and Qin Long was.


Another loud explosion caught their attention again as the mountain crumbled. But a figure in green was flying out from the wreckage.

"He's fine! I've said it before, lord Qin is a man of power. How could he lose so easily!"

"No way…his aura is definitely weaker than before. Look at Bai Yunfei, he doesn't even look like he's out of breath. Doesn't it look like Bai Yunfei will be the victor?"

Everyone looked from Bai Yunfei to Qin Long to compare auras. Qin Long was indeed looking a little weaker than before, but still amazingly powerful. There were a few soul cultivators who were sharp-eyed enough to tell that Qin Long wasn't looking very hot with his right hand clutching at the left part of his waist. The wound he sustained there must've been quite heavy.


Qin Long was shaking. Elemental wood flowed through his body erratically as it continued to dispel the foreign energy inside it. His organs were beginning to start to heal again at a surprisingly fast rate.

It could hardly be said that Qin Long was feeling calm when he saw the death of his son. What father could possibly remain calm at the sight of that? It didn't matter how strong a father was, no one was mentally strong enough for that.

There was only one thing Qin Long was thinking about right now…the death of Bai Yunfei!

It didn't matter who Bai Yunfei was! Disciple of the Crafting School? Instructor of Tianhun Academy? Son-in-law to the Tang? 


That didn't mean a thing! The deaths of his two sons would be repaid with the blood of Bai Yunfei!

So his attacks were made without any reservations. Any ordinary Mid-stage Soul King would've died after just one blow for sure, let alone the second and third…everything he did was done for the sake of the complete annihilation of his foe.

In the end…things hadn't gone as he expected. Bai Yunfei was far stronger than he initially thought. Not only had he failed to kill the younger male and had each of his moves 'easily' rebuffed, but Qin Long had also been struck by one of Bai Yunfei's attacks and heavily injured!

Should he give up on trying to deal with Bai Yunfei then?

Of course not!

"You'll die…! You'll accompany my sons to their deaths! Die!!"

The rage of losing his two sons was too much for Qin Long to bear. What point was there in having to act solemn if his sons were dead? Qin Long cared for only one thing—killing Bai Yunfei! Nothing else mattered but his death!

His howls of anger were accompanied by another burst of power as he unleashed even more of his strength!

He disappeared into a blur of green light to fly straight for Bai Yunfei!


Bai Yunfei snorted in defiance of him. Not bothering to back down, Bai Yunfei's aura began to spike as well before he took off in a streak of red light to greet Qin Long!

Green and red light shone everywhere in the sky as the two rays drew closer and closer to each other. The audience was deathly silent now, afraid that even just breathing would force them to miss the inevitable collision between the two… 

But…then a light-green ray of light came flying from Swallow City to shoot straight at Bai Yunfei with incredible speed!

Within this ray of light was another elder from the Qin, the Early-stage Soul King Qin Pingzhi!

Having been watching the fight for a while now, Qin Pingzhi could hardly hold himself back now that things were looking dangerous for the Qin. Without hesitation, he threw himself at Bai Yunfei for an ambush!

"Looking for trouble there!?"

Xiao Qi came swooping down from the skies then to intercept the incoming Qin Pingzhi.

"Eh?" But then before Xiao Qi could stop the man, an orange streak of light came flying out from the right side of Qin Pingzhi to stand in the way between him and Bai Yunfei!


With orange meeting green and Bai Yunfei and Qin Long drawing close to each other, the sky was a mixed palette of four different colors for an awe-inspiring picture.

Qin Pingzhi was forced away from his trajectory and had to leap back several hundred meters along with whomever it was that had stopped him.

While they came to a stop, Bai Yunfei and Qin Long were right on the verge of clashing!

Within the green streak of light, Qin Long held an emerald-colored longsword that shined almost as brightly as he did and poised to strike at Bai Yunfei's throat. 

Within the burning flames of red, Bai Yunfei clutched his Fire-tipped Spear tightly with the flames forming a draconic shape around him to surge towards Qin Long's heart!

Neither Bai Yunfei nor Qin Long had any intentions of backing off. They were fully prepared to go through with their attacks!

A furious light entered Qin Long's eye. His left hand retrieved a sparkling-green shield from his space ring to protect his center where the Fire-tipped Spear was coming from. On the other side, Bai Yunfei was reaching out with his left hand to swipe at the sword coming at him!

What Bai Yunfei was doing seemed foolish to Qin Long. How could his mid-heaven tier be stopped with just a swipe like that? "How foolish!" He thought! 

But to his surprise…

Sparks flew everywhere when Bai Yunfei's hand gripped onto the tip of his sword, pinching it tightly between his palm and fingers!


He saw it happen right in front of his eyes, but Qin Long was still having an extremely hard time believing it was true!

While he was processing that, the Fire-tipped Spear was already about to strike onto his shield!


A loud explosion caught Qin Long's attention away from his sword. Looking over, Qin Long gasped when he saw the state of his mid-heaven tier shield—there was a hole in it!

And then came the Fire-tipped Spear. Twinkling with a crimson-red light, the fearsome spear sailed through the hole to stab at him!

The dread of death descended down upon Qin Long. His heart plummeted in fear as he tried to bring up his left hand in time to try and fling away the spear.

But he wasn't wearing a glove like the Critical Glove, how could he possibly do the same to the Fire-tipped Spear as Bai Yunfei did to his sword? The spear simply speared straight through Qin Long's palm to strike at his chest!

That was when everything in the world suddenly took a strange turn!


A clap of thunder blasted across the skies as a bolt of purple lightning came down to come in between Bai Yunfei and Qin Long!

Then almost as loud as the preceding bolt of thunder, a voice spoke out… 

"Stay your hands!"

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