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Bai Yunfei clenched his left hand as if to flex the Critical Glove and see how it felt. The power was invigorating, but he wasn't quite sure just how definitive of a change the strength was. The Critical Glove hadn't just undergone a massive improvement in terms of attack and defense—it had also turned into his lifebound armament, so the true power of the glove was beyond what its numerical value could express.

It was crucial to see that the equipment effect of the Critical Glove was far better than before. It was no longer just an additional 20% worth of damage against wood-type enemies, which was already a result of the fact that metal overcomes wood. The glove was now a weapon that had the strength to overcome both metal and wood—most likely due to the fact that fire was an element that overcomes both metal and wood. 

Given that ability, it was easy to see how the addition of fire as an affinity in the Critical Glove would improve its attack. Not even the Ardent Sun Glove had an ability where it could inflict additional damage like that.

And it was a sharp increase from 20% to 100%. A fivefold increase to be more specific. That was tantamount to an attack on a wood or metal-type enemy being doubled in strength. Should Bai Yunfei fight against an enemy who had either one of the two affinities, the damage the Critical Glove would inflict would surely be devastating… 

But even that effect paled in comparison to the +13 additional effect! Ignore any fire-type defenses!! How could such a terrifying effect like that exist!?

It was amazing because it didn't have the side-effect of losing half his soulforce as it did with the +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear. It also didn't have a cooldown period. So in other words, this was a weapon that'd make any fire-type soul cultivator shudder with fear!

Any attack onto a fire-type defense with the Critical Glove was basically the same as using the +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear!

Truly, this was a nightmare for any fire-type soul cultivator… 

Bai Yunfei was finding it pretty hard to believe such an effect could be real. No matter how many times he looked over the stats though, Bai Yunfei had to admit it was actually reality.

"How is the +13 additional effect this time so powerful, though?" Bai Yunfei wondered aloud. "And the Critical Glove was originally a wood-type. But it and the equipment effect gained a second affinity…is this change because of me influencing the energy behind the upgrade? And that energy…"

"That was the Law of Fire!! You're the one who drew it out, how come you don't know what it was?!"

Xiao Fang's voice interrupted Bai Yunfei's train of thought.

Xiao Fang had startled Bai Yunfei. "What'd you say, Xiao Fang?! You're saying that the powerful energy I felt wasn't just elemental fire, but…the Law of Fire!?"

"Yes." Xiao Fang affirmed. "Didn't you call forth the Law of Fire the last time when you fought with that Late-stage Soul King? How do you not see the similarities?"

"I…" Bai Yunfei hadn't a good response for that. "I just never really thought about it—me being able to draw out the Laws of Fire all by myself?!"

"There's no mistake. Your upgrading brought out the Planar Laws. I can't tell you which 'Law' it is that's responsible for upgrading, but I can at least tell you that upgrading different soul armaments will bring out different Laws when an additional effect is being applied to it. Usually, the upgrading of soul armaments will have the Planar Laws randomly bestowing upon the additional effect, but you lead the bestowment yourself this time. By the way…what kind of additional effect does your weapon have now?"

Xiao Fang had a small understanding of how the Upgrade Technique worked now after all this time he spent watching Bai Yunfei.

"The additional effect that appeared allows me to 'ignore any fire-type defenses'!"

"What?!" Xiao Fang cried out in disbelief. "Ignore any fire-type defenses?! That's…that's too much, isn't it?!"

"I'm a little baffled by it too."

"Then…is it because of the fact that the Law of Fire was a lot stronger than I expected it? It has to be! When the Law of Fire went into the soul armament, it bestowed upon the soul armament with an effect befitting of the Law of Fire! Any other defense based on fire is inherently useless against the Law of Fire!"

"Every attack has with it the powers of the Law of Fire?" Bai Yunfei spoke. He hadn't expected there to be such an explanation for the +13 additional effect. But he was happy about it. Not only did this explanation mean that he had a very powerful additional effect on his weapon, but it also meant…he had the power to draw upon the Law of Fire!"

This would be a memory he'd never be able to forget. He was finally able to touch upon the edges of the domain of the Laws. Given some more time, Bai Yunfei was confident that he'd be able to wield the Laws without fail!

There was also the 'Law' Xiao Fang talked about. Bai Yunfei was going to call it the 'Law of Upgrading' for now. He had some semblance of what it was, but it'd still require more research before he could have a definitive understanding of it. If he could get familiar with that energy, his future would definitely be a bright one… 

Bai Yunfei retrieved the Soul Sentinel Scarf out from his space ring to scrutinize the +13 additional effect.

It was another amazing effect that could save his life when he was in danger. 

Of course, Bai Yunfei hoped that he would never have to rely on the effect.


He felt something strange when he wrapped the Soul Sentinel Scarf around his forehead again. Blinking, he touched at the Soul Sentinel Scarf with a look of surprise.

There was a spirit within the Soul Sentinel Scarf, but Bai Yunfei remembered Xiao Fang saying that the spirit had gone into a coma after being heavily injured. All that was left was a spirit that was acting sporadically with 'instinct'.

But right now…the spirit's strength was somehow stronger?

"Xiao Fang said before that upgrading the soul armament will increase the spirit's strength. He also said that the Soul Sentinel Scarf would regain its sentience after it gets strong enough…is it starting to wake now that it's +13?!"

The results of upgrading the Soul Sentinel Scarf came to Bai Yunfei as a pleasant surprise. The Soul Sentinel Scarf would get even stronger if the spirit were to reawaken, Xiao Fang had said that such a thing would happen, in any case.

"Whew…the profits this time was far greater than I expected!!"

Bai Yunfei sighed aloud. Standing back up, he took a few extra breaths to calm down before taking the time to restore the large amounts of energy he had lost.


Time trickled by slowly. Whilst in the middle of his meditative trance, Bai Yunfei suddenly leaped to his feet with a furious look on his face!

"You dare!!"

Howling those two words, Bai Yunfei suddenly disappeared from the Core World!

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