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Today was a nice and sunny day in a seemingly small town.

In the second story of an ordinary inn.

Bai Yunfei sat down next a table where a pile of random objects and things were laid about.


The city he was in was a great distance away from Ventia City. After killing Huang Lin, Bai Yunfei didn't wish to stick around and left on his sword to travel for two full days and nights without rest.

He was afraid of sticking around. What if a mid-stage Soul King came around. What would he say?

'Hand over Xing Qiuhong's space ring and I'll let you choose how you want to die.'?

So he traveled nonstop without even looking at the space ring of Huang Lin. It was only when he arrived in this small town that he made a pit stop to rest.

This way, there'd most likely be no one that'd come after him….


It was midday when he arrived in town. He came to the small inn he was in now for a good meal, and after he reserved a room, he could finally rest.

There were three soulbeasts in the room. Xiao Qi, Xiao Lan, and a small white 'dog' that stood in the center of the room and moved and talked slowly.

It looked quite cute with how its long white hair covered its eyes. But in actuality, this was the early-stage class seven permafrost mastiff.

It was this size now due to Bai Yunfei's order so it could be like Xiao Qi's and the blue-eyes wyrm's size.

Bai Yunfei could control the actions of the class seven mastiff, which meant he could study it a bit with the Beast Taming Ring, but there were more important things to study.

At last, Bai Yunfei could rest. The first matter to address wasn't Huang Lin's space ring but….Xing Qiuhong's.

Yao Tong's insistence for it made Bai Yunfei suspicious. He didn't see anything the first time, but he still remained suspicious. After the Soul King came knocking and demanding, Bai Yunfei decided then and there was definitely 'treasure' in the ring and decided to look again.

This time, he looked through the items one by one to carefully inspect each one.

Even the most ordinary of items were placed on the table and inspected.

He figured that this so-called 'treasure' wouldn't necessarily have to be a high level soul armament or amazing technique. It didn't even have to be an object and could be just….information, for example.

Stuff like that could be hidden within the 'ordinary' things. Like a sheet of paper, or a slip of metal….


Equipment Grade: High
Elemental Affinity: None
Defense: 80
Upgrade Requirement: 35 Soulpoints

Bai Yunfei took out a golden-colored robe, inspecting it for its stats as per usual. He looked through the robes, seeing nothing that might resemble words or something hidden in it anywhere. Without seeing anything, he put it away and then took out a golden belt next.

Equipment Grade: High
Elemental Affinity: None
Defense: 90
Upgrade Requirement: 37 Soulpoints

There was nothing special about this either. He put it away.


The items on the table were growing less and less as Bai Yunfei started to finish up his investigations without anything bearing fruit.

He was starting to feel disappointed. He sighed. 

It would appear Huang Lin and Yao Tong were both mistaken. There was nothing in Xing Qiuhong's space ring, and certainly not treasure.

Feeling his excitement fall bit by bit, Bai Yunfei forced himself to continue looking. There were only ten things left now, and Bai Yunfeit felt quite discouraged.

"Eh? This is a….handkerchief? Or a towel?"

After another useless robe, Bai Yunfei saw a gray 'cloth'.

It was a little big for a handkerchief and a little small for towel. What in the world was Xing Qiuhong doing with this….

He frowned, but he looked at the cloth nonetheless.

But the moment he touched the cloth, Bai Yunfei's expression froze on his face as if struck by an illusion.

He wouldn't snap back to reality for another five seconds. He looked down in disbelief at the 'cloth' in his hands.

"T--th-this…." Bai Yunfei stammered, feeling himself at quite a loss. This 'object' captivated him, "what is this!?"

The reason for his loss of composure was due to the stats of the cloth.

Bai Yunfei breathed in and out twice, his eyes staring closely at the cloth before he looked at the stats again.

[100% SEALED] Equipment Grade: Low Divine
Elemental Affinity: Water, Darkness
Defense: 600
[SEALED] Equipment Effect 1: Decrease damage taken by all spirit-related attacks by 50%.
[SEALED] Equipment Effect 2: 200% Increase in healing from damage done to the soul.
[SEALED] Equipment Effect 3: 100% Increase in soul stabilization rate.
Upgrade Requirement: 35 Soulpoints

This. This was the stats of the cloth!!

"Divine?! Divine tier!!!"  Bai Yunfei felt like he was dreaming. "What kind of equipment is this….I've never seen it before!"

He originally believed he knew all about equipment grades by now, from 'ordinary' to 'heaven'. That was all there was to their grades. He had seen many low-heaven tier soul armaments, no mid-heaven, and only one high-heaven tier, the Nephrite Throne.

But right now, there was a never-before-seen 'divine-tier', thus his shock.

"And….three equipment effects!! Each effect is already ridiculous just by itself!!" Bai Yunfei could feel his heart pounding against his ribcage loudly, his shock hard to hide from even the soulbeasts. "What a ridiculous effect! How could there be such an equipment effect like this?!"

These three effects targeted the soul, the very root of how soul cultivators could act and grow stronger by! Needless to say, just the second effect alone where one's '200% increase in healing from damage done to the soul' would make any soul cultivator go crazy for!

Bai Yunfei closed his eyes, exhaling slowly. After a long time when he felt like he had calmed down enough, he reopened his eyes. The excitement in his eyes was replaced with a look of suspicion.

"But….'sealed'. What does that mean?" He asked himself, "What does it mean when an effect is 'sealed'? Does that mean it can't be used? How does that even work?"

From what he could tell from his vision given to him by the Upgrade Technique, there was nothing different to this piece of cloth, and even for someone as experienced as he was, he couldn't find any clues.

This was probably due to it being 'sealed'.

He was still confused. "And only 600 defense? That's the same as a high-earth tier, this doesn't really make sense. How is it so low….is it because it's 'sealed'? And to upgrade it requires 500 soulpoints! That's…."

He remembered Na Lanyin's mid-heaven earth tier soul armament. It had only required 260 soulpoints to require, but this low-divine soul armament needed 500!

"Does this mean 'divine' is higher than 'heaven'?! There's something even higher than 'heaven tier'?!"

His eyes sparkled as his mind made the connections, "Divine tier….divine tier….divine soul armaments….are like Regalia!!"

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