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It was inevitable that a shiver ran up the spines of many soulbeasts upon witnessing this fight. The Ancient Crocodile King was watching with narrowed eyes and the Three-eyed Tiger King was scowling to himself. The Golden-eyed Ape King was taking things too far! He was already preparing himself to interfere in the fight the moment Bai Yunfei was in any danger.

He wasn’t the only one. The Ancient Crocodile King was also thinking of the same thing. While he wanted to see how strong Bai Yunfei was, letting this fight go too far would only throw a wrench in everyone’s plans.

What mystified him and the others was the expression of Bloodhowl Wolf King. The wolf king didn’t even look perturbed or ready to lift a single finger!

And that was when the battle up above was starting to deviate from their expectations!!

The Golden-eyed Ape King’s move was deadly swift and accurate. The golden ball of light was already within a hundred meters of Bai Yunfei’s head!

Everyone expected Bai Yunfei to do something. But he was just standing still!

It was unexpected, to say the very least. No one could even sense Bai Yunfei’s body prepare any soulforce to begin fighting. He was just standing there and waiting for the attack to land!

Many of the soulbeasts began to grow nervous. What if Bai Yunfei was reduced to a pile of dust after this?

That was when they saw it:

Bai Yunfei was raising his right arm up!

But that was it!

Whilst everyone was rapidly trying to figure out what Bai Yunfei was doing, Bai Yunfei stood still and waited for an inky-black light flow out from his robes!

The black light transformed into a whirlpool of black energy to remain over his head!

In a flash, the ball of golden light struck the black whirlpool!

And then…like a stone being dropped into a pool, the golden ball of light was swallowed by the whirlpool!

The moment it swallowed the ball of light, the whirlpool began to shrink in size before ultimately disappearing!

Without even a single wisp of energy to signify that anything had happened, the world was back to a state of normalcy. Bai Yunfei was still standing there without a care in the world. It was as if the attack just now was simply a figment of everyone’s imagination… 

Everyone was stunned. No one could believe their eyes at the interaction just now!

“Impossible!!” Roared the Golden-eyed Ape King; how in the world had Bai Yunfei done that!?

“How…how did that happen!?”

The Golden-eyed Ape King thought to himself furiously. He was already preparing the next move; this move would do the job!

“I don’t believe it!!”

He roared these words out loud as if to bolster his own morale. Like an arrow shot from its bow, he was flying toward Bai Yunfei with his right fist ready to strike!


And like a shadow, the giant golden ape above his head did the same!


A brilliant beam of golden light splayed across the sky as the giant golden ape shrunk half in size and grew transparent. Whatever attack the Golden-eyed Ape King was using, it was definitely a far more powerful attack than his first! 

The rays emerging from the Golden-eyed Ape King was practically covering Bai Yunfei from sight. Even with their sharp eyesight, the witnesses were having a very hard time watching Bai Yunfei raise his right hand up again… 

“Is he going to do the same thing as before!?”

Several people thought to themselves. But…this wasn’t the case. What Bai Yunfei was doing was far more shocking than they thought!


This time, rather than a whirlpool of darkness, a ‘transparent’ barrier appeared in front of him!

And with no time to spare! The brilliant beam of light crashed into the wall the very same moment it appeared!

Everyone expected an explosion. A violent interaction that signified that one powerful attack had met a powerful defense. But what everyone saw instead was the giant sphere of light travel slightly forward as if being caught by a net before…bouncing back!

That wasn’t the right interaction everyone was expecting to see!

The Golden-eyed Ape King’s attack was being bounced right back at himself!

The power was the same, but the direction it traveled in was the exact opposite!

“What the?!”

The Golden-eyed Ape King was spooked—what in the world was this!?

Left with hardly any time to dodge, the Golden-eyed Ape King flung up his arms and hastily allowed a burst of light up at the apparition above him!


The giant golden ape above him stooped over him with its arms crossed together as if to ‘protect’ the Golden-eyed Ape King!


Golden light filled the sky after and showered the world with its color!

Cracks in space were starting to form around where the Golden-eyed Ape King stood. The power of his attack was stronger than what the world could handle and was starting to be torn apart like stretched fabric.

This time even the Bloodhowl Wolf King was tongue-tied! Not even he knew that Bai Yunfei had something like this up his sleeves!

Everyone’s attention was at the epicenter of where the Golden-eyed Ape King’s attack landed. They were sweating on the Golden-eyed Ape King’s behalf—was he really taken out by his very own move?


A class eight soulbeast wasn’t that weak. 

A furious roar erupted into the heavens along with a pillar of golden light. The Law of Metal was showing itself once more onto the world and melding together the cracks in space.

The Golden-eyed Ape King could be seen after the light dissipated.

“I…I don’t believe it! You’ll die for this!!”

It seemed being hit with his own attack had made him snap. The Golden-eyed Ape King was well and truly angry now!!

Oh the humiliation! Two all-out attacks and his enemy was none-the-worse while he was forced to eat his own attack! 

“A soul attack!!”

The Ancient Crocodile King roared indignantly—the Golden-eyed Ape King was using a soul attack! For a class eight soulbeast to use that on a Soul King…that was definitely meant to kill him! There wouldn’t be anything left of the Soul King if they were hit by such a soul attack!


The Ancient Crocodile King and Three-eyed Tiger King rose high into the air to stop the Golden-eyed Ape King, but before they could get far… 


A painful shriek filled the skies!

Everyone froze still upon hearing that sound.

The one who screamed was…the Golden-eyed Ape King!

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