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Bai Yunfei was running low on soul armaments to experiment with now. All there was left were the high-grade soul armaments from the Soul Kings of the allied army. He quickly upgraded them to +10, and then to +11 one after another in rapid succession.

Fully assured of his success, Bai Yunfei took off the armor he wore and upgraded that too.

Upgrade SuccesfulEquipment Grade: Mid Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Metal, Darkness
Upgrade Level: +11
Defense: 4500
Additional Defense: 2600
Soul Compatibility: 18%
Equipment Effect: When an attack is blocked, convert and add the moment blocked to one's defenses for 1 minute.
Amount converted is dependent when attacked and can be stacked. When stacked, the next stack cannot exceed 30% of the armor's defenses.
+10 Additional Effect: In exchange for soulforce, create a devouring whirlpool of darkness that negates any elemental attack directed towards the user.
Cooldown of 10 minutes.
Upgrade Requirement: 250 Soulpoints

Bai Yunfei quirked an eyebrow. “It takes a lot of energy to force a success onto a mid-heaven tier soul armament…doing the same thing to a high-heaven tier will most likely be dangerous…I guess I need more time familiarizing myself with this first…”

The higher the grade, the harder it was for Bai Yunfei to force a success onto a soul armament. Most of his ‘experimentations’ were done on earth-tier soul armaments, and even when he upgraded the heaven-tiers, most of them were low-heaven tier. This armor he wore was the only mid-heaven tier one. His chances of success altering the outcome with a high-heaven tier, it seemed, would not be guaranteed.

In other words…upgrading the Soul Sealing Mandate or Core Stone to +11 would have to be put aside for now. Those two were far too valuable to Bai Yunfei for him to risk.

But that didn’t mean he could upgrade the other soul armaments he wore on him. This was already a huge boon for him.

And so he began to upgrade them all. The Violet Soul Ring, Revealing Ring, Charm Bracelet, Heaven’s Thunder, Flash Boots, Desert Eagles, Fate Pendant, Returner Bracer, and many other ones that were +10 to +11. 

Author Note: Because no effects appear upon upgrade to +11, I won’t list the stats. Just know that each soul armament gained an increase in attack, defense, or attribute.

Though no new effects were gained, the benefits of having additional stats were plentiful. Already Bai Yunfei saw that equipping the newly upgraded accessories and such adding a great deal of strength to him.

He was extremely excited by this new revelation in the Upgrade Technique. Humming to himself as he sorted through the batch of recently-upgraded soul armaments, Bai Yunfei started to pick out which one of them he’d potentially use in the future.

Most of the soul armaments he took from the allied army were already upgraded, but there were some that Bai Yunfei decided to take a look at after rather than upgrade straight away. They belonged to the dozen-or-so Soul Kings he killed, and were for the most part high-quality.  At least ten mid-heaven tier soul armaments were found between Ma Xucheng, Xu Qianqing, and He Changkai. Sadly, none of the Soul Emperor had any soul armaments on them since they were avatars. And being a medium, the Demon-eyed Tiger King hadn’t any soul armaments either.

A single blade a meter long and three fingers wide took Bai Yunfei’s interest. Its entire body was blood-red and had a sawtooth design running down its edge—this was the blood-red longsword Qin Bangjie favored using.

“Kill…kill!! Kill them all!!”

Bai Yunfei went still the moment his hand touched the sword. A haze of red descended upon his eyes and a voice cried out into his mind at once. For some reason…Bai Yunfei began to feel bloodthirsty!


Grunting, Bai Yunfei banished the murderous thoughts from his mind. His eyes returned to their normal color and looked down at the sword. There was an ominous light emanating from the blade now.

“What is this?!” He murmured. When he touched this sword, Bai Yunfei could clearly feel the ‘will’ of the soul armament be conveyed into his mind! The will had been so strong that it flooded his mind and forced onto him a murderous mindset.

“If it has a will, then could it be…there’s a spirit within this soul armament?!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes widened at the thought.

Equipment Grade: High Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Darkness
Attack: 8000
Equipment Effect 1: Absorb the blood of those slain and temporarily gain a 30% increase in attack
Upgrade Requirement: 400 Soulpoints

“High-heaven!!” Bai Yunfei cried out in surprise, “It’s not a divine-tier, so how does it have a ‘will’ then?!”

He took a closer look at the stats. “The stats are a little peculiar too. Being able to absorb blood for power? It’s basically created to be a tool of slaughter, what kind of soul armament is this…?”

“It’s a demonic armament.”

Another voice spoke out in the room, startling Bai Yunfei. 

“Sealer?” He asked.

There was a flash of light as a small tiger appeared in front of Bai Yunfei. It was Soul Sealer.

Since the Soul Sealing Mandate had a strong auxiliary effect, Bai Yunfei didn’t store it away into his space rings like he did the others. In its current form, Bai Yunfei had it strung around his waist like a charm.

The tiger licked at its paw with a small glance over to Bai Yunfei. Its eyes wandered to the blood-red sword in Bai Yunfei’s hand. “Weren’t you curious about that strange soul armament? I can tell you—it’s a demonic armament.”

“Demonic armament?” Bai Yunfei had never heard of the term before. “What is that?”

The look the Soul Sealing Mandate gave him felt like it was judging Bai Yunfei for his ignorance. “It is a term you humans give to those soul armaments with ‘evil’. In other words, they have en evil power you humans see as ‘immoral’, or ‘demonic’, hence their name…But a more unique thing about them is how they can influence the user’s mind. They can make their users more bloodthirsty and even erase the user’s original personality. In the end, the user becomes a ‘demon’. That is the true danger of a ‘demonic armament’.

“Through their will, a demonic armament can grow stronger when they kill. And if they kill enough, then it’s possible to gain sentience like a spirit of the armament. In that case, they’ll become as powerful as a Regalia.”

“That’s possible?!” Bai Yunfei exclaimed in shock, “Are you saying…this is a soul armament that can ‘grow’?!”

“What’s so strange about that? That’s the uniqueness of a ‘demonic armament’. Over two thousand years ago, Tianhun came across a demonic armament that was comparable to ‘Slayer’. Not even ‘Pyro’ would be able to block their attack—Pyro would at least avoid being destroyed.

“One has to conquer the evil within themselves before they can use a demonic armament. Otherwise, they’ll end up as a puppet for the demonic armament and become a demon themselves. I strongly advise you to avoid using this soul armament if possible.”

The tiger gave one last warning to Bai Yunfei before returning to within the Soul Sealing Mandate.

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