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Generally speaking, beast tamers held bodies far weaker than other soul cultivators since they chose to dedicate their time in using soulbeast puppets. If a soul cultivator and beast tamer were to fight hand to hand, then the loser would surely be the beast tamer. It almost went without saying that was true.

But if the beast tamer was allowed one or maybe two soulbeast puppets, then the situation would be vastly different.

A soulbeast puppet to a beast tamer was like a soul armament for a soul cultivator. To a beast tamer, a soulbeast puppet was far more important as a tool of war than a soul armament was.

The majority of Soul Emperors—especially those of the Mid-stage Soul Emperor level—tend to form an avatar for themselves. Forming an avatar required a tremendous amount of energy and experience that couldn’t easily be gained back. But the tradeoff was normally worth it since having an avatar meant having an additional life.

This was the point where beast tamers differed from other soul cultivators.

A beast tamer employs the method of using the soulbeast as an avatar rather than their own. In other words; they turned the soulbeast puppet into a body of their own!

They didn’t bother to form an incorporeal avatar with a fragment of their own soul. A beast tamer would simply inhabit the real body of their soulbeast puppet!

To put it simply, a beast tamer could detach a fragment of their soul and place it in a ‘medium’. This medium was the soulbeast puppet and could be used as another body!

Compared to soulbeast puppetry, this tactic of fighting was on a whole other level. It was to a beast tamer as big of a difference as a lifebound armament was to a soulbound armament.

Using the soul to control the soulbeast’s body wasn’t perfect. A soulbeast wouldn’t be able to make use of its entire strength this way, but it was still a great deal stronger than if a soul cultivator were to form an avatar by themselves. If an avatar were to stray too far away from a person, there’d be no way for the soul cultivator to regain the lost soul fragment if the avatar was destroyed.

And Lin Dongxiao’s medium was the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

The Demon-eyed Tiger King. An early-stage class eight soulbeast with a dual affinity for metal and illusions. It was also one of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers!

It was said that two hundred years ago, the Beast Taming School had two Soul Emperors and two class eight soulbeast puppets fight the Demon-eyed Tiger King. After a massive battle with many losses and a hundred years of taming, the Beast Taming School was finally able to turn the Demon-eyed Tiger King into a soulbeast puppet. And today, the Demon-eyed Tiger King was Lin Dongxiao’s medium.

As one with ‘Demon-eyed’ as a part of its name, the Demon-eyed Tiger King had an especially rare affinity for illusions! Its eyes held extreme capabilities for illusions and could easily unleash illusion-based attacks just by making eye contact!

As like the Black Dragon King with his ‘Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon’s Roar’, the Demon-eyed Tiger King had a supreme soul skill of its own. The ‘Wilderness Quaking Tiger’s Roar’! In fact, this one was a great deal stronger than the former!

As powerful as it was, Lin Dongxiao wasn’t able to use it in this battle with Bai Yunfei. Or perhaps it was better to say he wasn’t willing.

He saw how Duan Leiting had been struck by his own soul attack and defeated. He also knew from Nether that Bai Yunfei was capable of some kind of ‘soul skill’ that made soul attacks ineffective against him. Knowing that, Lin Dongxiao knew it’d be for the best if he didn’t use the most powerful move of the Demon-eyed Tiger King.

Had he been up against a regular Early-stage Soul Emperor, Lin Dongxiao would’ve just used the Tiger’s Roar and have Nether follow up with the kill.

Since this wasn’t the case, Lin Dongxiao would have to make use of another powerful move instead!

Aside from illusions, the Demon-eyed Tiger King had the metal attribute as well! In all of the elements, metal was the most tyrannical of them all!

It was only natural for a soulbeast to use their own body to fight. After a hundreds or even thousands of years of tempering their bodies, a soulbeast’s body was no weaker than a refined soul armament!

And the body of the Demon-eyed Tiger King was practically on par with a heaven-tier soul armament!


Lin Dongxiao’s medium was left unimpeded in his trajectory towards Bai Yunfei. His body was glowing as bright as a miniature sun with several rays of light shooting out from him. The ray that shined the brightest was coming from the right arm of the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

Right there on his right arm was a golden tiger’s claw. The claws were further sharpened with the power of the Law of Metal and moved to strike Bai Yunfei through the forehead!

There’d be no saving Bai Yunfei if this claw were to hit him!

And still there didn’t seem to be much of a reaction from Bai Yunfei after he unleashed five Soul Anchor Techniques in a row. It looked like there’d be no dodging from him!

A gleeful smile appeared on Lin Dongxiao’s face. Victory was nearly upon them now!

But then Bai Yunfei’s eyes narrowed and started to shine brilliantly with a strange light!


The next thing Lin Dongxiao felt was a strange energy wrap around him. He couldn’t hear or sense anything!

Somehow, his body—which had been flying at breakneck speeds—came to an immediate and abrupt stop!

It was like if he had been captured in a photo of some kind with his right hand paused only two centimeters away from Bai Yunfei’s head!

Lin Dongxiao felt like everything around him was some kind of illusion. He could see them, but…he couldn’t sense anything! Not even Bai Yunfei—who was right in front of him—could be felt. And neither could Nether’s aura…absolutely nothing could be felt!

Consume soulforce to send any target within ten meters into a sealed dimension for two seconds. Target cannot be attacked and cannot attack. Target maintains original visibility. 

Cooldown of 1 minute.

Bai Yunfei used the ability of the Core Stone on Lin Dongxiao and whisked him away into a different dimension! The moment the Core Stone’s effect activated, Lin Dongxiao was ‘locked’ in a different dimension in front of Bai Yunfei!

For a Soul Emperor, two seconds was a very long amount of time. Plenty could be done during that time, like retreating after an attack failed. But that couldn’t be done now. Not with him being locked here. He couldn’t even move! The only thing he could do was just stand there in ‘front’ of Bai Yunfei!

The first thing he tried doing was break free, of course, but he just simply couldn’t! It was like he was put into a completely different world where there was nobody else but him!

For anyone else, two seconds was a very short amount of time. Not much could be done in that time range… 

In the first second, Bai Yunfei retreated five meters away from Lin Dongxiao and summoned a halo of multi-colored light to his hand.

In the next second, the halo expanded in size and flew into the space where Lin Dongxiao’s throat would be and stopped there as if waiting to have something contained in it.

On the third second, the Core Stone’s effect was removed.


A storm of energy exploded out from the Demon-eyed Tiger King as it came back into the real world!

The moment it ‘returned’, the halo clicked into place around the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s throat!

The halo shrunk in size until it was fitted tightly around the neck!

And just like that, the energy that was exploding from the Demon-eyed Tiger King came to an immediate stop!

This halo was…the Beast Taming Ring! 

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